Hamas-CAIR “Concerned” that there is still free speech at Temple University, Obama endorsed #OWS, too

The nazis were cocky, too. Once. On Holocaust Remembrance day, this century's nazis and brownshirts are doing the Hitler jig and demanding the imposition of the most radical and extreme ideology on the planet, the sharia. CAIR-PA 'Concerned' About Temple Univ. Anti-Islam Hate Event PHILADELPHIA, April 19, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Muslim civil rights…

TV Media Advisory: Pamela Geller on The Michael Coren Show, SUN TV
Radio Media Alert: Pamela Geller on “Caplis and Silverman Show”

 I will be appearing on the The Arena with Michael Coren show this evening, prime time, discussing a wide range of topics. If you don't get SUN TV, call your cable provider and demand it. Freedom TV for all. And while you are on the phone, tell them to stop carrying terror TV, al jazeera,…


Jewish Exponent: “Conservative Activist Rouses Local Crowd”

If you missed my speech on Islamic Jew-hatred to the ZOA, now's the time to watch it: video here. Conservative Activist Rouses Local Crowd March 21, 2012 – Bryan Schwartzman, Jewish Exponent Firebrand conservative blogger and activist Pamela Geller told a Philadelphia audience that the majority of Jews have "their heads in the sand" regarding…


VIDEO: Pamela Geller on FOX News Discussing NY TImes Hypocrisy

The media has been all over the story of the NY Times hypocrisy in favoring Islam while criticizing Catholicism. Mark Steyn at NRO here, Daily Caller here, The Blaze here, Volokh here, Business Insider here, Human Events here, Catholic Online here, RWN here, Mediaite here, and the uber-left, Soros-funded Think Progress is in a tizzy….


“Controversial conservative blogger speaks in The Villages”

I am speaking in Florida tonight, and I was about to post event info when I came upon this full-page article in the Orlando Sentinel: "Controversial conservative blogger speaks in The Villages" "Controversial." By whose standards? Truth is controversial. The recognition of reality is controversial. I am not controversial. The Orlando Sentinel is controversial. Their…

Pamela Geller, Big Journalism: “Huffington Post’s Problem with America”

I don't know if you saw the incredibly dishonest and fallacious propaganda piece over at the Huffington Post. (I know what you are thinking: which one isn't, Pamela?) It was horrible, even for those misanthropes. Yesterday, John Feffer spewed forth his hatred of the good in an article entitled, "America's Image Problem in Afghanistan." I…


VIDEO: Olbermann on #Lowes: “Pam Geller [sic] to be really, really, truly terrifying. I think the stuff she does is dangerous”

Oh yes, freedom is indeed a terrifying notion to leftists and Islamic supremacists. Here is more of what passes for discourse on the left — Olbermann on Al Gorecle's "current" channel. Check out the wannabe Charlie Rose format. lml The "they" are the people living in mom's basement with enough time to sit and write…


Greeley Gazette Tells Truth About Hotel Quislings

Jack Minor of the Greeley Gazette writes: Recently, two different hotels cancelled events on radical Islam’s threat to American freedoms citing security concerns and physical threats. In Nashville, Tenn., the Hutton Hotel cancelled the Preserving Freedom Conference after receiving threats of violence to Hotel guests. Stephen Eckley, senior vice president of Hotels for Amerimar Enterprises,…


“Tea Party, Muslims Clash Before Daytona Beach Convention”

Such stupidity is without equal.  Check out this article from the Sunshine State News on the Tea party/CAIR kerfuffle over my appearance at the Florida State Tea party convention. Note, the not so sunny Sunshine State News  never asked me for comment but CAIR’s Hassan Shibley was given ample opportunity to comment. And their headline…


Across the Pond the Hyatt’s Craven Quisling Cancellation Make News…. ABC, FOX weigh in

UPDATE: I want to thank all of you: hundreds and hundreds of emails and phone calls were made to the Hyatt cowards (owned by Obama chief fundraiser, Penny Pritzker). You made a difference. They will think twice before they pull this anti-American sharia stunt again. G-d bless you. This is exactly the kind of actions…


Independent Sunday Magazine Cover Story: Pamela Geller
“The most dangerous woman in America?”

I am on the cover of the UK Independent Sunday Magazine, with the title "The most dangerous woman in America?" under my picture. It is, unsurprisingly, scathing. Stephen Gash of SIOE quipped, "the paper calls itself the Independent, but is a slave of the self-styled left." I knew this going in. They are notoriously left…


Pamela Geller, Big Government: Durbin’s Dedition and Dawah: Let the Pandering Begin

If you missed my first piece shredding Durbin's dhimmitude, go over to the Daily Caller: Durbin is wrong about Muslim rights, and then read this. The players read right out of the Muslim Brotherhood project. Durbin’s Dedition and Dawah: Let the Pandering Begin by Pamela Geller, Big Government When Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) announced Tuesday…


The Quebec TV Interview: “La droite étasunienne selon Pamela Geller”

A few months back (before the Islamic revolutions in the Middle East and Africa), I did an interview with Richard Martineau for his news magazine television show, Les Francs-Tiruers. It aired a couple of weeks back on Quebec Television, but was not viewable in the States. Télé-Québec: The Mavericks, Interview Pamela Geller We discuss Obama,…


“The virus incubated by right-wing bloggers Pam Geller and Robert Spencer has been spread so far and wide by Fox News that all of America is now infected with an anti-Muslim epidemic”

You're welcome, America. :) As if Spencer and I are responsible for the hundreds of thousands of non-Muslims slaughtered and persecuted across the world in the name of Islam……… As if millions of Americans aren't thinking for themselves. They believe their eyes, not the Islamic supremacist lies. Seriously, folks, it's part of enemy propaganda to…



Interesting how much credence the left is giving the hate organization SPLC. Over at the leftwing blog, TPM Muckracker (would be nice if they got my name right, but why split hairs?): Pam Geller On 'Hate Group' Label: 'A Badge of Honor' Pamela Geller is pretty worked up about the Southern Poverty Law Center's says…


Southern Poverty Law Center Maligns SIOA as “Hate Group”

One day after another Islamic supremacist plot was thwarted in Texas (with the intention of "killing infidel Americans" with "weapons of mass destruction"), the subversive uber-leftwing fringe group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), has slandered our human rights organization, SIOA, as a "hate group." The haters and deceivers  accuse us of what they themselves…

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