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[ August 18, 2019 ]

Jew-Hater Rashida Tlaib Calls for HBO Boycott Because Bill Maher Won’t Support the Boycott of...

[ August 18, 2019 ]

WATCH: Raucous Q & A with Pamela Geller New York Young Republicans Club

[ August 18, 2019 ]

Feminist icon Steinem says she won’t visit Israel while ‘bully’ Netanyahu is PM

[ August 18, 2019 ]

SHARIA UK: Exam Student Failed for Appearing to Criticize Brutal Halal Slaughter

[ August 18, 2019 ]

Jihad Jew-haters Tlaib, Omar share image by artist once celebrated in Iran’s Holocaust cartoon contest

[ August 18, 2019 ]

‘Godfather’ Star: Shame on Cuomo’s Fredo Meltdown … Made a Fool of Himself

[ August 18, 2019 ]

Rashida Tlaib’s Grandmother: ‘I Hope God Will Destroy Trump’ After Tlaib Refuses to Go See...

[ August 18, 2019 ]

“Palestinian” Authority Bans LGBTQ Activities in Judea and Samaria

[ August 18, 2019 ]

Dijon, France: two women beaten because of their cleavage. Guess by who

[ August 18, 2019 ]

Tlaib attends event with Boycott-the-Jews (BDS) group after refusing Israel visit

“Geller launches complaint against York police chief and officer”

Good piece over at the Tribune concerning my complaint and the resulting investigation of the policeman and his chief, who threatened a Rabbi should he not cancel my scheduled talk. I will be questioned by the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD investigator this morning. Geller launches complaint against York police chief and…

Pamela Geller, WND Column:
Investigation into Police intimidation in Canada

Remember the sharia cop in Canada who strong-armed a rabbi into cancelling my talk at his shul? You didn't think I was going to just let it go, did you? Inspector Ricky Veerappan of the York Regional Police force’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bureau, is currently under investigation for threatening Chabad Rabbi Mendel Kaplan into canceling…

Pamela Geller, WND: Who polices the police?

Check out my column today at WND: DEFENDING THE WEST Who polices the police? Exclusive: Pamela Geller warns of cops enforcing Shariah via intimidation … in Canada I was set to speak at the Chabad Flamingo Synagogue in Thornhill, right outside of Toronto’s city limits, on May 13. But then two fascist police thugs, Chief…

Greenfield: “York Diversity Cops Objected to Pamela Geller,
Not to Al Qaeda”

Those opposed to jihad, ethnic cleansing, gender apartheid, creed apartheid, Islamic Jew-hatred, and misogyny are banned, but slaughterers and their handmaidens? They are given the red carpet….. Huge heartfelt thanks toMark Steyn, Canadians United Against Terror for their fierce and unflinching defense of my work. Honorable mention to Daniel Greenfield, who rips here: "York Diversity…

York Sharia Police: Muslim Terrorists Good, Peace-loving Jews Bad

The York sharia police have a standard for jihadists and a punitive one for Jews. An "inspector" from the York police visited the Chabad rabbi (in whose shul I was speaking) and threatened him into cancellation. What's next, pogroms? York Regional Police Pamela Geller Double Standard: YRP Chaplain Attended Conference Organized By Terrorist Supporting Muslim…

Who Polices the Police?

In Geller’s case, members of York Region’s Muslim community — of which Veerappan is a member — reportedly wanted the immigration minister’s office to keep her out of the country. So now we know. The fascist police thug who strongarmed the Chabad rabbi to cancel my speech is a Muslim. He is using the full…

Canada: Thug Police call Rabbi a Liar

The National Post is running a story (look at the agenda driven picture they use) claiming that the goosestepping police that threatened the Chabad Rabbi over my scheduled talk didn’t really threaten him at all. The fascist cop, Insp. Ricky Veerappan, already admitted that they threatened the rabbi with his removal from the York chaplaincy,…

Mark Steyn on the Geller Cancellation
by Canada’s Sharia Police

I was scheduled to speak at the Chabad Flamingo Synagogue in Thornhill, right outside of Toronto’s city limits, on May 13. But now Islamic supremacist groups in Canada, with sharia enforcement by the Canadian police, have succeeded in getting the event canceled under police pressure, and the organizers are looking for a new location. Insp….

Police Cave to Muslims
Threaten Rabbi Over Pamela Geller Speech

Here is yet another instance of the Islamic supremacist/leftist war on free speech — particularly egregious in the wake of the Boston Marathon jihad bombings. The message is all the more crucial now. For years, my colleagues and I labored under the most heinous circumstances. Anyone who opposes the jihad and the Sharia must endure…

David Solway: A tribute to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer

David Solway was in Canada at our talk a couple of weeks ago in Canada. Here's what he saw. Positive press is a rare thing, Enjoy. The Pam and Robert Show By David Solway, PJ Media (thanks to Ruth King) Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer speak out, despite efforts to silence them. Recently I attended…

Mark Steyn: “The Choices We Make”

Mark Steyn speaks to cowardice, government coercion to submit and the will (or lack thereof) to fight for our most basic fundamental freedoms. The Choices We Make Mark Steyn, NRO Anti-Islamization campaigner Pamela Geller is pushing back hard against the local police’s attempt to nix her Toronto speech earlier this year. She’ll be testifying before…

Letters from the free speech front

I thought that Atlas readers who couldn’t be in Toronto last night should get a glimpse of the kind of mail I am receiving. Whenever I speak, the mail is always sprinkled with lovely and sometimes effusive notes, but Toronto took it to a whole other level. You are not alone, fellow freedom fighters. Here’s…

Oh Canada ….

I am thrilled to be in Canada to speak this evening at the Toronto Zionist Centre. I understand that it is sold out and that the venue was not big enough. This is good news, knowing how the police force tried to shut down my talk in accordance with the sharia. As you know, I…

Mark Steyn: “CSI Chabad”

Check out Mark Steyn's third assault on the sharia police in York who threatened a Rabbi into cancelling my speech at the Chabad shul. Steyn is wicked good: CSI Chabad By Mark Steyn, May 6, 2013 10:06 AM A couple of days ago, I wrote about Pamela Geller’s getting bounced from a Toronto-area synagogue after…

Champion of Freedom: Ezra Levant Throws Down the Gavel

Ezra Levant's searing indictment of a police force gone rogue. My deepest thanks for this brilliant evisceration of the fascists. His defense of my work is stupendous. There's a poll to vote — please go and vote here:"Did police go too far calling a synagogue over Pamela Geller giving a speech?" Free speech? It appears…

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