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[ November 22, 2019 ]

WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn Engaging in Antisemitism ……. Again

[ November 22, 2019 ]

Democrat Debate Ratings Fall to Lowest Level of 2020 Election Cycle, Breaking October’s Record Low

[ November 22, 2019 ]

Hanson: ‘Coup’ concerns suddenly don’t seem so far-fetched

[ November 22, 2019 ]

President Trump: ‘Historic’ Durham Investigation Will Implicate Obama in Spygate Coup

[ November 22, 2019 ]

EPIC FAIL: President Trump’s “impeachment” OPPOSED by more independents: poll

[ November 22, 2019 ]

December 9th: D-Day! DOJ report on FBI’s spying on the Trump campaign to be released

[ November 22, 2019 ]

COUP: FBI official under criminal investigation for ‘ALTERING DOCUMENT’ used to obtain Russia probe surveillance...

[ November 22, 2019 ]

Muslim “Refugee” on Rape of 4-Year-Old: “She Loves It”

[ November 22, 2019 ]

Update: VIMEO has BANNED Tommy Robinson video from 2012 SION conference

[ November 22, 2019 ]

Hard Leftists Protest Gov. Cuomo for “Green NEW Deal Now!” at Tina Turner Musical

Muslim Turkey Promises Another Armenian Genocide if you Speak of the First Armenian Genocide: Prime Minister Threatens Mass “Deportations”

The truth about Islamic jihad The Prime Minister of Turkey is promising mass deportations of Armenian Christians. Isn't that how the last Armenian genocide began? As if the jihad slaughter against millions of Armenian Christians wasn't bad enough, if you speak of it the Islamic Turkey regime promises another one. The more things change, the…

Pamela Geller, Big Journalism: Time for President Obama, MSM, To Tell the Truth About the Armenian Genocide

Check out my latest for Breitbart's big Journalism:  Time for President Obama, MSM, To Tell the Truth About the Armenian Genocide Another stunning rebuke to Barack Obama: Armenian American groups have for decades sought Congressional recognition as genocide of the murder of just under two million Armenian Christians by the Islamic Ottoman Empire. Last week, they…

Iran’s Ahmadinejad: Sept. 11 attacks a ‘big lie’ ….and the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide

If Islam can deny the Armenian Genocide, what's 3,000 American infidel lives? Right? If Islam can deny the holocaust and the six million dead, they can deny the number of dead on September 11th. Sanctioning these inhumane lies will breed more inhumane lies. It's a horror. Has Obama apologized yet? Iran's Ahmadinejad: Sept. 11 attacks…

Muslim Ally(s)? Turkey tells Obama to Block Armenian Genocide bill or else

On April 24, 1915, the most important figures of the Armenian community in Constantinople – newspaper editors, writers, churchmen, Armenian intellectual leaders and even parliamentarians, were taken from their homes and summarily deported to remote regions. Most were never heard of again. Armenian society in the Ottoman Empire had just been decapitated. When the Turks…

ISLAMIC EMPIRE GUILTY! House Panel Calls Armenian Genocide a Genocide — 100 years late

Another stunning Obama rebuke. Armenian American groups have sought congressional affirmation of the  murder of just under two million Armenian Christians by the Islamic Ottoman Empire as genocide for decades. The Islamic supremacists haven't infiltrated as deeply as they thought. "Turkey, a key Muslim ally of the United States, angrily withdrew its U.S. ambassador Thursday…

Islam’s Armenian Genocide – Template for the Holocaust

The Armenians call it their holocaust – the 1915 forced deportation and massacre of just under two million Christian Armenians by the Turks. But the Turks and our own government have refused to call it genocide. Obama campaigned on the promise, but of course we know what Obama's promises are worth. Telling the truth about…

Muslim Congressman Ellison Won’t Call Armenian Genocide — Instead Calls On America to Recognize “Its Own Genocide”

In today's ,  Turkey's English Daily,  Keith Ellison, the only devout Muslim member of Congress,  was asked about how he would vote on Armenian Genocide Resolution. An interesting question to pose to a Muslim, considering it was a jihad against millions of Armenians. It was the genocide that preceded the Holocaust. The Mufti of Jerusalem…

The Armenian Genocide Served as Hitler’s Inspiration: Genocidal Axis

Dr. Andrew Bostom has a disturbing review of the book “Hai Koghkotan,” “The Armenian Golgotha,"  and describes it — From The Armenian Golgotha to The Holocaust—Foreshadowing Attitudes of the German Military? The denial of the Armenian genocide is a crime against humanity. Shame on those who, for political expediency, wish to sweep this annihilation under…

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