Debunking CAIR’s “Hijacked by Hate” Report: Targets Funders of Counter Jihad Groups


Ironically CAIR receives tens of millions of dollars from foreign actors. Terror-tied CAIR and their left-wing lapdogs work feverishly to sabatage any funding to pro-freedom groups.

CAIR Report: $1.5 billion funneled to anti-Muslim groups through donations

Fox 9, May 2019:

CAIR’s current report Hijacked by Hate shares many features with their previous hate reports.

A stunning degree of hostility, and contempt for the readers is shown by making claims not supported by the sources they cite. The devil really is in the details of CAIR’s report. It is essential to check CAIR’s sources. It may be that over 90% of their assertions are unfounded.

In addition to using the media to promote CAIR’s various reports, there is also the reliance on sensational claims. In previous reports, CAIR warned us of “staggering” “500%” increases in “unprecedented” levels of “hate”. This go round there is 125 million dollars, into 1.5 billion dollars to alarm us. But, as we shall see this is all a false alarm.

Accusing other people of what they themselves are guilty of doing is another feature of CAIR’s reports. A through reading of CAIR’s latest hate report shows that it is not the Islamophobes who are spreading hate. They are telling the truth about the “nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group”. CAIR returns fire by accusing them of “racism”, “hate”, and calling for their removal from society.

One of the strangest, yet enduring qualities of CAIR’s reports, are their lack of concern with real hate.

There are 47 occurrences of the term “hate” in “Hijacked by Hate”. Yet, the report does not make a connection between groups and hate because there is none. What the report does show is a connection between CAIR, and their political opponents.

This is a political hit piece. This is all pretext for silencing CAIR’s political opponents. Because except for supposedly being guilty of “hate”, these people, groups, charities, or foundations are doing nothing wrong. And, certainly not engaging in racism.

The term “racism” occurs 41 times in CAIR’s report. Eight of those times are the term “anti-Muslim racism”.

In fact, CAIR’s report defines Islamophobia itself as “anti–Muslim racism.” Islam is not a race.

Their source for this is Hatem Bazian.

Watch his dithered thinking here.

They also source Khaled Beydoun for their definition of Islamophobia.

Here is a one star review of his book on Amazon

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“Rather than centering the discussion on Muslim values and principles, the author employs progressive Western ideologies such as feminist theory and critical race theory, superficially imposing them upon a Muslim community that largely does not ascribe to the tenants and dogmas of this ideology.”

According to these people, discussing Islam is a distraction from the real problem which is America, and the West. If you like warmed over Edward Said with plenty of tu quo que sauce then this is definitely for you.

It is on the basis of a perceived “hate” that CAIR is calling for people to be shutdown.

So, exactly how much hate is in CAIR report? What examples of hate does CAIR show us?

The “Muslim Ban” is example of “hate”.

For better or worse, right, or wrong the Travel Ban was not done out of hate.

Consider the backdrop to Donald Trump’s statement about Muslims entering the country.

Hebdo Jan7

On January 7 2015, ISIS killed 12 people in the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo. ISIS killed them for satirizing Muhammad.

Curtis Culwell May3

Five months later, ISIS irregulars came to shoot Pamela Geller in Texas, Again, for drawing Muhammad.

Chattanooga Jul 16

Two months later, a devout Muslim killed 4 Marines, and a sailor in what the FBI described as an attack motivated by foreign terrorist organization propaganda

Bataclan November13

Five months later, ISIS strikes again in the deadliest attack on French soil since WW2.

San Barnardino Dec 3

Less than a month later, two Muslims kill 14 people in what was at the time the deadliest terror attack on American soil since 911.

Trump acts

It was San Bernardino that caused Trump to speak.

It would be great if CAIR could help with these problems, because just 6 months after Trump called for a shutdown of Muslims entering the country the deadliest terror attack on American soil since 911 happened – Pulse NightClub Shooting Jun 12.

Something that remains true about CAIR, particularly in their reports is that these real examples of hate don’t seem to bother CAIR. The travel ban was not an act of hate. It was a response to hate.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is also “hate”.

CAIR accuses Ayaan Hirsi Ali of suggesting an amendment to the U.S. Constitution allowing for discrimination against Muslims.

When reading any of CAIR’s reports, it is necessary to go to the sources for their claims. In this case, we find some interesting context.

Because, she also said that she has no intention of amending the U.S. Constitution.

Hirsi Ali: I’m not going to become president, and I’m not going to run for Congress. Your Constitution doesn’t allow it. [Laughs.]

Reason: You’re in favor of civil liberties, but applied selectively?

Hirsi Ali: No. Asking whether radical preachers ought to be allowed to operate is not hostile to the idea of civil liberties; it’s an attempt to save civil liberties. A nation like this one is based on civil liberties, and we shouldn’t allow any serious threat to them. So Muslim schools in the West, some of which are institutions of fascism that teach innocent kids that Jews are pigs and monkeys—I would say in order to preserve civil liberties, don’t allow such schools.

