Tariq Ramadan and “The Zionist Plot”


This story has been evolving in the news. By now, three women claiming to be his victims have come forward, accusing Oxford University professor Tariq Ramadan of rape, blackmail, and “sexual violence with great brutality.” Now these charges are being described by Ramadan’s supporters as a  “Zionist plot.” As no details of this so-called “plot” have been revealed, I decided to supply a possible script, a fantastic tale which others are free to use, as long as payment, which I don’t think need be specified here, is provided by Ramadan’s loyal friends in the Arab Gulf.


Well, what did you expect? Of course the charge of rape against Tariq Ramadan could only have been the result of a carefully orchestrated “Zionist plot.” For if it were not, then what could possibly explain such an absurd charge? Does a man who has the smoldering good looks of Tariq Ramadan, or the “Sheik of Araby” as he is admiringly called behind his back in the quads of the Oxford colleges, need to force himself on anyone? Do you really think he doesn’t have admirers galore, including Unbelievers (Professor Ramadan does not discriminate) waiting to show their appreciation by joining him in hotels across Europe, wherever he goes to deliver the glad news, in academical conferences across the Continent, about the peaceful and tolerant Islamic future that is in the offing for all of Europe, something like the convivencia of Islamic Spain but — as  if such were possible — even better. Do you think he lacks for admiring female company, when he returns to his room, after he has explained to a rapt university audience how the European Renaissance owes its origins to the Muslim world? Why, Professor Ramadan, with his silky manner, his liquid brown eyes, has to beat the girls and ladies off with a stick, and he does it, but — as a good Muslim, in the spirit of Qur’an 4:34 — lightly.

Now everyone knows that in Islam there must be four male witnesses for the successful prosecution of a rape charge. To show his good faith, his willingness to compromise, Professor Ramadan is willing to submit to the manmade laws of France, even where they violate the Sharia. That is, if his accuser, or rather his accusers, can each come up with even one male eyewitness to these so-called “rapes,” that will be enough, as far as he is concerned. Professor Ramadan knows he could insist on four male witnesses being found, in accordance with the Sharia, but he doesn’t want to provide fodder for some people — Manuel Valls, Nicolas Sarkozy, Marine Le Pen — who would only use that reasonable request to malign him further, as if simple adherence to the Sharia, the Holy Law of Islam, by a Muslim, were asking for too much.

Why do we conclude that this is all a “Zionist” plot? Well, just look at Professor Ramadan’s main accuser. Henda Ayari used to be a Salafist, but since 2015 she has called herself a “liberal Muslim.” That self-description should fool nobody. She never praises Islam. She only attacks the faith of 1.5  billion people. She’s become a very public apostate. She might have kept silent, wrestling with her own private demons, but she insisted on publicly denouncing Islam with her increasingly hysterical charges. She wrote a book about her supposedly brave struggle against the forces of what she claims is Islamic reaction. Her title says it all: I Chose To Be Free. And she apparently has a special hatred for Professor Ramadan, which is hardly surprising given his eloquent defense of Islam and the umma.

And who has been supporting Henda Ayari? Zionists. Who published her book? Zionists. Who reviewed her book ecstatically? Zionists. Who mentioned her  book favorably on television? Again, Zionists. And what people have been strongest in their enmity to Islam for the past 1400 years, if not the Jews, that is, today’s Zionists? When Mossad agents proposed to her a way to bring Professor Ramadan down, she did not hesitate even for a minute. For there was no other way for the Zionists to deal with Professor Ramadan. His scholarship is impeccable, which is no doubt why he was given a professorship at Oxford, endowed by his many admirers among the more thoughtful rulers in the Arab Gulf.  His presentation of Islam to the Unbelievers was always lucid, convincing, and — can one even use this word innocently any more? — seductive, in the best sense. So the Zionists had to pull him down the only way they could, with specious charges of rape. Here is someone with star quality,  the Arab equivalent of George Clooney, yet we are expected to believe he found it necessary to force himself violently on several women. It makes no sense.

This willing apostate, Henda Ayari, with her personal grievances against Islam, was given her script by the puppet-masters in Tel Aviv,  and told that she would be making her charges against Ramadan when the time was right. Her book, I Chose to be Free, may even have been  ghostwritten by Zionists (some claim Alain Finkielkraut was the ghostwriter) because Ayari’s written French was simply not good enough — linguistically, she’s not in the same league as Tariq Ramadan. The book contains a chapter purporting to describe her rape at the hands of one “Zoubeyr,” an alias, she now claims, for Ramadan. She deliberately did not identify him by his right name, which her handlers told her should only be made public at a later date, when it would have the most effect. Of course, she was perfectly willing to go to his hotel room. She admits it. Everyone agrees on that. But what kind of a woman goes to a hotel room of a man without expecting sex? Far from being raped, it was Henda Ayari, carrying out instructions from her Zionist masters, who became the experienced seducer of a too-naive Professor Ramadan. From first to last, she was the aggressor. She was happy to do it, knowing how what happened in that hotel room could someday be twisted and turned against him. In harming him, she would be harming Islam, which, as a fanatical apostate, just like Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Ibn Warraq, she was determined to do. And there was another consideration. Mossad agents knew that Henda Ayari had another reason for her to become their willing collaborator. It was pointed out to her that she would not only be receiving funds from them, but once she accused Tariq Ramadan of rape, and claimed that the full details of their encounter could be found in her book, sales of I Chose to be Free would skyrocket. She would become a celebrity, a French equivalent of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. And so she now is, a celebrity victim, loving every minute of it while claiming to hate it, and becoming ever wilder in her accusations against Professor Ramadan, whom she now says “choked me so hard that I thought I was going to die.” That phrase was one of several written out for her by Mossad. Another was her claim that “he literally pounced on me like a wild animal.” And if you read the accusations of the two other women — who knows how many others are waiting to be given the go-ahead from Tel Aviv, in a steady deadly stillicide of charges — they sound suspiciously similar, as if all three women were reading from the same prepared script. Should we believe that the famously mild-mannered, soft-spoken Professor Tariq Ramadan suddenly turns into a violent rapist in his hotel room? How much absurdity should we be expected to swallow?

