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[ January 27, 2020 ]

TRUMP WINNING! Supreme Court Rules for Trump, Allows Denial of Green Cards To Those Seeking...

[ January 27, 2020 ]

VIDEO: Kidnapped Christian Student Executed by Muslim Group

[ January 27, 2020 ]

Antisemitic hate crimes in LA increased by 60 percent

[ January 27, 2020 ]

lhan Omar is now being investigated by the FBI for marrying her brother

[ January 27, 2020 ]

Connecticut: Muslim Convert Threatens to Blow Up Police Station

[ January 27, 2020 ]

Here is what “Palestinian” TV Looks Like

[ January 27, 2020 ]

Can Israel Obtain a Non-Belligerence Agreement with Arab States? (Part 2)

[ January 27, 2020 ]

Muslim crept up behind a Christian woman walking home with groceries, pulled her head back...

[ January 26, 2020 ]

Self-Loathing Bernie Sanders rolls out his Jewish Bernie campaign

[ January 26, 2020 ]

WATCH Iowa dad Dad confronts Elizabeth Warren over student loan debt

WPIX: “what’s more insulting and offensive — that image of truth, or a 15 story mega-mosque looking down on the sacred ground of Ground Zero?”

MTA To Allow Controversial ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Ads WPIX NEW YORK (WPIX) – In a new development, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has decided to allow controversial advertisements arguing against the proposed construction of a mosque to appear on the side of New York City buses. The MTA released the following Monday, “While the MTA…

Pamela Geller on Bill O’Reilly Rebuts CAIR’s Fallacious Accusations

Video hat tip Right Scoop Atlas readers who caught Nihad Awad's attack on me last night on the Bill O'Reilly show were rightly outraged. Why co-conspirator, Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR is given a platform on FOX and other media outlets is confounding, particularly since no one ever identifies them as co-conspirators in the largest…

Daisy and Me……………….

Daisy Khan quoting John Lennon. By Gd, they think we are stupid. Notice how she no longer calls it  "Cordoba Initiative" but park51 — now that we know that Cordoba is symbolic of Islamic conquest over the West. One would wonder why the Muslim leadership would want to call this Cordoba, site of the caliphate…

Pamela Geller on FOX Business: Post-American Presidency and Cameron Anti-Israel

David Asman and I discussing my book and my piece in yesterday's Daily Caller (video hat tip Right Scoop): Obama behind Cameron’s attack on Israel Daily Caller Cameron also said that “the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla was completely unacceptable.” He didn’t mention the ties of the Turkish-backed IHH “activists” on the flotilla to…

RLTV VIDEO: Pamela Geller vs “Palestine Center” Rap Artist, Debate Staten Island Mosque Victory, “Mosques in America”

Russian Language Television had me in the ring with Will Youmans, hip hop rapper from the Palestine Center. Got that? It was very contentious, to say the least. Nothing he said was remotely accurate. Who will they have me debate next? Nasrallah? The Palestine Center is virulently anti-semitic — cf. a recent lecture for legitimizing…

Atlas TV: Heads Exploding on the Left

Hellzapoppin‘ over at Media Matters, the mothership for the tin foil hat crowd. The moonbats are howling now, warning their news shills never to have Geller on their shows :) They are afraid their bots might ………….learn something. I am very flattered. Thanks, boys. Well, we know where Chris Matthews No Balls gets his marching…


Atlas TV Alert: Hardball Tonight UPDATE: HARDBALL CANCELS After Media Matters calls for Geller TV ban

UPDATE:  Media Matters issued this edit today and like an obedient dog, Chris Matthews canceled.   It’s a funny story. The producer called me to do a pre-show interview where they review what your position is. So they ask me what SIOA is. I said, “SIOA is a human rights organization dedicated to freedom of…

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