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[ August 22, 2019 ]

Blood money -The “Palestinian” Authority has paid MILLIONS to jihad terrorists who murdered 23 people,...

[ August 22, 2019 ]

Dolphins Owner Removed From NFL ‘Social Justice’ Committee After Hosting Trump Fundraiser

[ August 22, 2019 ]

Sweden: Bombings in Sweden Up 45%, 120 bombings this year

[ August 22, 2019 ]

USA Today op-ed on vile hate group SPLC on the anniversary of the SPLC-inspired shooting

[ August 22, 2019 ]

President Trump Cancels Student Loan Debt for Thousands of Disabled Vets

[ August 22, 2019 ]

President Trump: US Jews Who Vote for Democrats of Being ‘Very Disloyal’ to Israel

[ August 22, 2019 ]

New York Times Editor’s Anti-Semitic, Racist Tweets Exposed

[ August 22, 2019 ]

Newly Elected Missouri Democrat Council Member Sworn in on Dr. Seuss Book Instead of Bible

[ August 22, 2019 ]

“Palestinian” Terror Group Hamas Attacks Israel With Rockets from Gaza Strip

[ August 22, 2019 ]

US Lawmaker Blasts Wall that Prevented Suicide Bombings


Pro-Israel Ads to Run in Seattle to Counter Jew-Hating Propaganda Billboards UPDATE: Clear Channel Rejects Pro Israel Ads

UPDATE: CLEAR CHANNEL REJECTS OUR PRO-ISRAEL AD – GO HERE. The AFDI freedom lovers and historical accuracy ads   After Seattle METRO reversed its decision to run a Jew-hating ad campaign (largely because we insisted on running a pro-Israel campaign — more here, Victory! Seattle Transit Drops Jewish Blood Libel Bus Ads), the Jew-haters are…


Racist Haters at San Francisco BART Refuses Pro-Israel Ads While Running Jew hating Anti-Israel Ads

San Francisco BART has rejected our pro-Israel bus ads. BART claims that my ad "violates content neutral guidelines." But the anti-Israel annihilationist ads supporting jihad that are currently running do not "violate centent neutral guidelines." Pamela: I have received the following response from BART. Please call me to discuss. Thank you. Scott. Based on our review…


ACLU Sues Seattle for Refusal to Run Jew-Hatred Bus Ads
Why Didn’t ACLU Include AFDI Bus Ads in their Suit, As Well?

The ACLU is suing Seattle Metro for their refusal to run these anti-semitic ads (go here). The Jew-hate ads (at first accepted) were rejected after I submitted  pro-Israel bus ads (see below). Can't have any pro-Israel ads now, can we? Seattle Metro refused to run my pro-Israel ads. (see here) And this one:   My…


Tick Tock Flip Flop

Still waiting on BART to approve my ads to counter the hate……. countdown to a lawsuit. BART is promoting Jew-hatred but prohibiting the truth? San Francisco BART has been running an antisemitic outdoor campaign at a number of outdoor BART stations for well over a month now. I became aware of them last month when…


Pamela Geller, Big Government: Victory! Seattle Transit Drops Jewish Blood Libel Bus Ads

Victory! Seattle Transit Drops Jewish Blood Libel Bus Ads Pamela Geller, Big Government Antisemitism is coming into fashion again, and anti-Israel bus ads had been set to start running on twelve buses in Seattle this Monday. The ads featured the hateful slogan, “Israeli War Crimes: Your Tax Dollars at Work.” But two days after my…


AFDI/SIOA Applauds Seattle King County Transit for Withdrawing its Sanction of Jewish Blood Libel Bus Ads

A Christmas gift for freedom lovers everywhere — today's AFDI press release: AFDI/SIOA Applauds Seattle King County Transit for Withdrawing its Sanction of Jewish Blood Libel Bus Ads * Reuters is not responsible for the content in this press release. [lol, yes, Gd forbid Reuters runs anything pro-Israel — Atlas] Yahoo News ran no such…



Forty-five minutes ago, King County transit issued a statement that they would be refusing the anti-Israel, anti-semitic ads. It's a bad day for nazis and Jew-haters. Huge victory for us. Is Ibrahim Hooper weeping? Objective achieved: Jew-hate ads dropped after Atlas exposed their hypocrisy. But wait. It gets better. They have changed their ad policy….


Seattle SS

I am still awaiting ad approval from the Seattle SS. Now they want my phone number and address on the bus ads. How about a big giant target on my back, clowns? Thomas Lifson on the latest in the sad simpering city of Seattle. Seattle bus ad controversy escalates Thomas Lifson, American Thinker A warrior…


AFDI’s Two Pro-Israel, Counter Jihad Ad Campaigns Submitted in Seattle
Now Metro Considers Changing Policy Over Anti-Israeli Bus Ads

I put the finishing touches on the two ads AFDI will be running in Seattle to counter the nazi-style propaganda designed to incite violence and hatred towards the Jewish people. Here are the two ads that have been submitted to Titan — Seattle transit. And this one:   As for the Jewish blood libel being…


SIOA/AFDI Pro-Israel Bus Ads Campaign Slated to Counter
Jewish Blood Libel Ads in Seattle

My organization, American Freedom Defense Initiative, will be running king-sized pro-Israel ads on the Seattle buses to counter the Jewish blood libel advertisements the left wing city accepted so hungrily. Jew-Hatred Bus Ads Run in Seattle I asked for the same deal as the Jew haters received, but was told that the price in the…

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