Gays Should STOP Defending Islam


As we are at the beginning of a new year, we can tell that homosexuality will keep being a controversial topic in the world. We see that more and more Western nations decide to legalize same-sex marriage, but we also see that gay rights is still a part of protests, a part of “intersectionality” in the West – in America. We even see that homosexuals and advocates find themselves in the same ranks as Muslims.

We all hopefully know that the Islamic world is by far the worst when it comes to homosexuality. In multiple predominantly Muslim countries, homosexuality can be punished with death, in the majority of predominantly Muslim countries it is forbidden to practice or to publicly defend homosexuality. I was part of the Muslim community for more than 20 years, and I can barely remember anyone who had no problem with homosexuality, let alone supporting it. What is funny, however, is that people in the West who are seemingly so concerned about social justice, gender equality, freedom and gay rights, totally ignore the oppression of homosexuals in the Islamic world, call others racist when they mention it, gang up as confused intersectional activists and protect the idea that is the most dangerous when it comes to women and homosexuals: Islam. I will not pretend that all homosexuals defend Islam. I have seen many homosexuals who were openly against Islam for obvious reasons, but there are too many, especially if they are influential and lead LGBT support groups, that criticize the West, but support the Islamic world — with silence or deflection.

Here is why homosexuals, no matter what they think they’re doing, should never defend Islam, and why people who care about the well-being of homosexuals shouldn’t either, if they really care. I care about homosexuals, and can declare myself proudly a defender of homosexuals in the face of the growth of Islam.

  1. How Islam as a religion views homosexuals

Islam views homosexuality as crime – against God. It pictures homosexuality as a horrible act, immoral, so much that Allah once sent down a major punishment for it. It is based on the biblical story of Lot (Arabic: Lut). The difference is that the Quran dumbs the story down and puts the emphasis on homosexual activity, multiple times, that Lot is considered a holy prophet and that the aftermath with his daughters and his drunkenness is not mentioned, because prophets are perfect in Islam.

In the story, the people of Sodom and Gomorrah commit sexual sins, two angels disguised as handsome boys come to visit Lot, the people go crazy and come to Lot’s house because they are “interested” in the handsome boys, Lot refuses and offers his daughters to them. Afterwards Lot leaves the cities at night, the cities are punished and destroyed by Allah, together with Lot’s impure wife, and that’s where the story ends. The Quran repeats the story multiple times and explicitly mentions that the people have committed homosexual intercourse, which Allah “justly” punished with death.

Muslims usually make the defense that homosexuality alone is not punishable, that homosexual activity is. That’s partially correct, but that’s also exactly the point. Homosexual activity deserves, according to Islam, violent punishments. In Sunni Islam this punishment can be harsh beatings, followed by the death penalty if repeated, it can also be that the homosexual person is imprisoned until death, in some views the punishment is to kill them by throwing them off a high building. No matter what, the punishment is eventually death for people who commit homosexual intercourse repeatedly, and the consensus is that homosexuality should be dealt with death in order to prevent it from spreading and being downplayed.

In Quran 4:16, Allah tells Muslims to punish them if two men commit unlawful sex, they should be punished. [1] Interpretations by universally accepted scholars such as Ibn Kathir, say that this includes gay sex. [2] It is even further explained in hadiths. Mohammed says that men who are caught having gay sex should be killed. [3] In more detailed hadiths he says they should be stoned to death. [4] The same thing is mentioned in other hadiths from other sources. [5] Mohammed even says that you should turn men out of your houses if they behave like women. [6]

The Western person may say that these are just words in a holy book, but for the Muslim it’s quite different. These rules are not just rules that were applied in the 7th century. Let’s not forget one important thing: Whenever you see a Muslim and ask him about whether Islam is still the same as in Muhammad’s time, they will proudly tell you that Islam never changes and it is the same now as back then. That’s one of the main rules in Islam: It rules in the same way forever, because the Quran says so and it can’t be changed. So if Islam is there, then so are the rulings on homosexuals. They don’t disappear just because you want to feel like victims, together against Trump.

  1. How Muslims view homosexuals

Many apologists in the West will tell you that the majority of Muslims are just like us. By “like us” they mean people in Germany or America or the UK. They don’t want to talk about statistics. They don’t want to hear your saying that most Muslims harshly disapprove of accepting homosexuals. They don’t want you to speak out the fact that Muslims majorly want to criminalize homosexuality. Before I begin, I want to point out that Muslims in America are among the least religious Muslims, and that they are compared to other Muslims much more liberal. For example; Pew research shows us that 52% of Muslims in America are in favor of accepting homosexuals in society. [7] That’s still less than the American general public (63%) and less than Republicans (54%), even though left leaning self-haters will tell you otherwise, but it is by far better than in the Islamic World. [8]  However, even though you might think that Muslims are totally fine with homosexuality if you live in America, the truth proves you wrong.

Let’s see some numbers of the Islamic world. Thanks to Pew Research, we can have quickly an idea of what Muslims think. In the first graphic, we see the opinion of Muslims on specific moral questions. As you can see, the vast majority strictly disapproves of homosexuality:


In the second graphic, it is illustrated even better, and you can see that there are only 3 countries among those surveyed, where 10% of Muslims or slightly more say that homosexuality is morally acceptable. Those countries are Bangladesh, Uganda and Mozambique.


