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[ March 17, 2018 ]

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[ March 17, 2018 ]

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[ March 17, 2018 ]

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[ March 17, 2018 ]

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[ March 17, 2018 ]

Terror-tied group CAIR sues NYPD for removing suspects’ hijabs for mug shots

[ March 17, 2018 ]

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[ March 17, 2018 ]

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[ March 17, 2018 ]

New York City: No criminal charges for Muslim firefighter who threatened to kill colleagues

Bosnian Muslim War Criminal Released, Responsible for Massacres of 3,000 Serbian Civilians


For years, I warned of the catastrophic consequences of President Bill Clinton’s regional Islamic nation-building, aiding and abetting the Bosnian Muslims against the Christian Serbs. Like President Carter backing the Ayatollah Khomeini against the pro-American Shah, the consequences of aiding and abetting Islamic movements are catastrophic. And here is more: on Monday, the Bosnian Muslim war criminal Naser Oric was acquitted of all charges of war crimes — by a Bosnian court.

This is an outrageous miscarriage of justice. There is no doubt whatsoever that Oric led a number of massacres of Serbian civilians in the villages around Srebrenica over several years, killing more than 3,000 people. Some were crucified on trees, burned alive, tortured horribly. He even committed crimes against the Muslims in Srebrenica when he and his cronies controlled the town, but all is forgiven now: if you kill Serbian civilians, the international community doesn’t see it as a crime.

Here is a great documentary made by some Norwegian and Bosnian Muslim film makers about the truth behind Srebrenica. It isn’t pro-Serbian, but the truth is the truth, and anyone with a somewhat open mind can perceive it. It was actually banned by the Swedish state broadcaster SVT for being too controversial:

The enemedia is, of course, not telling the whole story. Here is a story from Radio Free Europe, and here is the BBC’s coverage. Both are atrociously inaccurate and misleading. Here, by contrast, is a Google Translate of an article in Serbian that tells the real story. The first video is in English and discusses the crimes committed by Oric and the victims of the massacres. As always, the Google Translate is a bit rough, but you can get the idea:

(UNDERSTANDING VIDEO AND PHOTO) GENOCIDE ABOUT SERBS IN SREBRENICA: These are the Serbian children killed by the blood of Naser Oric, who is today embarrassedly acquitted!
Bosnia and Herzegovina 10/09/2017. 10: 27h

The death of the boy Slobodan Stojanovic (11) is one of the silent witnesses of crimes committed against the Serbs in Srebrenica. He was found with six outbreaks of the upper jaw and with a broken abdomen in the form of a cross, and his arms were cut off to his elbow. He returned to the village to take his dog he had forgotten when fled from the crib of Naser Oric. The youngest victim of Oric’s crimes is Vladimir Gajic, who was only four years old, Novica Bogicevic fourteen …

General Luis Mackenzie, the first commander of the UN forces in Sarajevo, wrote in July 2005, inter alia, that Muslim forces were leaving Srebrenica, burning Serb villages and killing civilians, that these attacks reached their peak in 1994 and continued in 1995. Serbs were kneeling with knives and axes, slaughtered for trees, wadded with wire, roasted on a spit, children were killed before the eyes of all their mothers!

1 / 10 Foto: Printscreen/Youtube

On June 21, 1992, early morning, a notorious expedition entered the village of Ratkovići and several other hamlets in the surrounding area. Hordu is headed by Naser Oric, personally. They are all in uniform of the Army of BiH. They kill everybody they catch. Pale houses, plundering property.

In an attack on the Serb village of Kravica on Christmas Day on January 7, 1993, 75 Serbs were killed, and the murders continued and later. Oric’s blood donors did not have any mercy towards children: six-year-old boy Aleksandar Dimitrijevic from Skelani and his brother Radisav were killed in cold blood …

Former Army Army Commander Samir Avdic told the war crimes prosecutor that eight Serbs were captured during the attack on the Zalozje village, one of which Oric slaughtered one before, taking his eyes with a knife. “Here, you saw what was done with him. This should be done by every Serb, “said Oric, said the witness. Avdic, who was also convicted for killing four Serbs near Srebrenica. He discovered that Orić was pregnant in Loznica, Rijeka, to take away the golden bracelet, but since he did not succeed in removing it immediately, he cut off her hand, then he was angry and left to die. In such a condition she remained, and nobody was shot at her to shorten her pain.

Milica Dimitrijevic on January 16, 1993 in the attack on Skelani, Srebrenica Muslims, under the command of Naser Oric, killed children – Aleksandar (4) and Radisa (11). The third, and the eldest son Slavish, the doctors managed to save. Milunka Nikolic, from the village of Skelani, spoke about the atrocities of Oric’s soldiers.

“I was in the police station and asked for the children when Milica Dimitrijevic brought in the dead son of Alexander. He was only five years old. His head was crushed, his brain was running through her hands. She left him and returned to her son Radisav (10), who was severely wounded. He was transferred to the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade, but he was not helped. He died, “says Milunko Nikolic, a witness to a terrible event.

Among those who felt the wickedness of the war commander of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is also Cvetko Ristic from the village of Kusici. On the home front, the soldiers led by Oric killed his mother Ivanka, father Novak, sister Ivanka (19) and brother Mić (16). He was then only 14 years old.

Serb children, Predrag and Danka Sekulovic, were killed in the village of Bakic, 13.09. 1992. He was 7 years old and she was 4 years old!

foto: Arhivske fotografije
foto: Arhivske fotografije

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