Terrorists Get Fired-Up Message From Charlie Daniels

By Country Rebel, January 2, 2020:

During a new video campaign by the National Rifle Association, country superstar Charlie Daniels exposes his deep-seated emotions toward “the Ayatollah’s of Iran and every terrorist [they] enable”.

Daniels is known for being one of the most outspoken and unabashed people inside the country music circle and he truly speaks from the heart in this new message with the help of the NRA.

Addressing threats against America and our freedoms, Daniels tells them to “Listen up!” and zings President Obama, saying that although they may have met him, they “haven’t met America…”

He outlines true American grit, emphasizing the hard-working backbone of America, emphasizing that although many people think they know what Americans are like, there are still so many different types of people who exist as a large part of our country.

Continuing he clearly states that all of these die-hard Americans will do whatever it takes to maintain our freedoms in the face of terror.

He concludes his message with a resounding and powerful statement to anyone who thinks they might take on our country as an adversary…

“No, you’ve never met America…and you’d better pray you never do.” 

Watch Charlie Daniels and the NRA’s message in the video below.