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[ February 25, 2018 ]

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[ February 25, 2018 ]

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[ February 25, 2018 ]

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[ February 25, 2018 ]

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[ February 25, 2018 ]

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[ February 25, 2018 ]

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[ February 25, 2018 ]

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France: 15 Muslim migrants rob and beat two men, media totally silent


It is no surprise that the enemedia is silent about this attack. Their highest priority is to keep people ignorant of the danger posed by the Muslim migrant influx, and complacent about it. They want to make sure that the French people — like the native population all over the West — thinks that opposition to the Muslim migrant influx is solely and wholly due to “racism” and “xenophobia.” So Maxence and others like him are denied not only media attention that would alert people to what happened, but justice as well. The French government and media are working directly against the interests of the French people.

“Maxence, robbed, beaten and molested by 15 migrants: Total silence of the media choking the case,” translated from “Maxence, volé, tabassé et molesté par 15 migrants. Silence total des médias étouffant l’affaire,” by Mike Borowski, La Gauche M’a Tuer, February 4, 2018 (thanks to Alexandre):

We can see where the priority is today in our media elites. We must denounce France and its inhabitants, they carry the seeds of evil. Their DNA is that of slavers, settlers, collaborators, the worst criminals, in short. They are guilty because French. Nothing should be spared them. Especially if in any dispatch are incriminated migrants.

Understand, we must not especially dirty the image of a newcomer, he is the one who must replace the “souchien” we do not want in the hexagon. Therefore we speak only of the futile, the last woes of Nabilla or another starlet whose reality TV produced by dozens are in the news.

Our often cosmopolitan journalistic elites also like when obvious events force them to, despite their denials of which nobody believes anymore, to disguise the reality or to use the politically correct so as not to put words on the evils. We say vandalism and not desecration of Christian graves, we never give the origins of different offenders, the worse we hide their surnames, we rename the criminals of the “weakened young”, we carefully avoid certain information impacting the lives of the French by overplaying a minor revelation, we hack the figures relating to the country’s economy, immigration, security, taxes by swearing the hand on the heart that all goes for the best in the best of all worlds, and that they fall for millions of tax homes. We lie to day-long compatriots becoming cons of television. In any case, they will never have access to it, so it does not matter their complaints.

I am going to make the parallel with Maxence attacked, along with his companion, with sticks by fifteen migrants armed with “large pieces of sharp wood, beer cans broken glass”, then struck with stones that have “made a wound in the cheek, and four stitches.” Miraculously, they came out alive, but one month later they still bear the stigma, we do not fix an “edema to the brain” in such a short time.

Everywhere else, this story would have made the headlines, we would have seized this fact about diversity to denounce the opening of borders to all the foreign scum arriving by boat on our shores. The politicians would debate the merits of the migration policy that has been in place for more than 40 years, or the laxity of the judiciary and the desire not to put in prison those for whom it is the only viable place. Only we are in France, what is more in a France converted to politically correct, anti-racism, among globalized elites whose primary policy is to impose a new population on our land. They come as bandits, propaganda portrays them as lambs. Our progressives of the TV sets do not want under any circumstances that this image of the gospel is debased.

Maxence’s mother fights on all fronts, she wants to mediate this ambush of which her son and her friend were victims, she will not be able, this history going against the dominant ideology, engraved for the eternity in marble. The President of the Republic himself did not deign to reply to his letters. They are therefore alone with their suffering, and the scars of this violence.

Like hundreds of thousands of French, they have or will be victims of barbarism and will never see their authors paid for their actions. Society, that of the elite will judge them, and prevent to promote their testimony. They will be the turkeys of the farce that we want the migrant to be the hero. This is the new France, that of 2016 going against the native of France. Will we let this one settle permanently? The question needs to be asked.

“Un jeune homme tabassé sur une aire d’autoroute par des migrants,” L’Écho de la Lys, April 14, 2016 (thanks to Alexandre):

Maxence Crapoulet, a young Norrent-Fontois, was assaulted on the rest area of ​​the A26, the great Bucaille during a stop in the toilet. Maxence Crapoulet, 22, and his husband Kévin Deltombe, 25, had the fear of their lives. It is from his hospital bed, to the emergencies of Divion, that he tells us his misadventure.

This Thursday evening, April 7, it is about 23:30 when the couple stops on the rest area of ​​the A26, while returning from Avesnes-le-Comte, to take a break to urinate. Many trucks are parked. A few meters from their car, a van and his driver phoning outside his vehicle. The two young Norrent-Fontois go out to smoke then go to the toilet. This is where Maxence begins to hear funny noises. “Many people who did not speak French.” On leaving, he realizes that the man in the van is being hit by about fifteen people. “I shouted to Kevin to stay in the toilet. But one of the men looked at me, started screaming. He had a piece of wood in his hand. Maxence starts running to take refuge in his car and puts himself in the driver’s seat. He thinks himself safe by closing the doors. Pointed woods, stones, glass … But that’s not counting the group coming towards him. “They tried to open and started banging on the car. Then the windows exploded one by one. They have all arrived. They were fifteen. Only men who did not speak French. They were migrants. They were armed with large pieces of sharp wood, broken glass beer cans and stones. I got a stony shot on my cheek. He tries to catch his tear gas canister in his bag to gas them. But when he turns around, he receives gas himself from someone in the group who also had a tear gas bomb. He tries to get out, leaving all his belongings in the car. “There, I take a big blow on the head and in the back. I did not see anything, nothing heard. I was stunned, leaning on a wall to move forward. I tried to run away. I knocked on the door of a truck. The driver opened me. I went up. But when I explained what was happening to me, he pushed me away and slammed the door.”

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