DC is up!

#Myjihad is exposing the ideology that inspires jihad. Chicago, DC and next up — California here we come. I love that our DC ads will be running while the sharia-compliant CPAC is in session :) Notice that the writer calls them "anti-Muslim." So we are wrong to oppose Nidal Hasan and his murderous jihadi rampage….


Photos: #MyJihad Buses RRRRRRRRRolling

Beautiful! Buy a bus! Contribute to AmericanFreedomDefense@aol.com You would think that with the media orgy over the bizarre Hamas-CAIR #MyJihad camapaign ads (an hour special on the BBC, WaPo, NY Times, ABC, NBC, CBS and international press) that a real jihad campaign might garner some attention. Not. so. much. as. a column. inch. The enemedia’s…


All Your #MyJihad Are Belong to Us!

CAIR Chicago tried to stop our counter campaign to their bizarre jihad propaganda. They tried to silence the freedom of speech. Sharia enforcement. A "cease and desist" letter from Hamas-CAIR's Ahmed Rehab (Mr. Jihad) claimed ownership of "my jihad." Ahmed Rehab's comical legal contention: Download Cease and Desist 011513(1) Litigation jihad — that's Ahmed's jihad,…


“Morally Reprehensible” Chicago Transit Caves,
AFDI #myjihad ads Will Run

It took months and plenty of sturm and drang, but the CTA finally caved and accepted our #myjihad ads. It is disturbing that a government agency is working hand in hand with a Hamas group, but that is indeed the low state of the world at this point in the war. Here is the white…


Pamela Geller, WND Wednesday Column:
Islamic supremacists’ legal #my jihad

The thugs at Hamas-CAIR are fighting bloody hard to silence defenders of truth and freedom. The bodies are still be tallied in the global jihad in Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Indonesia, Niger, Nigeria, et al, while Hamas-CAIR attempts to call jihad anything other than what it is. I lay it out in my Wednesday column…


Hamas-CAIR Chicago goes legal, claims it owns “my jihad” (lol)

CAIR Chicago is trying to stop our counter campaign to their bizarre jihad propaganda. Silence freedom of speech. Sharia enforcement. I received a "cease and desist" letter from Hamas-CAIR's Ahmed Rehab (Mr. Jihad), claiming ownership of "my jihad." Tell that to the millions of Muslims waging jihad in the cause of Islam. Litigation jihad —…


Ali Sina: “My Jihad Putting a Happy Face on Evil”
#myjihad #hateads

Dr. Ali Sina, founder of FFI (Faith Freedom International) and SION Board member, has written an important piece over at Islam Reforum eviscerating the Hamas-CAIR #myjihad ad campaign and highlighting our subsequent counter-campaign. Before posting this article, the FFI editors deleted some exceptionally gruesome pictures of murders, including dismemberment, carried out by Muslims, in order…


Pamela Geller, WND Column:
Jewish and Christian clerics for jihad

Calling out the craven quisling stooges: DEFENDING THE WEST Jewish and Christian clerics for jihad WND, December 31, 2012 Exclusive: Pamela Geller blasts religious 'leaders' for failing to condemn barbaric cruelty I love how I bring out the most cowardly and craven among liberal Jewish and Christian “leadership.” How eager these knaves are to do…


@NBCChicago gets it completely wrong on AFDI #Myjihad ads #RT

Talk about crazy. If NBC Chicago tried to get it more wrong, they could not. They kick off this unintentionally comedic news report saying that last month the American Freedom Defense Initiative launched CTA bus ads that linked Muslims to savages: "the ads included fake testimonies by extremists including Osama Bin Laden." This weekend the Council…


Pamela Geller, WND Wednesday Column:
Chicago media go Tokyo Rose over #myjihad truth ads

Just up at WND: my Wednesday column. Mocking Manya. "Chicago media go Tokyo Rose over jihad truth ads" WND, December 19, 2012 Exclusive: Pamela Geller calls out Tribune reporter for being complicit with CAIR Our new #MyJihad campaign, about which I wrote in my Monday WND column, was submitted to Chicago Transit on the same…


CBS Chicago Newscaster calls real quotes from Osama Bin Laden, Turkey Prime Minister, Fort Hood jihadi, Time Square bomber “mock testimony”

Our new #myjihad campaign was submitted to Chicago Transit yesterday, and Chicago media is scrambling to obfuscate the message. This obviously clueless talking head refers to the actual quotes we use in our new #myjihad campaign from Osama Bin Laden, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, Fort Hood Major Hasan et al as "mock testimony."All of the…


Chicago Tribune: “‘#MyJihad’ campaign hits Chicago buses, along with opposition — After [Hamas]CAIR launches ads, AFDI asks CTA to OK different message”

CAIR's Chicago executive supremacist, Ahmed Rehab, whined, "Geller's attempt to hijack the 'MyJihad' slogan amounts to fraud." Actually CAIR's whole campaign is a complete fraud. Don't take my word for it. Listen to what devout Muslim groups are saying about this ruse: #MyJihad campaign ain't jihad, says Hizb ut Tahrir: "If this is Jihad –…


AFDI’s Launches #MyJihad Bus Campaign in Chicago to Counter Hamas-CAIR #CloakingJihad Ads

Have you seen this latest insult to our intelligence by Hamas-CAIR? AFDI has created a brand new ad campaign to fight the disinformation and propaganda campaigns of Islamic supremacists and Muslim Brotherhood groups in America. Our new ads will counter the new deceptive #myjihad campaign by unindicted co-conspirator Hamas-CAIR and are a truth antidote to…


Pamela Geller, WND: Lipstick on a pig? It’s still jihad

Big news …. check out my column on the new AFDI #myjihad campaign: DEFENDING THE WEST Lipstick on a pig? It's still jihad Exclusive: Pamela Geller exposes campaign to whitewash slaughter of innocents WND, December 17, 2012 The Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, is running another new propaganda ad campaign. This time it’s…

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