The idea of banning Islamic schools might seem unsavory, or even hateful, but, unfortunately, less than two weeks ago we had a story about an Islamic school in Philadelphia where children were singing Hamas songs about chopping off heads. https://www.foxnews.com/us/philadelphia-commission-probing-disturbing-video


That is hate by the way.

This is not a one off; Islamic schools frequently go rouge. There is the “Trojan Horse” in the UK, and the Islamic Academy of Florida which was a front for Palestinian Islamic jihad.

Ms Ali was making an observation about a fact of life. There is no reason to call this “hate”.

Teaching children to hate is hate.

It just so happens the video of the singing children came from MEMRI, another one of the “hate groups” on CAIR’s list.

Of MEMRI, CAIR says –

An Israeli propaganda outfit co-founded by a former Israeli military intelligence officer that provides selective, absurd, and intentionally biased translations of Arabic language news

CAIR’s source for this claim is a Guardian article which never denies the truth, or veracity of MEMRI’s findings, but instead poo-poos their work with statements like

About the MEMRI translation of a poem entitled “The Martyrs”

“The real message is a matter of interpretation.”

About MEMRI’s translation of a column in al-Riyadh that Jews use the blood of Christian or Muslim children in pastries for the Purim religious festival

“What this demonstrated, more than anything, was the ignorance of many Arabs”

About MEMRI’s translation of the story about Saddam Hussein ordering people’s ears cutoff

“It may well be true, but it needs to be treated with a little circumspection.”

In other words, what MEMRI is reporting is true, but lacks circumspection. All of CAIR’s reports are like this, nothing but baseless assertions.

Another hate group according to CAIR is The United West. They don’t like them because they are –

“A Florida-based organization that paints Islam and Muslims as “the enemy.””

The United West is also the group that captured the Pulitzer prize level images of a CAIR rally in Florida. “We are Hamas!” they chanted. Hamas is a U.S. designated terrorist group. So, yes, they are the enemy.

Looking for more hate we come to the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund.

CAIR doesn’t like the FCDF. They are –

A legal group that litigates against American Muslim causes, including a school-wide anti-Islamophobia initiative.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself – is CAIR a religious organization, or a civil rights organization? If they are a religious organization, as Nihad Award declared here, then they have no business preaching to public school children.

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund spoiled CAIR’s plans in San Diego by raising questions just like this. That’s why CAIR doesn’t like FCDF, maybe even hates them.

They also don’t like Daniel Pipes, who CAIR claims

 “has used . . . millions of dollars to attack American Muslim institutions like Islamic Relief, the Islamic Circle of North American, the Islamic Society of North America, Muslim Alliance of North America, Muslim American Society, Muslim Public Affairs Council, the Muslim Students Association, Muslim Youth of North America, and Young Muslims. It has spread malicious lies about American Muslim civic engagement to lawmakers, media, and community and corporate foundations.”

Well, these names all belong to the constellation of Muslim Brotherhood groups in this country. CAIR is one of these Muslim Brotherhood satellites.

CAIR jumps the shark in a press release which says :

“The report’s authors noted that one outcome of the funding and promotion of anti-Muslim hate and conspiracy theories has been the measurable nationwide increase in often-fatal anti-Muslim hate violence”.

A search of the report for the term “fatal” brings up three stories.

In 2017, two Portland men were fatally stabbed defending two teenage girls from a self-described white-nationalist.

This happened two years ago, no Muslims were killed, and Jeremy Joseph Christian is a violent, mentally ill person who practically grew up in prison.

CAIR is exploiting tragedy if they expect anyone to believe the Islamophobes had anything to do with this.

In 2019, a woman was violently assaulted in an emergency room;

They are probably referring to this story : “Man who attacked Muslim woman in hospital was released on time served

No one died. No one was seriously injured. It is not a hate crime.

But, one thing we can all agree on, this person needs supervision. Not because he is an Islamophobe, but because he goes around punching people, not just Muslims. This is another mentally ill person.

A child in Minnesota took his own life after months of being physically attacked at school simply for his faith.

It is not clear what happened here, and Jaylani Hussein’s involvement is not helping. A troubled 15 year old took his own life. This is just another example of CAIR exploiting tragedy. The Islamophobes have nothing to do with any of it. https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2018/05/22/jacob-letourneau-elsharkawy/

In fact, the common denominator for all these groups is that they all know the truth about CAIR.

Those people who do know the truth about CAIR will look with some amusement at  CAIR’s Director Research and Advocacy, Abbas Barzegar statement that their report found “legal money laundering” .  

This is not true, of course. No one on the list is doing any money laundering, or anything wrong. In fact, it is CAIR that is vulnerable to accusations of money laundering.

It really should be more widely known that there is more than one CAIR. While it is not clear exactly how many CAIRs do exist, there are at least four different  entities.

