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[ July 23, 2019 ]

WATCH: Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar “APPALLED” when asked to condemn female vaginal mutilation

[ July 23, 2019 ]

Justice Department announces broad new ANTITRUST review of Big Tech

[ July 23, 2019 ]


[ July 23, 2019 ]

TRUMP STRIKES BACK: The President Says Rashida Tlaib a ‘Screaming Lunatic,’ ‘Not a Sane Person’

[ July 23, 2019 ]

President Trump calls Omar an “America-hating antisemite,” calls Squad ‘Nightmare for America,’ says Omar will...

[ July 23, 2019 ]

Sky Islamic channel Peace TV: Gay Are Worse Than Pigs, Magicians Should Be Executed

[ July 23, 2019 ]

US Ambassador to Israel SLAMS Ben Rhodes (Obama’s Minister of Iran Nuke Propaganda) and Jew-Hater...

[ July 23, 2019 ]


[ July 23, 2019 ]

WATCH Imam BRAGS ‘We Exploit Democracy to Seize Power’

[ July 23, 2019 ]

Professor Moshe Perlmann, 1940: Koran And Traditions Depict Jews As “The Incarnation Of Evil”

Sharia in NYC: City Council Members Demand our AFDI Ads Come Down, MTA Says No, “Our Hands are Tied”

Free speech — ain’t that a kick in the head, NYC City Council? The fascists and totalitarians on the useless, bloated NYC Council have tried to impose their vicious agenda on freedom-loving New Yorkers by demanding that the NYC MTA take our ads down. Not concerned with the very real threat this city faces as…

CBS News: “Anti-Islamic Group Creates Ad Controversy In Philadelphia”

This CBS News report uses all of the buzzwords that Islamic supremacist terror-tied groups like Hamas-CAIR demand. “Anti-Islamic.” “Islamophobia.” “Anti-Muslim.” It’s incredible. Heads are rolling, and the enemedia is carrying water for the most savage ideology on the face of the earth. Anti-Islamic Group Creates Ad Controversy In Philadelphia Cherri Gregg reports on some controversial…

Jewish Daily Forward: “We are all Pamela Geller”

Robert Spencer is slaying dragons over at the [not-so] Jewish Forward. The Forward’s Jewicidals cluck and quack their self-righteous indignation against ….. me, my work, the ads. So brave these quislings are! The world is falling down around their ears, and they are railing against a fellow Jew battling the jihad. The comments on the…

AFDI vs. Pennsylvania Transit

Not only will the truth set you free, it will keep you free. NYC went up today, just as we moved on and took on Philly transit: “Pro-Israel Group Asks Court to Order SEPTA to Display ‘Stop the Islamic Jew-Hatred’ Advertisement,” American Freedom Law Center, October 2, 2014   Today, the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC)…

National, International Coverage of AFDI anti-Hamas Ad

The good news is that the ad in question is getting published all over the world: “‘Killing Jews’: Pro-Israeli activist sues MTA after anti-Hamas ads turned down,” Russia Today, October 02, 2014 Photo from A pro-Israeli group has filed a lawsuit against New York’s transportation authority after it refused a bus advertisement campaign that…

AFDI Lawsuit: Pennsylvania Transit “picked an unwinnable fight”

More coverage of our Pennsylvania lawsuit in defense of free speech. They got the ad wrong — we only submitted the Islamic Hitler ad. It’s the typical smear piece. The jihad-aligned media insists on calling us an “anti-Islamic” group. We oppose jihad and sharia. We don’t care what you worship. We don’t care if you…

VIDEO NBC News 10: Pamela Geller on AFDI’s Lawsuit Against Pennslyvania Transit Authority

How incompetent is the media? First, this NBC news report has the wrong ad. The entire news report is wrong. Secondly, the interview they have with me is from an old report — years old. But hey, that’s not what’s important. What’s important is that the media can use the word “anti-Muslim” repeatedly, even if…

AFDI Jihad-Awareness Ads “Encourage Islamophobia”

Our ads encourage “islamophobia”? Beheadings encourage “islamophobia.” The ethnic cleansing and slaughter of Christians under the sharia encourage “islamophobia.” Honor killings encourage “islamophobia.” Islamic Jew-hatred  encourages “islamophobia.” Kidnapping girls, gang-raping them and then selling them in slave markets encourages “islamophobia.” Islamic supremacism encourages “islamophobia.” Islamic imperialism encourages “islamophobia.” The brutal restrictions on free speech encourage “islamophobia.” Libeling…

Defamatory ADL Reverses Itself on AFDI Ads, But Continues Its “Racist” Attacks

The uber-left islamophiliac Guardian fails in its coverage of our latest ad campaign. They get much wrong. No surprise there. The notorious ADL was asked to comment — the ADL, which has condemned my ads in the past (along with Joan Rivers, David Yerushalmi and Israel at various times). Evan Bernstein, the regional director of…


Mayor de Blasio Stands with Jihadists, Condemns AFDI Ads

In the Islamic State, the jihadis are beheading journalists. In the United States, journalists want to behead me. And Mayor de Blasio is ululating right behind them. The NY Post’s Jennifer Fermino, whose coverage of our campaign has been nothing short of incendiary, called me for comment. This journalistic flamethrower asked me for a comment…

Watch FOX News VIDEO: “Anti-Islam ads on buses, subway stations”

More media coverage of groundbreaking campaign. The media insists that opposing jihad is  “anti-Islam”: “Anti-Islam ads on buses, subway stations” Fox News, September 19th, 2014 September 19, 2014 NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) – Starting next week, 100 buses and two subway stations will display anti-Islam advertisements despite efforts by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to block them….


NY Daily News: “Shocking anti-Islam ad campaign coming to MTA buses, subway stations”

The NY Daily News headline screams, “Shocking anti-Islam ad campaign coming to MTA buses, subway stations.” Shocking? Shocking is beheading journalists with six-inch knives. Shocking is kidnapping hundreds of non-Muslim girls, gang-raping them and selling them at slave markets. Shocking is one million Christians being ethnically cleansed or slaughtered from Syria. Shocking is thousands of…

Breitbart: “New AFDI Ad Campaign Tells Truths About Islam and Jihad That Government and Media Ignore”

Breitbart article about our new ad campaign to run on OVER 100 NYC BUSES AND URBAN PANELS. These are the six ads — epic. “New AFDI Ad Campaign Tells Truths About Islam and Jihad That Government and Media Ignore”, Pamela Geller, Breitbart, September 18, 2014 My organization, the human rights advocacy group the American Freedom…

Our Organization AFDI Sues Pennsylvania Transportation Authority for Censoring Speech

While we roll out a new ad campaign next week with over 100 buses and urban panels, one of the ads in our new campaign was rejected by the Pennsylvania Transit Authority. Imagine: During the American Revolution, Philadelphia played an instrumental role as a meeting place for the Founding Fathers of the United States, who…

NY Daily News: “Muslim group fights back against Pamela Geller’s ‘Hitler’ bus ads”

Check out the New York Daily News article on hate group Hamas-CAIR’s deceptive ad campaign using a quran quote that refers to Christians and Jews who have converted to Islam (but they leave that little factoid out, of course). The notorious Ibrahim Hooper, who wants the “government of the United States to be Islamic sometime…

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