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[ December 14, 2019 ]

Saturday Night Cinema: The Joker Is Wild (1957)

[ December 14, 2019 ]

President Trump Stands Proud In The Center Of The Field As Army-Navy Rendition Deliver An...

[ December 14, 2019 ]

Democrat Congressman Leaving Party Over Impeachment, Becoming Republican

[ December 14, 2019 ]


[ December 14, 2019 ]

In Paris suburbs, a man screaming “Allahu Akbar” and armed with a knife died after...

[ December 14, 2019 ]

Obama never abused his power- I mean, no more than 15 times

[ December 14, 2019 ]

FREE SPEECH BATTLE: Panel Looks Likely to Overturn Detroit’s Ban on AFDI’s Religious Liberty Ads

[ December 14, 2019 ]

FBI: Univ of New Mexico Muslim student from Saudi Arabia had KILL LIST

[ December 14, 2019 ]

Warren Campaign Touted Endorsement From Antisemitic Politician Who Called Cory Booker ‘AIPAC Puppet’: Report

[ December 14, 2019 ]

Born in 1823? You can still vote in Detroit, according to a lawsuit

Islam in Europe: Honor killings on the rise in the Netherlands

More of the wonders of Muslim immigration — but don’t show the Honor Diaries. Oh no, that’s islamophobic. Killing your daughter? Your wife? Respect it! “Honor killings on the rise in Netherlands,” NL Times,  April 25, 2014 (thanks to Armaros) In the last few years, there have been more than 500 reports of honor killing…

Mass Islamic Honor KIllings: Three women killed ‘for loose morals’

Obama say, "Respect it!" Daisy Khan say, "The era of extremism is over!" Jay Leno's wife, Mavis, say, “the koran is more liberal with women than the Bible." Pamela Geller say, "Devout Muslims who support or subscribe to religiously sanctioned gendercide are adhering to their faith. Feminists, media miscreants, and  Islamic apologists are accessories to…

Honor Killings in Islam

From one of the most important English-language sources for the content of Islamic law: Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law:   It is certified by Al-Azhar University as a translation that “corresponds to the Arabic original and conforms to the practice and faith of the orthodox Sunni Community…”: Here is the…

Huffington Post Makes Up Story: Supports Honor Killings

Left wing journalism has taken up writing fiction as news. The Huffington Post is reporting that that taxi ads I created to help girls whose lives were in danger were pulled off taxi cabs in Chicago. The entire ad campaign has already ran in full. The campaign contract ended July 28th.  It's important for people…

Washington Times: Ads on cabs target honor killings

Talking about SIOA's honor killing taxis ads…………….. Ads on cabs target honor killings Pakistani human rights activists demonstrate outside Parliament in Islamabad. in 2008 The brutality of recent "honor killings" and the police response have sparked outrage in Pakistan Ads on Cabs Target Honor Killings Michal Elseth, Washington Times Pakistani human rights activists demonstrate outside…

Pamela Geller, Human Events: More Honor Killings In The West

Check out my latest Oped in Human Events: Excerpt: These are the victims of Western apathy and silence, and it’s only getting worse. Almost no one in the dinosaur media talks about honor killing. All those loud mouthed charlatans talk big when excoriating and trashing those who fight for these women and recognize their plight,…

More on the “Canadian” Honor Killings of Four Muslim Girls in Canada: “The girls were not allowed to go out alone, for example, neither to the cinema nor to meet friends and they were not able to dress freely”

Why don't they run pictures of the murder victims? Take it from someone who follows these terrible murders, pictures are rare. In the case of Amina and Sarah Said, they seemed know the fate that awaited them. They almost appear to be posing for their eventual end. The devout murderers hatched their plan in May….

In the Name of Islam: Even More Honor Killings in Canada

Meanwhile, the struggle for women’s equality continues in many aspects of American life, and in countries around the world. Obama in Cairo (text here) Too bad Obama wasn't speaking about Islam. This is the third honor killing post I have reported in the past 12 hours. And no one in the dinosaur media talks about…

Honor Killings Grow in the West: Islam’s Gruesome Gallery

The horror of these young girls — terror-stricken victims, who live in homemade concentration camps — is given the imprimatur of the West in its complicit silence. The media goes to extraordinary lengths to whitewash these crimes and disconnect the motive for these murders. The West looks away as more and more girls fall victim…

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