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Swedish election: Right-wing Sweden Democrats could succeed, media viciously slanders party #FakeNews #Libel


The election predictions are no surprise. What is shocking is the vile lengths the enemedia is going to libel the right as the “Neo-Nazi” party. Pure evil.

It is the left that emulates the Nazis. The violence, the propaganda, the hatred. The leader of the Sweden Democrats Jimmie Akesson and his little boy are under death threat, ” “We will behead you if you do not withdraw from the election”

The headlines decry “far right fears”. It’s the far left that is violent, antisemitic, pro-jihad. What the hard left media means is they fear the people are on to them. The people of Sweden live in a constant state of fear because of the violence, rape and supremacism of the migration (the hijrah).  This is their only shot. They are in a war.

This is not just fake news, it is libelous ‘news’.

Sweden election results LIVE updates: Former neo-Nazi party could WIN Swedish election

IN a general election that could see far-right anti-immigration party Sweden Democrats take on a key role in shaping the next Government, Swedes hit the polls today to cast their votes in what’s said to be one of the most complicated elections in Swedish history. Read the latest updates from the election as they come in here.

Amalie Henden,  The Express, Sun, Sep 9, 2018

Swedish election: Right-wing Sweden Democrats could succeed

Two parties are especially central to this year’s election in Sweden; leftist Social Democrats and far-right Sweden Democrats.
The first because they currently hold the power in the Scandinavian country, but has been in sharp decline throughout the summer, the other because they are making historical progress and may end up as kingmakers after tonight’s election.
The Sweden Democrats have gained support in the polls as it focuses its campaign on refugees and migrants ahead of the September election.
Follow here for live updates, news, pictures and videos of the Sweden election.

6.30pm update: 41 percent are voting for differently than they did last time
According to SVT’s research, more than 41 percent of the voters have changed their mind when they vote in this election.
That is seven percent more than in 2014 when 44 percent voted differently from the last election.

6.15pm update: 38 percent of Swedes decided who to vote for TODAY
Swedish state channel SVT conducted a poll today which shows that 38 percent of the voters decided on who to vote for today.
This is a new record, and to compare, 33 percent did the same in the 2014 election.

5.45pm update: Queues outside polling stations are so long people go home without voting
New rules at the polling station only allow one person to pick up their ballot at a time, leaving long queues of impatient Swedes. said people were leaving the polling station after waiting for a “long time”.

5.15pm update: Banned state channel SVT has arrived at Sweden Democrats campaign rally despite major disagreement
Swedish SVT gets permission to broadcast the far-rights last campaign rally in Stockholm, although the channel was banned by SD-leader Jimmie Akesson yesterday.
Hanna Dowling in SVT told Norwegian newspaper VG: “Just confirmed that we have access to the Stockholm campaign rally.”
sweden polling station sweden democrats attack
Sweden election 2018: People outside of polling stations have been attacked (Image: GETTY)

4.45pm update: Attacks in polling stations continues
Social Democrats MP Annika Strandhäll said: “It’s completely unacceptable, totally reprehensible.
“Of course, one should be able to feel completely safe as an electoral employee.
”We have seen a more heated debate climate during this election campaign, but this is not acceptable.”

4.30pm update: Sweden Democrats continues to divide the centre-right bloc
The conservative parties in Sweden are divided in the question on whether to collaborate or not with the Sweden Democrats to make sure their alliance will receive the majority of the votes in the election.
Especially in the district of Östermalm in Stockholm, the right-leaning parties think a conversation with hardliners Sweden Democrats should at least be considered.
Stockholm resident Carl Ask told NTB: “I find it strange that no one is discussing politics with a party supported by so many.
“There must be a better way of dealing with the Sweden Democrats than to just completely ignore them.”
The centre-right bloc currently holds around 40 percent of the votes, but if they were to collaborate with the Sweden Democrats they could form a majority Government with about 60 percent of the total votes.
Sweden election restuls live updates
Sweden election 2018: Leader of the Sweden Democrats Jimmie Akesson in Stockholm last night(Image: GETTY)

4.15pm update: Another politician receives threats outside a polling station
Another threat has been reported in connection with the election.
Politician Ann Heberlein from the Moderate party has reported a man walked over to her and called her “fascist” outside a polling station in Lund, southern Sweden.
She told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet: ”None of the people who were there intervened. It was only when my husband got there the abuser left me alone.”
Ms Heberlein added: “He said I was against everything good in this world and that the entire population of Sweden hates me.
“He called me a ‘pussy’, ‘fascist’ and a ‘whore’”.