Original CAIR is no more. And, has been replaced by things like:

  • Council on American Islamic Relations Action Network, Inc.
  • CAIR Foundation (501(3))
  • Washington Trust Foundation
  • Zahara Investment Corporation


Because CAIR has never publicly made any distinction between these different entities, it allows for some accounting sleight of hand. Checks made out to simply “CAIR” can be for either CAIR, Inc, or CAIR 501c(3), and so they can enjoy the advantages of being both a charity, and a corporation.

We already know that CAIR receives large cash donations from foreign governments.

Thanks to David Yerushalmi, another one of CAIR’s public menaces, we know that two of the CAIRs share a common bank account. CAIR transfers large foreign donations to their corporate entity that does not have to report its sources of income. This allows them to remain a 501c(3) organization. CAIR then launders these foreign donations through their various chapters across the nation.

Half a million dollars from individuals in Saudi Arabia, hundreds of thousands of dollars from Saudis, and the Washington embassy of UAE, as well as donations to CAIR made by chapters of CAIR can be seen here.

CAIR was born out of a group that was broken up for misusing charitable finds.

That’s why it is so amusing to see them try to flip the script and whip up controversy about charitable funds improprieties.

Another feature that is common in all of CAIR’s reports is the use of sensational, and inflated claims. Things are “unprecedented”, “staggering”, over 500% increases in hate, and so forth.

CAIR tries to dazzle us the the figure of 125,000,000 . The Islamophobes received 125 million over two years. This breaks down to about 1.6 million per Islamophobe. But, these are averages. Some probably got more of the pie than others. Still, it is not as if any one group had access to 125,000,000. At least, not among the Islamophobes. You would have to go to another group to find that kind of money. That group would be CAIR.

According to Guide Star, CAIR had a media analyst appraise their access to the media at $143,000,000. And, that is just one year. At that rate, they would have received more than a billion dollars before the Trump administration finishes its second term. If they haven’t already. After all, CAIR has been around 25 years.

At any rate they have access to more money than all the Islamophobes combined over the course of two years. And, of course they also receive tax money.

Should the U.S. tax payer be financing a group that is working subvert the first amendment?

New Research Uncovers $41 Million of U.S.-Taxpayer-Subsidized Islamism

CAIR claims the Islamophobes use their money to hurt the Muslim community.

Well, we can see the hurt that CAIR’s 143,000,000 in access to the media causes.

CAIR is on the news somewhere in the country every night.

Between April, and December of last year, a 244 day time period, CAIR was on TV 289 times

Once a month, they use local news broadcasts to attack American citizens, and try to get them fired for something they said on Facebook.

Here is an example of them doing this from only a few days ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8t8nEOnUr8


CAIR winds up their report by saying:

“It is our hope that with sustained action, institutional collaboration, and dedicated will, a community of progressive and mainstream allies will emerge to push the Islamophobia Network back to the fringe of our society, where odious and incendiary speech belong.”

Talk about pushing people to fringes of society recalls the obsolete legal practice of outlawry.

“The term outlawry referred to the formal procedure of declaring someone an outlaw, i.e. putting him outside the sphere of legal protection.

No one was allowed to give him food, shelter, or any other sort of support – to do so was to commit the crime of aiding and abetting, and to be in danger of the ban oneself.

“In the context of criminal law, outlawry faded out, not so much by legal changes as by the greater population density of the country, which made it harder for wanted fugitives to evade capture; and by the adoption of international extradition pacts. It was obsolete by the time the offence was abolished in 1938.”


But, there is no guarantee that something like this could not return.

And, if reports are correct, Master Card is setting up a system where you can lobby them to deny service to people. As long as it is all done in the name of Human Rights.

Financial Blacklisting by MasterCard https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/05/01/financial-blacklisting-activists-pressure-mastercard-stockholders-to-censor-far-right/

Pushing people to the fringes of society bring to mind Lara Loomer.

Every social media platform you can name has banned Lara Loomer. CAIR may very well be the guiding hand behind Loomer’s predicament.

Here is the source of hate in CAIR’s report..

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “Do you know what is backbiting?” The Companions said: “Allah and His Messenger know better.” Thereupon he said, “Backbiting is talking about your (Muslim) brother in a manner which he dislikes.” It was said to him: “What if my (Muslim) brother is as I say.” He said, “If he is actually as you say, then that is backbiting; but if that is not in him, that is slandering.”[Muslim]. https://quranx.com/Hadith/Saliheen/In-Book/Book-18/Hadith-1523/

Muslims of the CAIR variety do not like people telling the truth about them. What we would call embarrassment, CAIR is calling “hate”.

CAIR should not ask anyone to fight their battles for them. CAIR should stand their ground against Pamela Geller, ACT for America, the Clarion Project, CAMERA, Center for Security Policy, Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley, Gatestone Institute, Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, Investigative Project on Terrorism, Jihad Watch, and all the rest. Let the public decide who they want to give their money to, or who has the better argument, and who has more truth.

But, CAIR does not want to do that because the truth is not on their side.

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