As part of the diabolically clever plot, Harvey Weinstein, a well-known Hollywood Zionist, was enrolled in the scheme.  He had been known for decades of sexual assaults on women. Was there some way that could be put to use for the sake of the Zionists? Mossad agents thought there was. At a certain point, when it was deemed the right moment to go after Tariq Ramadan, one of the Mossad agents assigned to Hollywood got things rolling, meeting and befriending one of Weinstein’s earliest victims, and suggesting that she owed it to herself, and to women everywhere, to publicize his attempted advance from years before. She did so, little suspecting that something else was going on. And after her, another of his victims came forward, and then another, and then another, until 82 women had accused Harvey Weinstein. Sexual abuse by powerful men became a main topic on the Internet, in Europe as in America.

This was the moment Mossad had not just been waiting for, but had thoroughly prepared. In France, a certain Henda Ayari, a “liberal Muslim,” with the media now overflowing with stories about Weinstein and the problem of sexual assaults by prominent men, was prompted to go ahead and accuse the quiet scholar and Oxford professor Tariq Ramadan of violent rape, of behaving “like a wild animal” in a hotel room. Then, a few days after Henda Ayari made her charges, two other Muslim French women, apparently disaffected from Islam, who had years ago been enrolled in the Mossad ranks, were given the sign to make public their own charges against Tariq Ramadan, thereby giving greater credence to Henda Ayari. All three women seemed to be reading from the same script, as perhaps they were. And that is where things stand today. Ramadan has not yet been tried, nor even charged, but in the court of public opinion, he has already been convicted.

Of course Tariq Ramadan, even though he is an Oxford professor, hardly has the resources to fight the Zionists, who have spun such an elaborate web to entangle him. Much as one deplores these people, one has to admire the many elements that went into their scheme. How could such a man as Tariq Ramadan, a scholar happiest when he is among his books, or delivering his lectures, or writing still other books, or preparing still other papers, possibly prevail against such a foe? And the foe is not just Henda Ayari; she has merely been the latest tool of the worldwide league of Zionists. These days, given the overwhelming atmosphere of distrust of Muslims, can any Muslim man get a fair hearing when the accusation is rape? Remember the lynch-mob mentality in the U.K. against British Muslims hysterically accused of forming “grooming gangs”? For a while it seemed as if it was open season on every Muslim, while Islam was being saddled with the blame for a handful of perverted people who could have come from anywhere.

Remember, these Mossad agents and collaborators are people who will do whatever it takes, and however long it takes, to spread their empire from the Nile to the Euphrates. And they have played their cards very well in the attempt to take down Professor Ramadan, and so far, alas, they are succeeding.

It  should come as no surprise that the last brick in the edifice has just been put in place by Mossad. Bernard Godard, who was considered the “Monsieur Islam” of the French Ministry of the Interior between 1997 and 2014, was well acquainted with Mr Ramadan. And given his position, M. Godard must have been in constant friendly contact, sharing information with the Israelis.

Godard has just been interviewed by the French magazine L’Obs. When asked whether he had any knowledge of the rape and sexual assaults supposedly committed by Mr Ramadan, M. Godard, even while denying he had heard any talk of rapes, managed to blacken Tariq Ramadan’s image forever.

This is how M. Godard described Professor Ramadan:

“That he had many mistresses, that he consulted sites, that girls were brought to the hotel at the end of his lectures, that he invited them to undress, that some resisted and that he could become violent and aggressive, yes, but I have never heard of rapes, I am stunned.”

At Mossad headquarters, they must have broken out the champagne.

If you believe in elementary fairness, if you refuse to join the islamophobic chorus of hate we find being whipped up everywhere, don’t be afraid (as too many are) to describe what is happening to this too trusting Oxford scholar. Professor Ramadan’s real crime is that he has been such an incomparable expositor, dignified, lucid, and convincing,  of Islam, and many people want him stopped. And the way they’ve done it is to have him accused of sickening sexual assaults on women, who have their own scores to settle, apparently, with Islam, and who have been expertly maneuvered by their handlers in Mossad. Yes, of course the campaign against Professor Ramadan is a Zionist plot. Don’t be embarrassed to describe it as such. What else, after all, could it be?

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