4.00pm update: Far-right Sweden Democrats leader stated 20-30 percent is a “reasonable” result
When Jimmie Åkesson, leader of the Sweden Democrats hit the polls to cast his vote today he told the press “20-30 percent of the total votes is a reasonable result.”

3.45pm update: Latest opinion polls
The most recent polls suggest the ruling leftist party Social Democrats, will lose a substantial number of parliamentary seats.
However, they would still win ahead of the far-right Sweden Democrats whose popularity has steadily doubled in every election since 2000.
Roughly 7.5 million registered voters will choose from almost 6,300 candidates in this year’s election which is expecting a turnout of around 85 percent.

Sweden election 2018
Sweden election 2018: The battle between Stefan Lofven and Jimmie Akesson continues to intensify (Image: GETTY)
3.30pm update: Farewell to dull and predictable Swedish elections
Far-right Sweden Democrats look set to be the big winner at the ballot box today no matter the results.
The party has surged to about 20 percent support or higher in opinion polls and will become harder and harder to ignore by the other mainstream parties.
Although the anti-immigration party is highly unlikely to receive enough votes to form Government today, the hardliners have brought a whole new political agenda to the Nordic country.
Jimmie Akesson is gaining ground for his eurosceptic and migration policies and his party is only expected to grow further in the coming years.

