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[ March 18, 2018 ]

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[ March 18, 2018 ]

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[ March 18, 2018 ]

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[ March 18, 2018 ]

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[ March 18, 2018 ]

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[ March 18, 2018 ]

20-Year-Old Muslim Migrant Charged With Plotting Mass Casualty Jihad-Terror Attack

France: Veiled Muslima and two other Muslim women assault Jewish woman because she was wearing Star of David pendant


In the wake of the slaughter of four Jews in a Paris kosher supermarket by an Islamic jihadist in January 2015, a Parisian Jew said: “In the past year, 7,000 Jews have already left France and after this there will be many thousands more. We are not safe in France any more. There is no future for Jews here in France. We are finished in France.”

In the nearly three years since then, it has only gotten worse.

Europe loves to memorialize dead Jews, even to the point of fetishizing them – it’s live ones that they cannot tolerate. With Muslims now accounting for 10% of France’s population, Jew-hatred is at a fever pitch. It’s war on the Paris streets, and it’s only going to get worse — and not just for the Jews in France, but for all the Jews of Europe. The moratorium of the six million is long over. Europe has reverted back, comfortable again to indulge dark, monstrous impulses.

When I was in Paris back in 2005, the Jewish day schools were chained and fenced like… a prison. And that was before the January 2006 kidnapping, captivity, and torture of a young Jewish man, Ilan Halimi. A group of devout Muslims calling themselves The Barbarians lured Halimi to an apartment where they tied him up in a cellar and tortured him with acid, cigarettes, and knives. Muslims living in that apartment complex heard his screams, but instead of calling the police, they joined in the torture. Police think at least twenty Muslims joined in. Halimi finally died in an ambulance after the leader of this gang of savages dumped him by a railway line and set him on fire.

A French Jew wrote to me: “No one in France can protect the French Jews, who will be massacred one by one. And even with 50,000 officers in front of synagogues, there are over 12 million Muslims in France. If 10% of them go extremist (which is low), there will be a bloodbath in Paris, and that blood will be Jewish.” Again.

The Holocaust, while it was a German initiative, was carried out by every nation in Europe, save for the Danes. There were Dutch Nazis, Polish Nazis, French Nazis, etc. Europe as a continent decided it was a good idea to get rid of the Jews. Researchers at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum have catalogued 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps. That number includes death camps, forced labor camps, POW camps, brothels, and “care” centers in which the Nazis forced pregnant women to have abortions. There were 30,000 slave labor camps; 1,150 Jewish ghettos; 980 concentration camps; 1,000 POW camps; 500 brothels; and thousands of other camps.

Over 42,000 concentration camps? That wasn’t just the Germans.

But in the wake of the Holocaust, Europe rejected nationalism, which was not the problem. American nationalism isn’t evil in itself; nor is nationalism as such. The Nazis weren’t evil because they were nationalists; they were evil because they were genocidal. Yet now it seems that Europe has decided once again to embrace madness and evil as its central unifying characteristic. And so goodbye, Jews.

The French and the rest of Europe will pay dearly for their submission to Islam. It only starts with the Jews — the canary in the coal mine. The horrible irony is that as history continues to repeat itself, this time it won’t be the French rounding up the Jews at Vélodrome d’hiver. No, when the war comes this time, it will be the French who are rounded up by the hostile invaders.

“Report: Jewish mother and son assaulted at French supermarket,” JTA, November 25, 2017:

The alleged perpetrators saw that the victim was Jewish because she was wearing a Star of David pendant.

A veiled woman along with two younger women assaulted a Jewish woman and her teenage son in a supermarket near Toulouse, a watchdog on antisemitism said.

The incident occurred on Tuesday in Carcassonne, a town situated 55 miles southeast of Toulouse, the National Bureau for Vigilance against Antisemitism, or BNVCA, reported Friday. The watchdog characterized the incident as an antisemitic assault.

The alleged perpetrators — which BNVCA wrote may have been a mother and her daughters — saw that the victim, a woman in her 40s, was Jewish because she was wearing a Star of David pendant, the group wrote in an incident report.

The alleged perpetrators deliberately rammed their shopping cart into that of the Jewish mother and her son. The veiled woman and the two younger women accompanying her all slapped the Jewish woman and her son, said BNVCA, which named neither the alleged perpetrators nor the alleged victims in the incident. No one was injured in the incident….

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