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[ March 19, 2018 ]

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Muslim Migrant Unemployment Hits Record Highs in Europe


The idea that the hijrah (muslim immigration) would solve Europe’s labor shortage is as absurd as the policy of multiculturalism and the EU’s sharia-compliant policy of tolerance for the intolerant. The hijrah is draining the teat, and then? #war

Fast facts: 90 Per Cent Of Asylum Seekers In Austria End Up On Welfare

60% of the 50 million Muslims in Europe are living off welfare Taxes – Sheik Khalid Yasin

Migrant Unemployment Hits Record High in Germany

Merkel’s dream of ‘refugees’ replacing the aging German workforce goes up in flames as 2 million immigrants go on the dole.

By Vijeta Uniyal,Truth Revolt, October 9, 2017:

Remember the Progressive claim that ‘refugees’ swarming into Europe will boost the continent’s workforce? “What the refugees bring us is more valuable than gold,” Germany Social Democratic leader politician Martin Schulz assured his countrymen witnessing the migrant stampede.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, too, assured the anxious Germans that a labor market boom was just around the corner.

“Angela Merkel says Germany needs ‘viable solutions’ to integrate refugees into the workforce,” reported the Germany broadcaster Deutsche Welle last year. “Many [refugees] are in integration courses or waiting to get into them,” Merkel said. “I think we will need to show some patience, but must be ready at any time to develop viable solutions.”

More than two years after Merkel fateful decision to open the country’s border to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, Germany still has an aging workforce, but migrants lining up to ease the country’s workforce demands are nowhere to be seen. The migrants, mostly Arab and Muslim man of fighting age, instead heeding the call of the Teutonic workforce, have taken refuge in the fatherland’s generous welfare system.

“More and more foreigners are dependent on the state. In past year, the number of foreigners seeking benefits has gone up by 25 percent,” reported the leading German newspaper Bild Zeitung.

If the latest statistics released by the Germany’s Federal Labor Office are to be trusted, immigrants receiving unemployment benefits have hit record levels. For the first time this number reached almost the 2-million-mark. The figure turns even more staggering if one considers the fact that the total unemployment figure in Germany is currently below 2.5 million, according to the popular German statistical website Statistik-Portal.

German daily Bild Zeitung reported the statistics release by the German Labor Office on Friday:

The number of foreigners receiving unemployment benefits (Hartz-IV) touches the 2-million-mark for the first time in Germany.

According to the Federal Office for Employment, there were 1,997,519 foreigners on the dole by the end of June, making it 406,570 or 25.6 percent more than in mid-2016.

Out of this number 1,49 million are [classified as] employable – that number has gone up by 20,2 percent, and 507,292 were not employable, a rise of 44,7 percent in that category. [Translation by the author].

Not just German politicians, but the mainstream media on both sides of the Atlantic were peddling this false narrative as well. “German Companies See Refugees as Opportunity,” proclaimed the leading German weekly Der Spiegel just weeks before Merkel ordered the opening of the country’s border to over a million refugees in the autumn of 2015.

“Immigrants bring different skills and aptitudes and can transmit those to non-immigrant colleagues,” Huffington Post wrote authoritatively back in 2015. “And workplace diversity can boost productivity.”

“Migrants Offer Hope for Aging German Workforce,” declare the Wall Street Journal in its headline at the height of the European Migrant Crisis that same year. “The wave of migrants now streaming into Germany could be exactly what Europe’s largest economy needs to rejuvenate its graying workforce,” added the U.S. business daily.

The case for mass immigration, as has been made by the Europe’s political class and the media in recent years, was nothing but a pack of lies. The statistics released by the German Labor Office once against raise the curtain on the Europe’s ongoing immigration disaster. But don’t expect the Liberal elite or the media to correct their assumptions in the light of the new damning evidence. Come election season, they will be selling those lies all over again.

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