If we come closer to home, we can see some numbers in the West:

A Gallup study from 2009 says that none of 0% of 500 interviewed Muslims think that homosexuality is morally acceptable. In Germany it was 19% of Muslims and in France it looks a bit better. 35% found it acceptable. [11]

A Germany a study by WZB Berlin Social Science Center, conducted in 2013 shows that 60% of Muslims reject homosexuals as friends, while only 10% of Christians gave the same response. See how Christians are “just as bad as Muslims”? Unsurprisingly 45% of Muslims also said that Jews can’t be trusted, 65% said that religious laws are more important than local secular laws and 54% said that the West tries to destroy Islam. Why they live in Germany is a mystery. [12]

A study, conducted by ICM 2016, shows that 52% of Muslims in Britain say homosexuality should be illegal. Only 18% say it should be legal. 30% don’t have an opinion. [13] Every other Muslim in Britain wants to ban and prosecute homosexuality. Can you believe that? We’re talking about a country where Ex-Muslims were condemned by Pride for Islamophobia during the Pride walk. [14]

The opinion of Muslims in the US is by far better as you see, but that’s just the USA. Don’t let it fool you. It’s not just radical Muslims in very backward countries that have such opinions. The majority holds the same view in Western countries, and these numbers prove it. Yet we are told that concerns are just based on partisanship and on an irrational fear: Islamophobia.

  1. Homosexuality in the Islamic world (Compared to the West)

We don’t even have to research much. The UN talked long about LGBT rights in UN countries. In 2008 57 countries signed a statement that opposes LGBT rights. Almost all of them are predominantly Muslim countries, that find their signature on the same statement that North Korea signed. Only 2 Muslim majority or plurality countries supported LGBT rights, while the entire Western World along with South America and several other countries supported it. [15] [16]

If we just have a closer look at those Muslim majority countries, we can see that homosexuality is illegal in almost all Muslim majority countries, in others it is either illegal to propagate it or it is systematically cracked down on. In Turkey for example the LGBT pride parades were cancelled, forbidden or attacked by authorities for multiple reasons, such as disturbing the peace or not being suitable for the public morality. [17] [18] [19] [20]

In 10 countries, homosexuals can be punished to death by either local jurisdictions or federal laws. Those countries are Yemen, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Qatar, Somalia, Sudan, the UAE (Dubai) and Nigeria. The case of Nigeria is very interesting, considering that those who are afraid of “Islamophobia” always want to bring up Christians when Islam is mentioned. Nigeria is split into Northern (Islamic) Nigeria and Southern (Mixed-Majority Christian) Nigeria. The death penalty for homosexuality exists only in its northern Islamic states. Again in the case of Sudan and South Sudan – both separate countries now – homosexuality can be punished with death in Islamic Sudan but not in Christian South Sudan. It’s important to point out that this is about countries where homosexuality CAN be punished with death. In the UAE for example there is no knowledge of the punishment ever being executed, but the ability is there and it is intimidating. [21]

There is so much more that can be said about this very specific topic, but I’ll just stop it here. There are so many more numbers, numerous statistics that can be given, such as that Muslims were in 2006 responsible for ¼ of crimes against homosexuals in Britain despite being less than 5% of the population, but I will just stop it here.


Just by reading this through, just by looking at the impartial sources below or just by dedicating 10 minutes of your time, you can find out that Islam, the Islamic world and the Muslim community are by far the worst when it comes to homosexuality. That is especially true today. We see that the Islamic world is the worst in how it treats homosexuals. We see that Muslims everywhere around the world hate homosexuals, and we see that Muslims in the West are not much better, even though many in the West tell you that people in Islamic countries are just not educated enough. The idea that Muslims will be totally peaceful and “just like you”, when they go to school in Europe, is wrong, and multiple statistics easily prove that. I saw it myself when I grew up in Germany. I was just as homophobic and anti-semitic as the majority of Muslims in Britain. It didn’t just go away because I was in Germany, I made it go away when I renounced my Islamic faith, because my Islamic faith was the one that ORDERED me to hate. The same religion tells the Muslim world to hate, and the vast majority of the Muslim community obeys, as you can see.

So why would any sane homosexual person or any sane advocate attempt to stand up for Islam or the Islamic world? I would answer that question with 3 words: Partisanship, ignorance and naivety. Partisanship because many people just align with Muslims as part of “intersectionality,” among minorities against “the oppressor” whose oppression consists of not allowing you to implement sharia law. Ignorance because many of them don’t know what Muslims actually believe, they don’t know how Islam is different and they don’t know about statistics, because statistics are racist. Naivety because they honestly think that any “minority” is just like them. They believe that they could turn a cannibal from an untouched tribe into their friendly American neighbor after talking to them for 2 hours. You can see how that works for the UK, with 52% of Muslims wanting to ban homosexuality. Whatever the reason, it is counterproductive.

It is not only irrational but it also puts people in danger. By ignoring the danger that Islam and its adherents spread, self-loathing Westerners put homosexuals, women, Jews, Christians and the West in danger. By staying silent you won’t solve the problem. You will close your eyes and cover your ears, but the crash will happen anyway, if you don’t do anything against it. If there are problems in society — and the majority of Muslims wanting to persecute homosexuals is a big one — then those problems need to be talked about. They need to be solved. How are we supposed to fix problems in society? How are we supposed to fix a system if we are not allowed to talk about them because that offends someone? How are we supposed to stop rape if we are not allowed to talk about the rapist due to his ethnic or religious background? We can’t. So, stop defending Islam. If you see problems, criticize them and help to solve them. If you don’t want to solve them (because no one has to) then don’t try to stop and shut down those who want to solve the problem. That won’t make you a hero. It will make you an obstacle. Don’t be an obstacle in the fight to preserve our rights. Stop defending Islam!

Ridvan “Rico” Aydemir

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