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[ February 20, 2018 ]

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[ February 20, 2018 ]

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[ February 20, 2018 ]

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[ February 20, 2018 ]

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[ February 20, 2018 ]

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[ February 20, 2018 ]

Italy: Muslim migrant rapes woman on Rome street

[ February 20, 2018 ]

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[ February 20, 2018 ]

Downtown San Francisco Site of Trash, Feces and Drug Needles

[ February 20, 2018 ]

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Shocking statistics: 1 in 8 Swedish women will be raped


Photo: For every rape, many others are often also traumatized: The victims family and friends go through guilt, shame and often have to support the victim financially and emotionally for years.

What happened in Sweden last night? A lot of women got raped.

The Swedish bureau of statistics (BRÅ) has released new shocking data: In 2017 7,320 rapes was reported. That is a 10 percent increase in just one year.

There are 5 million women living in Sweden. Taking into account an average lifespan of 84 years this means that 607,320 women will be raped during a woman’s lifetime. In other words, there is a risk of 12 percent – or 1 in 8 – that a female will be raped during her life.

This number does not take into account that the number of rapes is likely to increase even more in future Sweden. It also does not take into account the fact, that most rapes are never report.

Half of all Swedish women feel that their freedom is restricted due to the risk of violence in public space. Every fifth Swedish women reports that she is psychologically tormented by anxiety because of the high risk of violence and sexual attacks.

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Via: 10News.

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