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[ October 22, 2019 ]

Trudeau WINS second term in Canada’s parliamentary elections

[ October 21, 2019 ]

WSJ: Trump Is Converting GOP to Populist, Pro-Employee Party

[ October 21, 2019 ]

Desperate Warren says she’d withholding aid from Jewish State

[ October 21, 2019 ]

UK: 20-strong Muslim Gang Target ‘White Bastards’, Cut Off Teenager’s Hand with Axe

[ October 21, 2019 ]

[VIDEO] “Intoxicating” Takiya From Imam Tawhidi Exposed and Debunked

[ October 21, 2019 ]

Mitt Romney Has a Secret Twitter Account, Shows Man Obsessed with Trump Hatred and Leading...

[ October 21, 2019 ]

Adding Up Crazy Bernie Sanders’ Socialist Agenda

[ October 21, 2019 ]

Marxists “United in Outrage” fun as Trump Patriots mock protest

[ October 20, 2019 ]

The Link Between The Ten Commandments And Anti-Semitism

[ October 20, 2019 ]

UK: Muslim gets “community order” for “appalling damage” of church, non-Muslim got prison for bacon...

WATCH: Muslim Therapist Gives Advice on Wife Beating

Another lesson from a respected Muslim therapist on the proper way to beat your wife in Islam. In an online video, Saudi family therapist Khaled Al-Saqaby imparted advice on marital strife. Beating one’s wife, said Al-Saqaby, should be intended as a means of discipline, rather than to vent one’s anger, and should be carried out…

Chattanooga Jihad Murderer’s Family: Polygamy, Jew-Hatred, and Wife Beating – Wanted to take second wife ‘because it was allowed under Islamic law’

A high school friend of jihad mass murderer Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, said Abdulazeez was “a quiet kid, well liked” from an “average Chattanooga family.” Obama has imported hundreds of thousands of these adherents to the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth, with still hundreds of thousands more to come. The…

ICNA Condones (Recommends?) Wife Beating

Kamala writes: In my travels of the Interwebs I found a book list for the Youth division of ICNA, the Islamic Circle of North America. Of course, ICNA is one of the groups on the secret 1991 MB memorandum. They're also behind the "Why Islam" posters. And Siraj Wahhaj, idol of the new Ground Zero…

Love is in the Air – Muslim Charged in All Day Wife Beating

Before you ask, I am not searching for these stories — that are flying into my email fast and furious. A New York woman beheaded by her moderate Muslim husband, a woman beaten so bad that she swallowed her tongue and died, a woman set on fire by the Muslim who 'loved her" …… The…

Muslim Hero is a Wife-Beating Zero

Apparently Abdulrahman Zeitoun was following religious dictates. Don't arrest him. Obama say, "Respect it!" Wife Abuse Rap Casts Shadow On "Zeitoun" Hero Smoking Gun (hat tip Bill R) Subject of lauded Dave Eggers book copped last year to attack JANUARY 31–The New Orleans man whose post-Hurricane Katrina heroics and tribulations were chronicled by best-selling author…

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