VOTER FRAUD: Over 25 Million Registered Voters are Invalid, Inaccurate or Dead

Anyone who thinks Donald Trump is calling for an investigation into voter fraud to challenge the results from the 2016 election isn’t really paying attention.

President Trump is looking out for us and the integrity of the voting process. He isn’t looking back, he’s looking forward. President Trump wants to protect the process and insure the future elections are free, fair and uncorrupted by groups funded by malevolent, subversive forces.


Leaked Documents: George Soros Massive Funding to Manipulate Federal Elections

Let’s beat Hitler’s acolyte- the black hand, George Soros, at his own game. Behind every dark, ugly global scheme, he lurks — like Dracula — waiting to pounce on the good, the decent and the free. Leaked Documents Reveal Expansive Soros Funding to Manipulate Federal Elections,” By: J. Christian Adams, PJM, November 7, 2016: Leaked…

“Obama has Violated His Oath of Office” in Racist Dept of Justice Decision to Drop New Black Panther Party Voter Intimidation Case and Mandate DOJ Policy: “No Voter Intimidation Cases Will Brought Against Black Defendent Where the Victim is White”

This is blockbuster. This is the stuff of impeachment. The Black Panther voter intimidation case was dropped even though the case had already been won. Post-racial? No, post-American. First, the backstory. In March of 2008, The Black Panther Party endorsed Barack Hussein Obama for President on Obama's campaign website. That following election day in November,…

DOJ Voting Rights attorney resigns over Obama’s Black Panthers Prosecution Scandal

Atlas readers remember the violation of voters rights when menacing and threatening Black Panthers trolled polling places with weapons on election day. Apparently, Obama, gangsta–in-chief, refused to prosecute the Black Panthers with their night sticks and billy clubs. How very …….third world. OBAMA DROPS CHARGES AGAINST MENACING BLACK PANTHERS WITH NIGHT STICKS … BLACK PANTHERS…

Democrat Jerrold Nadler Pimps for ACORN’s Whore Advisory Councils, Says Defunding “Unconstitutional”

Gerry Nadler is liar, a slob and a craven politician who holds voters in complete and utter contempt. Watch the videos below. Look how he sold out the Jews during the presidential election (see the first of the two videos, on which I question him on Obama’s phone banks in Gaza). He’s a JINO, Jew…

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