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[ March 23, 2018 ]

Terror attack at Travis Air Force Base

[ March 23, 2018 ]

Israeli ministers praise appointment of John Bolton

[ March 23, 2018 ]

French jihadi hostage-taker/murderer killed by security forces, “Allahu akbar, I’ll kill you all” murders three

[ March 23, 2018 ]

Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund takes $400 million stake in Endeavor, one of Hollywood’s biggest...

[ March 23, 2018 ]

UK Police Call for ‘Counter-Terrorism Citizens’ to Report Others Viewing ‘Extremism’

[ March 23, 2018 ]

Jeremy Corbyn revealed as member of a second anti-Semitic Facebook group

[ March 23, 2018 ]

Hostage horror – Devout Muslim ISIS gunman kills butcher, takes eight hostages and shoots cop...

[ March 23, 2018 ]

Children Throughout Norway to Collect Millions Against Israel

[ March 23, 2018 ]

Schweizer: Obama Admin Regulations Helped His Friends

[ March 22, 2018 ]

Trump names John Bolton National Security Adviser, H. R. McMaster is out

What the Democrats want for us: 400 JIHAD ARRESTS IN 8 MONTHS IN UK


In opposing President Trump’s sound immigration policies, the alt-left (Democrats) want the same sustained state of terror for Americans.

This is what the Democrats want for every American.

Dreamers? Dreaming of jihad.

Record 400 arrests for terror-related offences were made in the UK in the year to September – including more than 50 women

  • Number of terror arrests up by more than 50% amid increased threat of attack
  • Surge is partly due to series of arrests following four attacks in UK this year
  • Nearly a third of those arrested, 115 suspects, were charged with offences
  • Comes after alleged plot to attack Downing Street and kill PM emerged

Anti-terror police take down a suspect in east London during the London Bridge attack probe. Figures released today show UK police arrested a record 400 terror suspects in the last year

A Home Office statistical bulletin said: ‘As a result, the number of arrests in the year to 30 September 2017 was the highest since the data collection began.’

Just under a third of those arrested, 115 people, were later charged, with the vast majority of those charged with terrorism-related offences.

More than 200 of those arrested were were released without charge, 60 were released on bail pending further investigation and 11 faced so-called ‘alternative action’.

The increase includes a 77% rise in the number of white suspects held, from 81 to 143.

Earlier this week, a report revealed that counter-terror teams are currently running about 500 live investigations involving 3,000 individuals at any one time, while there is also a wider pool of 20,000 subjects of previous probes.

In a briefing given to the Cabinet on Tuesday, the head of MI5 Andrew Parker revealed that total of nine Islamist terrorist plots have been thwarted in the UK over the past year.

21 arrests were made after the London Bridge attack, a month after the Manchester bombing

Two men appeared in court yesterday after security services said they interrupted an alleged plan to blow up the gates to Downing Street and assassinate Prime Minister Theresa May.

Accusations also emerged yesterday, in a separate case, that an alleged extremist encouraged followers to attack Prince George at his primary school. He too faces court action.

An official report earlier this week found that spies missed crucial opportunities to thwart the Manchester terror attack which cost 22 lives.

UK counter-terrorism officials might have prevented suicide bomber Salman Abedi blowing himself up at a pop concert if intelligence had been given greater priority.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd told the Commons that the jihadist atrocity on May 22, which left adults and children dead, could have been avoided ‘had the cards fallen differently’.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that the ringleader of the Islamist terror gang which brought bloodshed to central London on June 3 was being investigated by MI5 and police for his extremist views.

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