AFDI #MyJihad Ads are Working!

Keep these ads up, they're working — contribute! Check out the comment below. This is why we are running the ads. Muslim Brotherhood groups like CAIR are whitewashing and sanitizing this mortal threat and the media are their PR firm. We must educate the American people and increase awareness of the motive behind this war…


Trimmer, Frenemy or intellectual fraud? @debrajsaunders #myjihad

"I happen to agree with [Zahra] Billoo on the offensiveness of Geller's campaign" — Debra Saunders So says Debra Saunders, "Token Conservative" columnist in San Francisco. Saunders buys right into the leftist/Islamic supremacism speech-crushing device: the idea that truth is offensive. If this represents the Conservative voice, then the fat lady is singing (more like…


Pamela Geller, WND Weekly Column:
A happy child’s face on mass murder

I neglected to post my Monday column that ran at WND: DEFENDING THE WEST A happy child's face on mass murderExclusive: Pamela Geller blasts 'enemedia stooges' for advancing jihad propaganda The war in the information battle-space is raging on the “meaning of jihad,” as the jihad rages in Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Israel, Europe, India. How…


Daily Fail: UK’s Daily Mail retails Islamic supremacist lies about AFDI’s jihad truth campaign

The Daily Mail kicks off its story by calling my ads "anti-Islamic." That says it all right there. It's "anti-Islamic" now to oppose jihad violence. And the Daily Mail says they tried to contact me — they never did. Robert Spencer eviscerates this tissue of lies and distortions over at Jihadwatch: "Daily Fail: UK's Daily…


Showdown on San Francisco Transit: AFDI Submits New Bus Ads on Muslim Oppression of Gays

Fight back! CONTRIBUTE HERE! In light of the irrational response by city officials to our jihad campaign in uber-left San Francisco, we have submitted another series of ads to that city. Considering what a mecca San Francisco is to the gay community, it is beyond belief that the city would be carrying water for the…


Standing in San Francisco

We have spent upwards of $20,000 on bus ads in San Francisco. San Francisco city officials have turned over all the revenue generated from our ad campaigns to the Human Rights Commission to "study discrimination against Muslims." Wasting taxpayer dollars in so craven a manner violates the public trust. But more importantly, this is a…


“The sickest news story ever”

A rarity here — a rational take on the insanity in San Francisco. Quoting jihadists is hate speech — not the quotes, mind you, just my quoting them. Fight the fascists — contribute. "Hate Speech, San Francisco Style"  John Hinderaker, Powerline The American Freedom Defense Initiative is a Pamela Geller-led organization that seeks to inform…


VIDEO: ABC News “San Francisco leaders denounce Muni ads as anti-Muslim”

Now opposing jihad is synonymous with anti-Muslim. How long before they insist we embrace 911? Fight jihad: Contribute here. This is the second time that the San Francisco city government has given the ad revenue from our campaigns to Muslim groups for inter-faith dialogue (a euphemism for dawah — proselytizing). San Francisco residents should demand…


VIDEO CBS News on AFDI Ads: ‘Killing Jews Is Worship’ Ad Campaign Rolled Out On SF Buses

Love it? Fund the fight here. Playing for the cameras and getting played. What a racket. I love when the DA tool District Attorney George Gascon badly paraphrases Edmund Burke’s famous quote that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Well, Gascon, the only thing worse than…


AFDI denounces San Francisco leaders’ condemnation of jihad truth ads

Help fund the fight here. AFDI denounces San Francisco leaders' condemnation of jihad truth ads Yahoo News, March 11, 2013 NEW YORK, March 11, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ – A prominent national human rights organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), has denounced San Francisco city leaders' condemnation of their ads telling the truth about the jihad threat…


Crazy time in San Francisco as AFDI Counter Jihad ads launch on City buses, District Attorney, Board President Chiu, and City Leaders Hold Press Conference to Denounce Truth

How nuts are they in San Francisco? Plenty. But you already knew that. AFDI counter jihad ads went up in San Francisco today, and a host of city officials, including the District Attorney and several city lawmakers are holding a news conference today to denounce the latest round of bus ads purchased by our organization….

AFDI #MyJihad ads: Minimizing jihad = Minimizing mass murder

Enemedia stooges willingly play patsy to the unintentionally comical but deceitful Hamas-CAIR #MyJihad campaign. Big media stooges run these fallacious "news" stories while Hamas-CAIR uses women and children as human shields, taking a page from their mother org, Hamas. So it is good (and rare) to see a reporter with a semblance of journalistic integrity….

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