“Being a ‘nice guy’…and respecting those who don’t respect our values, nor Christians and Jews, nor anyone else very much, is not an answer to blooded knives and severed heads”

Here is a letter to the editor of the Church Times publication in the UK, responding to an article by a Paul Vallely (not, of course, the American general). It responds well to many of the common objections to our free speech event that was subjected to a jihad attack.’ From: Revd Clifford Hall, Supelrative,…


The ISIS Death Fatwa

You know what happened in Garland, Texas. Two jihadists wanted to replicate and ramp up what happened in Paris, by murdering scores of patriotic Americans who were standing in defense of free speech. They were met with an utterly authentic response. The media has been waging jihad against the defenders of freedom, primarily me, but…


Garland Jihad: Texas Imam wants “change to the [free speech] law where people do not disrespect highly devout people”

“I think there needs to be a change to the law where people do not disrespect especially spiritually high people,” Texas Imam Mobasher Ahmed said. “Spiritually high” like who — the jihadists? So there you have — I am not saying it, a Texas imam is. This is the objective, and what I fight against….


Blumer, PJM: “Pamela Geller exposes the totalitarian ‘human rights’ enterprise”

Tom Blumer over at PJM has an extraordinarily good piece on the current debate on freedom in this country in the wake of the attempted jihad massacre  at our free speech event in Garland, Texas. Great stuff, well argued — elemental. “The ‘Hate Speech’ Canard: Ticket to Tyranny,” By Tom Blumer, PJ Media, May 10,…


VIDEO: Geert Wilders on Hannity

Watch. this. now. Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament, was the keynote speaker at our Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest. He discussed with Sean Hannity his desire to plan to follow up on our event with a “Draw Muhammad” contest in the Dutch Parliament at The Hague. Sean Hannity said last night…


“What Pamela Geller is about — courageously and boldly — is standing up for freedom. That’s it. That’s all.”

I missed this excellent piece in the American Spectator by Jeffrey Lord, former Reagan White House political director and author. Hart’s defense of freedom is crystal clear — clear as a bell, a liberty bell. And the American people get it. The mail is still pouring into my email box in support of AFDI and…


VDH: “Geller’s critics…do not understand that radical Islam has already cut a huge swath out of American free speech through more than a decade of death threats”

The renowned historian Victor Davis Hanson understands the free speech issues that are at stake in the controversy over the Muhammad cartoon contest. He is one of the few. “The First — and a Half — Amendment,” by Victor Davis Hanson, National Review, May 12, 2015: Free speech and artistic and intellectual expression have been…



I just want to take this moment to thank the courageous, singular voices who have stood up for me without making excuses or attacking my character (as did Bret Stephens in today’s pathetic piece, “In Defense of Pamela Geller”). They have understood the quintessentially American philosophy of freedom and individual rights. Kudos and thanks to…


New Yorker goes Sharia, attacking Pamela Geller and refusing to show winning Muhammad cartoon

The New Yorker — famous for its cartoons — describes but doesn’t dare show the winning Muhammad cartoon. This epitomizes the cowardice of the mainstream media, and the rot that could end up destroying our free societies if it isn’t addressed. “Pamela Geller and the Anti-Islam Movement,” by David K. Shipler, New Yorker, May 12,…


Phoenix: Mosque Attended by Garland Jihadis Spawned Two Other Terrorists

Why is the media still talking about me? What aren’t we talking about what really incited the jihadists? Why isn’t the media talking about the jihadic doctrine? Sharia? The mosque? The FBI should be surveilling this mosque, impounding their phone records. Was anyone from the mosque in contact with Muslim groups in Garland? Was there…


Geller and Spencer in Breitbart: “In Cathy Young’s World, Everybody Surrenders”

In an extraordinarily lengthy tirade, Cathy Young attacks Robert Spencer and me with lies, libel and smear. Nothing new, I know. But clearly she intended this to be the go-to dossier for every perverted journalist who seeks to impose the sharia restrictions on free speech. But one has to question who fed her this bile…


Texas cartoon jihadi “would never waver from the teachings he picked up in the mosque”

This mosque ought to be investigated. Several surveys have shown that 80% of mosques in the U.S. teach hatred of infidels and the necessity to replace the Constitution with sharia. No one cares. How many Ibrahim Simpsons must there be before the mosques are monitored? “Elton Simpson’s slow, isolated descent into ISIS, jihad,” by Sean…


In Praise of Gerard Vanderleun

There is much to glean from the latest jihad attack in Garland, Texas. We smoked out a terror network, and much to my surprise, we smoked out the imposters on the right. Rush, Sean Hannity, David French, Mark Levin, Rich Lowry, and Megan Kelly have been brilliant and brave in the defense of freedom against…


“Zionist temptress was walking down the street in Garland in a too short skirt and hoisted it to reveal her Mohammed thong”

The inestimable Mark Steyn puts his razor sharp wit and intellect to work in his column this week and eviscerates the sharia-enforcing media thugs. “Stay Quiet and You’ll Be Okay” by Mark Steyn The War on Free Speech May 9, 2015 As we mentioned a week ago, I’m none too well at the moment, and…


Florida event featuring Geert Wilders canceled for fear of Islamic jihadists

This is what shows the jihad terrorists that terrorism works. This is why there will be more jihad terrorism. This is the cowardice that is killing freedom. “Boca Event Featuring Anti-Muslim Speaker Canceled for Safety Reasons,” by Chris Joseph, Broward Palm Beach New Times, May 8, 2015: Not wanting to court danger, the Boca West…


Breitbart: 6 Reasons Pamela Geller’s Muhammad Cartoon Contest Is No Different From Selma

John Nolte of Breitbart and David French of NRO have been briliant, steadfast and unwavering in defense of free speech and defiant against the sharia restrictions on speech. “6 Reasons Pamela Geller’s Muhammad Cartoon Contest Is No Different From Selma,” By John Nolte, May 9, 2015  When you are dealing with the mainstream media, it…

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