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[ December 12, 2019 ]

Terrorists who gunned down Jews in a Jersey City kosher market were inspired by Nation...

[ December 12, 2019 ]

Exit poll says Tory landslide

[ December 12, 2019 ]

AOC urges U.K. voters to back Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party

[ December 12, 2019 ]

Failing CNN Admits: Democrats Lied About Trump’s Phone Call With Ukriane President Zelensky

[ December 12, 2019 ]

Under-siege Dems in Trump districts keep impeachment decision close to the vest

[ December 12, 2019 ]

President Trump’s Support Among Orthodox Jews Has Risen from 54% to 89%

[ December 12, 2019 ]

Public Turns Against Impeachment

[ December 12, 2019 ]

‘We’re going to slaughter you’: The children of Syria refugee camp

[ December 12, 2019 ]

Jihad-Rep Tlaib Deletes Embarrassing Tweet About Jersey City Shooting

[ December 12, 2019 ]

WATCH: Ex-Labour Activist Reveals Depravity of Corbyn’s Party

Watch VIDEO: Pamela Geller on NEWSMAX TV, The Steve Malzberg Show, Discussing Charlie Hebdo Jihad and Kosher Supermarket slaughter

Check out my interview with Steve Malzberg yesterday discussing the jihad in France, Obama and the dangerous denial by Western elites. The articles Steve is referring to are: The Death of the Jews of France In the wake of the slaughter of four Jews in a Paris kosher supermarket by an Islamic jihadist, a Parisian…


The Stupidest Headline Ever

As you can see from the headline, the writer of this article is a bit of a self-appointed ass. In over 27,000 blog posts, hundreds of articles and three books, I never claimed to be a "self-appointed spokesperson for moderate Muslims." How can you read this interview and make that the takeaway? Ridiculous. I don't…


The Washington Times: Pamela Geller Interview

Joseph Cotto of The Washington Times interviewed me for a piece in The Washington Times, "Pamela Geller is speaking up." Go here now and read it. Here's an excerpt: Photo: Associated Press Joseph F. Cotto: Over the last decade and a half, America's traditional media outlets have been losing ground at light speed. Alternative sources, such…

TV Media Advisory: Pamela Geller on The Michael Coren Show, SUN TV
Radio Media Alert: Pamela Geller on “Caplis and Silverman Show”

 I will be appearing on the The Arena with Michael Coren show this evening, prime time, discussing a wide range of topics. If you don't get SUN TV, call your cable provider and demand it. Freedom TV for all. And while you are on the phone, tell them to stop carrying terror TV, al jazeera,…


Across the Pond the Hyatt’s Craven Quisling Cancellation Make News…. ABC, FOX weigh in

UPDATE: I want to thank all of you: hundreds and hundreds of emails and phone calls were made to the Hyatt cowards (owned by Obama chief fundraiser, Penny Pritzker). You made a difference. They will think twice before they pull this anti-American sharia stunt again. G-d bless you. This is exactly the kind of actions…

Capitol Weekly: Personnel Profile: Pamela Geller

Capitol Weekly did a "Personnel Profile" and published rather badly edited portions of our half hour interview here. Here's  the chop, chop: Pamela Geller is the author of “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.” She’s also the executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and Stop Islamization of…


Independent Sunday Magazine Cover Story: Pamela Geller
“The most dangerous woman in America?”

I am on the cover of the UK Independent Sunday Magazine, with the title "The most dangerous woman in America?" under my picture. It is, unsurprisingly, scathing. Stephen Gash of SIOE quipped, "the paper calls itself the Independent, but is a slave of the self-styled left." I knew this going in. They are notoriously left…


Human Events’ De Pasquale’s Dozen: Pamela Geller

Marilyn, Bert Stern, Eros Lisa De Pasquale, talented Human Events columnist and one-woman wonder who almost singlehandedly puts CPAC on every year, does a Human Events interview feature where she asks political figures non-political questions.  Today, it was my turn — frankly, I love these opportunities to talk about things that I really love and…

WaPo’s Leftist/Islamic Narrative: Pro-Freedom = Anti-Muslim

The Islamic supremacists and their left-wing shills are getting nervous that good people are beginning to stand up, get up, stand for their lives. The recent counter jihad actions, i.e., fighting the Muslim Brotherhood in Staten Island, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, and the mega mosque at  Ground Zero are just the beginning. And so we get…

Bat Ye’or, World’s Leading Historian on Islam, Eurabia and Islamic Anti-Semitism, Sits Down with Pamela Geller: Emergence of Western Islam

As promised — here is the whole interview (under an hour with Bat Ye'or). Listen, learn everything. Especially now with the world galloping toward Islam. Anyone who might transcribe — I would be grateful. It is historic. (UPDATE: The transcript by Atlas Shruggers Diane and Don is now below the fold.) I had the extraordinary…

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