A group of refugees attacked a nightclub armed with knives and metal bars in the city of Frankfurt (Oder) last week.

During a ‘90s party in the Frosch club two Syrians started provoking and harassing guests, club operator Dirk Schöbe tells newspaper the Berliner Morgenpost.

According to unanimous statements by the police and the prosecutor’s office, two Syrians initially started a row in the club with party guests, especially with one German.

At first, the two men left the club after the dispute, but returned in no time with friends and acquaintances to the club. According to police, ten people were found armed with iron bars and knives.

“We’ll kill you, we’ll kill you,” they shouted. According to Chief Prosecutor Scherding, they also shouted “Allahu akbar”. This is how nightclub owner Schöbe describes it.

“They suddenly came rushing, and they started to walk towards the guests, we could not understand what we saw, what happened.”

The violent attackers smashed disks belonging to the disco and threw stones at the building. “Visitors were attacked, beaten and pelted with stones,” chief prosecutor Scherding tells the Berliner Morgenpost.

Police described the mood on the ground as “tumultuous” and “heated up”. “It was a war scene,” the club’s owner says to the newspaper.

“We were celebrating the ’90s – and suddenly we were in a war zone, not in our hometown, it was spooky, the shouts of ‘Allahu akbar’, the aggressiveness, the dull thuds, the cries of people.”