VIDEO: Pamela Geller on WPIX News: MTA Bans Pro-Israel Subway Ads, Approves Anti-Semitic Ads

Check out the news report on the MTA ban on our pro-Israel subway ads while running the repulsive antisemitic, anti-Israel ads. The culture is subsumed by evil and the inability or unwillingness to distinguish between right and wrong. Everyone is shocked (shocked, I tell ya) by the use of the word savage for savages. The…



FOX posted this vid after the Soros-funded multi-billion dollar machine ripped FOX a new one for allowing any discussion on the most extreme and radical ideology on the planet. It is essential that the Islamic supremacists and their apologists maintain a ban, a prohibition on the truth about Islamic law and the devastating treatment of…


Pamela Geller on SUN TV with Ezra Levant: 911 Freedom Rally

Check out my appearance on Ezra Levant's The Source Your go-to for controversially Canadian content, The Source is set to be the most provocative and thought-changing multimedia show in Canada. What are the foundations of our freedom, and where are those freedoms under siege? In answering these critical questions, professional pundit and provocateur Ezra Levant…


VIDEO: Ezra Levant Interviews Pamela Geller on SUN TV

  Much thanks to the youtuber, Aqsa Parvez Memorial Grove dedication taking place in American Independence Park in Jeruslam, Israel on August 24th, the Freedom from Jihad Flotilla, and of course the AFDI/SIOA 911 Freedom Rally at Ground Zero on the tenth anniversary of September 11th.


SUN TV Interview: Ezra Levant Speaks to Pamela Geller

I will be on that most excellent defender of free speech, Ezra Levant's, new television show today on SUN TV. We discussed our Aqsa Parvez Memorial Grove dedication taking place in American Independence Park in Jeruslam, Israel on August 24th and of course the AFDI/SIOA 911 Freedom Rally at Ground Zero on the tenth anniversary…


The Quebec TV Interview: “La droite étasunienne selon Pamela Geller”

A few months back (before the Islamic revolutions in the Middle East and Africa), I did an interview with Richard Martineau for his news magazine television show, Les Francs-Tiruers. It aired a couple of weeks back on Quebec Television, but was not viewable in the States. Télé-Québec: The Mavericks, Interview Pamela Geller We discuss Obama,…


VIDEO: Geller, Spencer, and CAIR on Fox Business

You'll enjoy this. Robert Spencer and I were on Eric Bolling's show on Fox Business. This is the first time we have appeared together on the same show. Very cool. Un-indicted co-conspirator, Hamas-linked CAIR joined also and "debated" Spencer, if you can call lies, deceit and ad hominem attacks a "debate." As CAIR tried out…


WPIX TV Interview with Pamela Geller on Daisy Khan /Rauf Cancellation of Cordoba Event Exploiting 911 Tragedies for Shameless Promotion

I was interviewed earlier today concerning our victory over the shameless and vicious Ground Zero mosqueteers, who had intended to exploit 911 stories to further their grotesque supremacist Ground Zero organizations, Cordoba and ASMA, in a coldblooded act of shameless self-promotion. "We're so relieved," 911 family member Rosaleen Tallon said Wednesday afternoon. "We don't want…


Télé-Québec: The Mavericks, Interview Pamela Geller

 UPDATE: Atlas reader M pulled the audio of the interview, listen here: Download GellerInterviewQue I spent close to 90 minutes with TeleQuebec, and they broadcast the interview with me, here, last night. It was not friendly, but so what? It was interesting. I cannot view it in my region; maybe you can. If anyone has…


AFDI Television: Geller and Spencer on FOX and FOX Business

I was on Eric Bolling's show on FOX Business to discuss the mandatory Arabic program instituted in Texas public schools (since put on hold) while Robert was on Hannity against Michael Ghouse, discussing the Egyptian revolution. Same bat time, same bat channel (well, almost). Spencer was brilliant. Worth watching again …… and again. You just…


Head to Head: Geller on Fox Biz, Spencer on Hannity

Dueling television appearances! Must see TV — if you still have one :) I will be appearing on FOX Business at 9pm Eastern to discuss the mandatory Arabic school program in the Texas public schools. On the panel with me is my secret admirer Bob Beckel. Should be interesting viewing, especially on Valentines day. heh….

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