3.00pm update: No sign of foreign interference in the election
Swedish authorities have issued a statement saying so far there are no signs of foreign powers attempting to influence today’s election.
Mikael Tovfesson, unit manager at the Department of Social Protection and Emergency Planning said: “We have not seen any major coherent campaigns trying to influence the election, but I am sure we will find that some foreign powers have done little things here and there.”
2.30pm update: Members of the extremist Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) is photographing voters as they hit the polls
According to Svenska Dagbladet members of the organisation are driving to various polling stations in Värmland municipality taking pictures of ballots papers and voters.
Spokesman for NMR Andreas Falk said: “We’ve driven a car around to keep track of what’s going on.
“We have met people from NMR at three polling stations, but so far nothing has happened.”
Sweden election 2018 jimmie akesson
Sweden election 2018: Leader of Sweden Democrats, Jimmie Akesson has voted (Image: EPA)
2.00pm update: The member of the Sweden Democrats who received death threats is pregnant
Emilia Orpana said she was “terrified.”
The politician told Aftonbladet: “He said he would step on my colleague’s head and kill us.
“I was terrified he was going to hit me in the stomach as I’m pregnant.”
Read more about the incident HERE.
1.45pm update: Latest combined polls: Election results still too-close-to-call
If the latest polls are correct, neither the left bloc or the centre-right opposition will win a majority.
The right-wing na­tion­al­ist party Swe­den De­moc­rats more than dou­bled their seats from 20 in the 2010 elec­tion to 49 af­ter the 2014 elec­tion – and current polls show the will receive some 68 seats after tonight.
In Sweden, the arrival of 163,000 asylum seekers in 2015 has fractured the normally straight-forward political consensus and could give the Sweden Democrats the power to block a coalition who wants to form Government.
The leftist coalition, consisting of Social Democrats, Green parties and the Left Party, is backed by about 40 percent of voters and is expecting a close race with the Alliance who are currently right behind.
sweden election 2018 sweden democrats member attac
Sweden election 2018: A pregnant member of the Sweden Democrats was attacked earlier today (Image: Sweden Democrats)
1.15pm update: Member of Sweden Democrats threatened outside polling station
Three people have been verbally threatened at a polling station in Nynäshamn.
One of them, Emilia Orpana, is the Sweden Democrats chairman in Nynäshamn municipality.
The two others were working at the polling station, the police told.
Spokesperson for the police, Mats Eriksson said: ”I perceived that the person who was threatened had already voted and that the individuals who made the threats wanted to know what party she had been voting for.”
No injuries have been reported but the police have taken statements from the three people who said they were threatened.
The police have left the place, but a notification of unlawful threats has been established.
The suspects are unknown to those who have been threatened.
1.00pm update: Former Prime Minister Göran Persson says Sweden might not have a new Government anytime soon
Mr Persson was the Swedish Prime Minister from 1996-2006.
He said: “If the leftist coalition wins it a new Government will most likely be in place fast. But there is a giant internal conflict in the conservative Alliance bloc.
“Some wishes to collaborate with the Sweden Democrats while others do not.
“If they vote on it more than four times Sweden needs to hold another general election.”
12.30pm update: More than 25 percent of the Swedish voters were undecided in the final week prior to the election
According to Sifo, more than a quarter were still deciding in the final week of campaigning.
The difference between the leftist coalition and the centre-right Alliance are currently 1.4 percent.
The Social Democrats has lost 18 percent in 50 years, while the Sweden Democrats’ support has almost doubled.
Sweden election results LIVE updates
Sweden election 2018: Jimmie Åkesson, Stefan Löfven and Ulf Kristersson are fighting for victory (Image: GETTY)
12.00pm update: More than 2.6million people have already voted in the election
The polls will close at 8pm tonight and the result is expected to be clear around 11pm.
Far-right Sweden Democrats, which polls suggest have 20% support, are currently tipped for second place.
11.30am update: For the first time in Swedish history the election is being monitored by foreign election observers
Two people from the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe is making sure there is no foreign interference in the election.
The observers have followed the election since a surge in online disinformation was discovered.
This comes after the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) published a report last week saying their analysis of half a million tweets between March-August this year had found 60,000 automated accounts posting about the election.
11.00am update: Hardliners Sweden Democrats in position to block both coalitions
According to the latest polls the Sweden Democrats will receive around 70 out of 349 seats in the Swedish Parliament.
The leftist coalition is currently on track of receiving 144, followed by the Alliance 137 mandates.
This means neither of the coalition reaches the magical number of 175 – which is needed to form a majority Government.
This puts the Sweden Democrats in a position to block out a coalition if one of them choose to collaborate with the right-wingers.
Sweden election live updates
Sweden election 2018: The final result is anyone’s guess only hours before the polls close (Image: GETTY)
10.45am update: Seat projection based on average of pollsters show Sweden Democrats as the second largest party
The Sweden Democrats and the Left Party are set to make strong gains in tonight’s election.
This comes as leftist Social Democrats is expected to lose the most percentage points.
The poll also shows the Green party might not reach the minimum vote limit of four percent.
10.30am update: Sweden Democrats refuse the Swedish state channel of SVT to broadcast their campaign rally
The battle between the anti-EU party and the Swedish broadcaster continues as the channel just got banned from a Sweden Democrats campaign rally in Västerbotten.
The conflict between the Sweden Democrats and SVT began when the TV channel disagreed with party leader Jimmie Åkesson’s statements on immigrants and the labour market during Friday’s debate.
10.15am update: Prime Minister calls Sweden Democrats a ‘bunch of racists’
Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven told voters the election today is about decency.
He said: “This government is a guarantor for the Swedish Democrats who are an extremist and racist party not to have any influence.”
sweden election polls 2018
Sweden election polls: The combined poll show Sweden Democrats as the second largest party (Image: EuropeElects)
sweden election 2018
Sweden election 2018: The poll show the latest result from today compared to the result in 2014 (Image:
10.00am update: Sweden Democrats to double their vote since the last election
Since 2000 the Sweden Democrats has doubled their vote at every election.
Right now the party is on track of becoming Sweden’s second largest party – but uncertainty and high variety in the latest polls show that the results could be anyone’s guess at the moment.
If the surge in support continues for the Sweden Democrats they are on track to become kingmakers in the next election.
9.45am update: Surge in support for eurosceptic Sweden Democrats
Sweden’s mainstream parties are facing a strong challenge from the right-wing Sweden Democrats who have made migration a key issue in this election.
Sweden has taken in the more migrants per capita than any other European country after they in 2015 welcomed 163,000 refugees.
The rise of the Sweden Democrats came as they tried to block the stream of refugees arriving in the Scandinavian country.
SD leader Jimmie Akesson said that his plan to take in fewer migrants would be regarded as “normal politics in the rest of Europe.”
sweden election 2018 results live updates
Sweden election 2018: Jimmie Åkesson sits on a bench ahead of a campaign rally in Stockholm (Image: GETTY)
9.30am update: Sweden Democrats to win leftist city Malmö
The Social Democrats have had power in the Swedish city of Malmö for 94 out of 100 years – but a local member of the Sweden Democrats have said that the far-right party will win the city – no matter the cost.
9.15am update: Sweden Democrats will become Sweden’s largest party according to the latest odds
Betting companies Unibet, Nordicbet and Betsson put anti-EU Sweden Democrats as the party to receive most votes in this election.
A spokesperson for Bettson, Robin Olenies said: “80 percent of our players have put money on Sweden Democrats as the largest party.”
9.00am update: Both left and right coalition short of a majority – Sweden Democrats may emerge as Sweden’s largest party
Sweden Democrats support is currently at 19.1 percent, well above the 12.9 percent they won in the previous election in 2014.
Those figures may be hard to ignore after today’s vote as the party may end up receiving support for a fifth of the Swedish population.

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