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Lutheran Theological Seminary Sells Berkeley Campus to Jihad College Led by Hate Preachers


But we can’t speak at Berkeley. Is it any wonder?

GR readers are long familiar with the notorious Zaytuna college. It is a relatively new school; it opened in 2009 as the first “accredited” Muslim four-year college in the US. Now they are buying a campus at Berkeley. Where do these stealth jihadists get that kind of money? No need to answer that.

It was founded by anti-American Islamic anti-semites Dr. Hatem Bazian, Sheik Hamza Yusuf of California and by Imam Zaid Shakir.

Let’s review:

Dr. Hatem Bazian is known as the “most dangerous professor in America.” Bazian uses his class assignments to indoctrinate students to oppose criticism of jihad terror and the brutal sharia. Bazian uses his class assignments to indoctrinate students to oppose criticism of jihad terror and the brutal sharia.

One of the requirements of Bazian’s class, entitled De-Constructing Islamophobia and History of Otherness, is for students to get reactions from “people of color” on ads critical of radical Islam placed by Pamela Geller.

Hatem Bazian [Hatem Ahmad Bazian] is the founder of the anti-Israel organizations Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and American Muslims for Palestine (AMP).

Bazian is a lecturer in the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), where he founded the Center for the Study of Documentation of Islamophobia. He has claimed that pro-Israel advocates are the primary source of Islamophobia in the United States.

Bazian is also the Provost, co-founder and faculty member of Zaytuna College for Muslim Studies (Zaytuna). As a graduate student, he headed the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) at San Francisco State University (SFSU) as well as the Muslim Students Association (MSA) at UC Berkeley.

Bazian is a leader within the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. He declared September 23, 2014 an “International Day of Action” to call for a complete boycott of Israel on campuses across the United States on the eve of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah.

Bazian has linked the “liberation of Palestine” with Muslim theology and has reportedly promoted a verse in the Hadith calling for the murder of Jews to establish the “Islamic State of Palestine.”

Bazian writes prolifically against Israel, publishing his work on his personal website and in other online sites including Mondoweiss and Electronic Intifada. He is the author of an anti-Israel book titled “Palestine … it is something colonial”.

Yusuf endorses sharia governance and frequently appears appears as a guest speaker at events organized by various chapters of the. terror-tied Muslim Brotehrood group  Muslim Students Association of the U.S. and Canada. He has lamented “what happened in the 19th century with the abdication of Islamic Law and the usurpation of its place by Western legal systems.”

They [Americans] were ungrateful for the bounties of Allah, and so Allah caused them to taste fear and hunger. That is one reason and, I would say, that this country is facing a very terrible fate. The reason for that is that this country stands condemned. It stands condemned like Europe stood condemned for what it did. . . . This country [America] unfortunately has a great, a great tribulation coming to it. And much of it is already here, yet people are too to illiterate to read the writing on the wall.

At this same rally, Yusuf lamented that Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind Egyptian cleric convicted of masterminding the 1993 World Trade Center bombing as well as unfulfilled plans to destroy various Manhattan bridges and tunnels, had been “unjustly tried” and “condemned against any standards of justice in any legal system.”

As for his co-founder, Zaid Shakir, he is just as bad. Devout Islamic cleric Zaid Shakir, a frequent guest speaker at CAIR events, tells his Muslim audiences: “Jihad is physically fighting the enemies of Islam to protect and advance the religion of Islam. This is jihad.” Shakir wrote of Israel in July 2006:

The following essay, Islam: Religion or Ideology, was written three weeks ago, before the government of Israel began its brutal, murderous assault on the civilian population of Lebanon, allegedly in response to the capture of two Israeli soldiers by fighters affiliated with the Lebanese Islamic organization, Hizbollah. This latest Israeli campaign only underscores the price the people of the Middle East have paid owing to the triumph of Zionism. That price has been high indeed, and as Lebanon is reduced to bloodstained rubble, the price only escalates.[…] However, in my opinion, the greater price lies in how the triumph of Zionism threatens to transform mainstream Judaism from a religion characterized by the loftiest of moral codes, to one that is willing to sacrifice its morality on the altar of political expediency.
[…]The following is part of an effort by this writer to warn Muslims against allowing the reduction of our religion by similar political imperatives. We should never hope to see the day when, if possessing the requisite firepower, Muslims would visit upon the civilian population of Israel the sort of savage violence we see decimating the innocent civilians of Gaza and Lebanon. 

