Obama Aides Defend 911 “Talking Points”
SIOA/AFDI Freedom Rally, Free of Whitewashed Narrative
A True Memorial Ceremony, Stand with Us

The Obama administration defended the marking of 9/11 with Islamic supremacist "talking points" disrespecting our war dead and whitewashing the incalculable cost of the jihadist war on America. This crushing act of appeasement is for …. …..the creation of a “positive, forward-looking narrative.” Yesterday, I posted on Obama's 9/11 anniversary "talking points," telling  officials to…


US White House’s 9/11 Anniversary Guidelines Ask Officials to “Minimize References to Al Qaeda”

Yesterday, I posted on the fierce whitewash and propagandizing of the tenth anniversary of 911: 911 Whitewashing the War: "Never Forget" Morphs into "Forget it" The leftist/Islamic machine is in full throttle now, with the White House strong-arming officials to omit who and why we were attacked. The White House has issued guidelines detailing what…

911 Freedom Rally at Ground Zero
America, Stand for Freedom

911 Freedom Rally and Ground Zero Mosque Movie Screening on September 11th, tenth anniversary of jihad's war on America We are very concerned that the Lower Manahttan Development Corporation (LMDC) will turn over taxpayer money to the Ground Zero mosqueteer grifter,  Sharif El-Gamal. Please contact either:  John DeLibero at: jdelibero@renewnyc.com or Kate Levin at: http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/maildcla.html…


Pro-Israel Ads to Run in Seattle to Counter Jew-Hating Propaganda Billboards UPDATE: Clear Channel Rejects Pro Israel Ads

UPDATE: CLEAR CHANNEL REJECTS OUR PRO-ISRAEL AD – GO HERE. The AFDI freedom lovers and historical accuracy ads   After Seattle METRO reversed its decision to run a Jew-hating ad campaign (largely because we insisted on running a pro-Israel campaign — more here, Victory! Seattle Transit Drops Jewish Blood Libel Bus Ads), the Jew-haters are…


Racist Haters at San Francisco BART Refuses Pro-Israel Ads While Running Jew hating Anti-Israel Ads

San Francisco BART has rejected our pro-Israel bus ads. BART claims that my ad "violates content neutral guidelines." But the anti-Israel annihilationist ads supporting jihad that are currently running do not "violate centent neutral guidelines." Pamela: I have received the following response from BART. Please call me to discuss. Thank you. Scott. Based on our review…


ACLU Sues Seattle for Refusal to Run Jew-Hatred Bus Ads
Why Didn’t ACLU Include AFDI Bus Ads in their Suit, As Well?

The ACLU is suing Seattle Metro for their refusal to run these anti-semitic ads (go here). The Jew-hate ads (at first accepted) were rejected after I submitted  pro-Israel bus ads (see below). Can't have any pro-Israel ads now, can we? Seattle Metro refused to run my pro-Israel ads. (see here) And this one:   My…


Tick Tock Flip Flop

Still waiting on BART to approve my ads to counter the hate……. countdown to a lawsuit. BART is promoting Jew-hatred but prohibiting the truth? San Francisco BART has been running an antisemitic outdoor campaign at a number of outdoor BART stations for well over a month now. I became aware of them last month when…


Pamela Geller, Big Government: Victory! Seattle Transit Drops Jewish Blood Libel Bus Ads

Victory! Seattle Transit Drops Jewish Blood Libel Bus Ads Pamela Geller, Big Government Antisemitism is coming into fashion again, and anti-Israel bus ads had been set to start running on twelve buses in Seattle this Monday. The ads featured the hateful slogan, “Israeli War Crimes: Your Tax Dollars at Work.” But two days after my…


AFDI/SIOA Applauds Seattle King County Transit for Withdrawing its Sanction of Jewish Blood Libel Bus Ads

A Christmas gift for freedom lovers everywhere — today's AFDI press release: AFDI/SIOA Applauds Seattle King County Transit for Withdrawing its Sanction of Jewish Blood Libel Bus Ads * Reuters is not responsible for the content in this press release. [lol, yes, Gd forbid Reuters runs anything pro-Israel — Atlas] Yahoo News ran no such…



Forty-five minutes ago, King County transit issued a statement that they would be refusing the anti-Israel, anti-semitic ads. It's a bad day for nazis and Jew-haters. Huge victory for us. Is Ibrahim Hooper weeping? Objective achieved: Jew-hate ads dropped after Atlas exposed their hypocrisy. But wait. It gets better. They have changed their ad policy….


Seattle SS

I am still awaiting ad approval from the Seattle SS. Now they want my phone number and address on the bus ads. How about a big giant target on my back, clowns? Thomas Lifson on the latest in the sad simpering city of Seattle. Seattle bus ad controversy escalates Thomas Lifson, American Thinker A warrior…


AFDI’s Two Pro-Israel, Counter Jihad Ad Campaigns Submitted in Seattle
Now Metro Considers Changing Policy Over Anti-Israeli Bus Ads

I put the finishing touches on the two ads AFDI will be running in Seattle to counter the nazi-style propaganda designed to incite violence and hatred towards the Jewish people. Here are the two ads that have been submitted to Titan — Seattle transit. And this one:   As for the Jewish blood libel being…


SIOA/AFDI Pro-Israel Bus Ads Campaign Slated to Counter
Jewish Blood Libel Ads in Seattle

My organization, American Freedom Defense Initiative, will be running king-sized pro-Israel ads on the Seattle buses to counter the Jewish blood libel advertisements the left wing city accepted so hungrily. Jew-Hatred Bus Ads Run in Seattle I asked for the same deal as the Jew haters received, but was told that the price in the…

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