NY Magazine on AFDI train Ads: “Middle East Conflict Rages on Metro-North Billboards”

It starts well, a pro-Israel group….. "Middle East Conflict Rages on Metro-North Billboards" New York Magazine A pro-Israel group has fired the latest shot in the billboard battle between Muslims and Jews with a Metro-North ad reading: "19,250 Deadly Islamic Attacks Since 9/11/01 and counting. Not Islamophobia, It’s Islamorealism.” Sponsored by the American Freedom Defense…


Wall Street Journal weighs in on our AFDI counter jihad ads UPDATE: CBS News, too

The Wall Street Journal writes that our ad "associates Islam with 19,250 terrorist attacks carried out by extremists since the 9/11." Uh, no. I don't associate it. The jihadists screaming "allahu akbar" citing quran chapter and verse are associating it. How knuckleheaded can the WSJ be? And note the headline. The media calls these ads…


“Islamorealism” in The NY Daily News: Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner says our ads are “offensive,” but anti-Jewish ads were OK

Our counter-jihad ads, running on the same kiosks on the same train platforms as the vicious anti-Israel ads, are causing quite a stir. Dhimmi public officials and media are falling all over themselves in furious efforts to enforce the restrictions on free speech under the sharia. Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner wants Metro-North to warn…


“Well Done AFDI!”

The hate mail I am getting  from Muslims and their leftist tools would make a Taliban blush, but the flip side is the divine support I have been getting in emails like this. The contrast of light vs dark could not be more stark:     To:  Pamela Geller <pamelageller@gmail.com>    Subject:     Fwd: Appreciation for…


Information wars continue at NY train stations

Coast to coast, AFDI/SIOA is fighting the good fight in the information battle-space. The destoyers are already out taking their orders from Muslim Brotherhood groups like Hamas-CAIR, to destroy the truth. Help keep these ads running. Contribute here, and get the tee shirts here. This number is actually up since we printed these posters. It's…


“Death to Israel and all its Zionist dogs”

More love letters in my email. Look how the savage ad brings out the savages. What race is jihad terror against innocent civilians? Where did my ad say "death to" anyone? How long has Christine been a Nazi?     From:     christinecordaro@mac.com    Subject:     PamelaGeller.com: Message from christine   cordaro | Your Vitriol    Date:     August…


Islamorealism ads vandalized on NYC Metro

  In addition to  our pro-Israel ads running in San Francisco, our Islamorealism ads are running in NY. These ads on a NYC Metro train kiosk were destroyed and defaced with this: "Countless acts of terrorism and violence have been committed by Christian extremists. Does this make all Christians terrorists?" As if Christians killed in…


AFDI Pro-Israel bus campaign: Hamas-CAIR’s sharia petition to stop the ads in accordance with the blasphemy laws

Join the fight! Attend the International Freedom Defense Congress September 11, 3pm UN Plaza Millennium Hotel Email PamelaGeller@gmail.com to register More media blowback on the bus ads. Muslim Brotherhood groups are weighing in as well. First they were calling on followers to vandalize our bus ads; now genocidal Hamas-linked CAIR is supporting a petition to…


Jew-haters urge vandals to destroy our Pro-Israel ads

Join the fight! Attend the International Freedom Defense Congress September 11, 3pm UN Plaza Millennium Hotel Email PamelaGeller@gmail.com to register Hamas-CAIR started the campaign to deface and destroy our pro-Israel ads. The call to incitement continues. This screenshot from Jew-hater Annie Robbins at the notoriously anti-Israel website, Mondoweiss. "Graffiti action, anyone?"  If you go over…

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