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[ February 23, 2018 ]

Lonely hearts who met on jailed for “devastating” Islamic bomb and poison attack

[ February 23, 2018 ]

Muslim Cleric: Allah Gathered the Jews in Palestine So That It Would Be Possible to...

[ February 23, 2018 ]

Pamela Geller: Statement on Today’s Social Media Censorship Panel at CPAC

[ February 23, 2018 ]

CPAC Leadership On Same Page with SPLC: Both Falsely Claim Pamela Geller “Bows Out” of...

[ February 23, 2018 ]

Muslim Migrant Medical Student Was Training 7-Year-Old Boy as Islamic State Fighter

[ February 23, 2018 ]

U.S. Lawmakers Speak Out After Being Detained on Temple Mount

[ February 23, 2018 ]

Sheldon Adelson, Republican Mega-Donor, Offers to Help Pay for U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

[ February 22, 2018 ]

CPAC Talking Points Leaked: Instructed Staff to Lie About Stolen Geller Panel

[ February 22, 2018 ]

The Forward Unhinged: “Pro-Trump Russian Twitter Bots Boosted Pamela Geller” #FakeNews

[ February 22, 2018 ]

Bangladesh: Muslim duo targets converts from Islam to Christianity for murder

British jihadi Sally Jones (who threatened my life) is KILLED by US drone strike fleeing ISIS hell


Ding dong, the witch is dead. The notorious Muslim convert Sally Jones threatened my life a number of times. Her husband, Junaid Hussain, was behind a plot to behead me. “Hussain communicated with at least four men in four states, imploring them to initiate attacks or help spread the Islamic State’s message. Mr. Hussain was behind a plot to behead Pamela Geller, the author of a conservative blog. In early 2015, Mr. Hussain began communicating with Usaamah Abdullah Rahim, 26, and gave him instructions to kill Ms. Geller.”

Sally Jones had posted the names, photos, addresses of US soldiers and counter jihadists (including mine).

Read it all in my new book: FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA.

Hussain was killed in an American drone strike. Sally Jones boasted Junaid Hussain was killed by Allah’s greatest enemy and vowed that the “crusaders” would never win. His Muslim convert wife Sally Jones took up where her dead husband left off.


ISIS ‘White Widow’ gets sent to hell

By Yaron Steinbuch, NY post, October 12, 2017: er

The world’s most wanted woman — a former punk rocker who left Britain to join ISIS — has been killed in Syria by a US drone strike, according to a report.

“The Americans zapped her trying to get away from Raqqa. Quite frankly, it’s good riddance,” a British government official told the Sun about Sally Jones, 50, who left the UK in 2013 with her 12-year-old son, JoJo, to join the terror group in Syria.

CIA officials told their British counterparts that a US Air Force Predator drone flown by a pilot in the US killed the pair in June near the border between Syria and Iraq, the paper reported.

But news of the strike has been kept under wraps on both sides of the Atlantic amid fears that JoJo — whose jihadist mom had used him as a human shield — might also have been killed.

US intelligence officials were quoted as saying they could not be 100 percent certain that Jones had been killed because there was no way of recovering any DNA from the site — but that they were “confident” she was dead.

Jones had last been seen alive fleeing the carnage in the group’s de facto capital of Raqqa and heading toward the town of Mayadin on the Syrian border, according to reports.

A convert to Islam from Chatham, Kent, Jones was nicknamed the “White Widow” by the British press after her jihadi hubby Junaid Hussain, whom she met online, was killed by a drone in 2015.

Jones, who was active as an online recruiter, sometimes posted propaganda messages on social media, including a sepia-toned image of herself dressed as a nun pointing a gun toward the camera.

Jones, a major ISIS recruiter of foreign female jihadis, had been designated a high-value target, but sources said her son was not specifically targeted because he was not deemed a combatant.

He is believed to have been brainwashed by ISIS thugs, who gave him lessons in radical Islam, as well as firearms and ­martial arts training, according to the Sun.

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