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[ January 26, 2020 ]

VIDEO: Young Muslim boy executes Nigerian Christian in horrifying ISIS video after declaring: ‘We won’t...

[ January 26, 2020 ]

“Conservative” Think Tanks Targets Free Speech/Anti-Sharia Campaigners In ‘Extremism’ Report to Gvmt

[ January 26, 2020 ]

President Trump Soars To Highest Job Approval Rating Of Presidency Despite Impeachment Trial

[ January 25, 2020 ]

Jihad-Rep Rashida Tlaib Retweets Blood Libel Against Jews

[ January 25, 2020 ]

UPS to train delivery drivers how to spot signs of sex slavery

[ January 25, 2020 ]

Mila, the French schoolgirl who insulted Islam, is told by police to go into hiding

[ January 25, 2020 ]

New EU Report on Muslim Integration Unknowingly Exposes Its Disastrous Failures

[ January 25, 2020 ]

WATCH ‘TYRANNY HAS MANY FORMS’: RNC Releases Brutal Ad Highlighting Democrat Extremism

[ January 25, 2020 ]

U.S. Evacuating Citizens From Epidemic-Stricken Chinese City

[ January 25, 2020 ]

Iranian IRGC officer advises taking US hostages to make up for sanctions


“Seven Who Made A Difference In 2010”

Another leftwing Jewish newspaper doing the Jewicidal jig. What an embarrassment these sad rags are to proud Jews. The Jewish Week names Seven Who Made A Difference in 2010: "For better or worse, the newsmakers of the year," and yes, Atlas is there, in some pretty awful company like Peter Beinart and Elena Kagan —…


Annie Taylor Award for Courage 2010 Goes to…… Pamela Geller

The Annie Taylor Award for Courage from the David Horowitz Freedom Center is awarded annually to people who have demonstrated unusual courage in adverse conditions and great danger. I am deeply honored and humbled to be one of this year's recipients of the award. My hero, Oriana Fallaci, is a previous recipient of this honor….


The Intellectual Cowardice of Jeffrey Goldberg

Goldberg completely ignores Spencer's shredding of Goldberg and Gerecht. They never responded, they never even attempted an answer to Spencer's response to the hit piece by Goldberg and Gerecht. This is what they come back with, that I'm a Terre'blanche supporter? This is Goldberg's gutless attempt to save himself. Goldberg would have been one of…


Robert Spencer in the Guardian:
“Pamela Geller, Defamed Freedom Fighter”

Surreal, I know. The notoriously anti-semitic, anti-American Guardian ran libel blogger Charles Johnson's fallacious diatribe against me in his ongoing obsession to destroy those fighting for truth, justice and the American way. You'll note that the picture the Guardian ran is not from either of the two rallies I organized on June 6th or September…

Washington Post Headline Incites Violence Against Ground Zero Mosque Opponents

Michelle Boorstein of the Washington Post has changed her sophomoric hit piece headline from "In flap over mosque near Ground Zero, conservative writers gaining influence" to "The pens of anti-Muslim conservatives impact N.Y.C. mosque debate mightily." She has used this incendiary language, i.e., "anti-Muslim," before (here). She is not only stupid, but dangerous. I am…

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