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[ February 19, 2020 ]

WATCH: Awesome moment from the Trump rally in Phoenix

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Muslim child rape/sex trafficking gang Grooming gang jailed for ‘systematic’ sexual abuse of Huddersfield schoolgirls

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Arabic is first language in six of nine preschools in iconic Swedish town

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Latino Support for Trump Is Real And that’s a problem for Democrats

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Crazy Bernie’s Middle East Nightmare: US Must Support Genocidal Terrorist Groups and World’s Largest State...

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Hillary Fingerprints All Over FBI’s Investigation Into Trump’s Russia Ties

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Groups camping outside coliseum more than a day before Trump rally in Phoenix

[ February 19, 2020 ]

A Ballot-Initiative to Move Some Eastern Oregon Counties to Idaho Is Actually Gaining Some Traction

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Democrat-Backed ‘New Way Forward’ Bill Would ‘Gut the Rule of Law’, It’s Insanity

[ February 19, 2020 ]

France Sees Average of 120 Knife Attacks Per Day


Pamela Geller, Big Government: Victory! Seattle Transit Drops Jewish Blood Libel Bus Ads

Victory! Seattle Transit Drops Jewish Blood Libel Bus Ads Pamela Geller, Big Government Antisemitism is coming into fashion again, and anti-Israel bus ads had been set to start running on twelve buses in Seattle this Monday. The ads featured the hateful slogan, “Israeli War Crimes: Your Tax Dollars at Work.” But two days after my…


AFDI/SIOA Applauds Seattle King County Transit for Withdrawing its Sanction of Jewish Blood Libel Bus Ads

A Christmas gift for freedom lovers everywhere — today's AFDI press release: AFDI/SIOA Applauds Seattle King County Transit for Withdrawing its Sanction of Jewish Blood Libel Bus Ads * Reuters is not responsible for the content in this press release. [lol, yes, Gd forbid Reuters runs anything pro-Israel — Atlas] Yahoo News ran no such…



Forty-five minutes ago, King County transit issued a statement that they would be refusing the anti-Israel, anti-semitic ads. It's a bad day for nazis and Jew-haters. Huge victory for us. Is Ibrahim Hooper weeping? Objective achieved: Jew-hate ads dropped after Atlas exposed their hypocrisy. But wait. It gets better. They have changed their ad policy….


Seattle SS

I am still awaiting ad approval from the Seattle SS. Now they want my phone number and address on the bus ads. How about a big giant target on my back, clowns? Thomas Lifson on the latest in the sad simpering city of Seattle. Seattle bus ad controversy escalates Thomas Lifson, American Thinker A warrior…


AFDI’s Two Pro-Israel, Counter Jihad Ad Campaigns Submitted in Seattle
Now Metro Considers Changing Policy Over Anti-Israeli Bus Ads

I put the finishing touches on the two ads AFDI will be running in Seattle to counter the nazi-style propaganda designed to incite violence and hatred towards the Jewish people. Here are the two ads that have been submitted to Titan — Seattle transit. And this one:   As for the Jewish blood libel being…


SIOA/AFDI Pro-Israel Bus Ads Campaign Slated to Counter
Jewish Blood Libel Ads in Seattle

My organization, American Freedom Defense Initiative, will be running king-sized pro-Israel ads on the Seattle buses to counter the Jewish blood libel advertisements the left wing city accepted so hungrily. Jew-Hatred Bus Ads Run in Seattle I asked for the same deal as the Jew haters received, but was told that the price in the…

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