Woman is stabbed to death and several more people are injured in incident at a restaurant in Belgium

  • Police and helicopters dispatched to scene following the attack at around 5pm
  • The incident took place in the Plombières district of Herve, eastern Belgium 
  • Unclear how many people have been injured and if suspect has been arrested 

A woman has been stabbed to death and several others have been injured following an attack at a restaurant in Belgium.

Police and helicopters were dispatched to the restaurant following the horrific attack at around 5pm in Plombières district of Herve, eastern Belgium.

One witness, who gave her name as Justice, told RTL Info: ‘A lady was stabbed in a restaurant.

‘We are talking about a knife attack in a restaurant, there will be one dead and several wounded.

At the moment it is unclear just how many people have been injured in the mellee or what the motive of the attacker was.

It has not been confirmed whether a person has been arrested.

Photographs from outside the restaurant show a large police and ambulance presence.

Plombières is a small district in Belgium within the province of Liege, and has a population of just around 9,600 people. It is 80 miles away from the Belgian capital of Brussels.

Belgium lowered its terror threat level in January after three years of high alert following the Brussels bombings, but soldiers have continued to guard the key sites.