Islam: Religion or Ideology

And then there’s this chatter on an Islamic forum back in 2006:


I would like to point out that Zaid Shakir is a confirmed wahhabi. Do not purchase or read any books written by the wahhabi Zaid Shakir or listen to any lectures by the wahhabi Zaid Shakir.

Come to Connecticut USA and visit Masjid Al-Islam in New Haven and see for yourself the wahhabi legacy left by Zaid Shakir at this place. He single handedly did a lot to promote wahhabism in the USA and especially Connecticut, and thus far he has not yet recanted any of it.

His wahhabi influenced writings are still published in a local deobandi wahhabi monthly publication titled “Iqraa”.

Zaid Shakir may be trying to “turn a new page” and come off a sufi or something, but he has yet to do work to reverse the wahhabi ideas that he worked hard to spread.

Zaytuna College founders Dr. Hatem Bazian, Imam Zaid Shakir and Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

California: Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary Sells Berkeley Campus to Muslim College

Another Islamic conquest.

Source: Berkeley hills Lutheran campus sold to Muslim college – The Mercury News

BERKELEY — The hilltop campus of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary has been sold to Zaytuna College, a Muslim undergraduate institution.

The sale, which involves about 10.4 acres, was announced Friday by California Lutheran University, which took over Pacific Lutheran in 2014 in what has been variously described as a merger or a friendly acquisition. Pacific Lutheran had occupied the sprawling hilltop property at the top of Marin Avenue since it was founded in 1952. It relocated to downtown Berkeley this year, at 2000 Center St., Suite 200.

Zaytuna College, founded about a decade ago, is currently located at 2401 Le Conte Ave. in the “Holy Hill” neighborhood just north of the UC Berkeley campus.

The purchase will allow Zaytuna, currently the only Muslim liberal arts college in the United States, to expand as it develops a master’s program and seeks to join the Graduate Theological Union, according to a joint news release Friday from California Lutheran and Zaytuna.

“We are delighted that the property is going to another nonprofit, faith-based educational institution,” Cal Lutheran President Chris Kimball said in the news release. “We are also pleased that Zaytuna is committed to preserving the campus and its buildings as neighbors had wanted.”

Pacific Lutheran’s announcement last year that it would move out raised fears among neighbors that the property would be sought by developers, possibly for a residential subdivision. A neighborhood group, Top of Marin Stewardship, formed, and in March sought landmark protection for parts of the property and some of its buildings, including two historic houses — the Dobbins House, now Sawyer Hall, and the Nash House, now Founders Hall; the Chapel of the Cross; the gardens surrounding the Dobbins House; and the decorative Spanish tiles with scenes from Don Quixote de la Mancha on outbuildings of the Nash House.

Some of the fears appeared to have been assuaged, for now.

“I’d describe the moods of the neighbors as elated,” Mardi Sicular-Mertens, vision chairwoman of Top of Marin Stewardship, said in a telephone interview Friday. “I got many emails saying, ‘This is exactly what we were hoping for.’”

A remaining concern is access to the property, which neighborhood residents long enjoyed until Cal Lutheran restricted it for several weeks this year. Initial interactions with representatives of Zaytuna have raised optimism among the neighbors, she said.

“We feel like we reached out with a positive spirit, and we seem to have gotten a friendly and positive response,” Sicular-Mertens said.

Zaytuna official Amna Mirza, in an email Friday, said, “Keeping in mind that the campus will be private property, we intend to work with our neighbors and be accessible to our surrounding community.”

She added, “We are working with Cal Lutheran to safely transfer any religious artifacts, displays and property.”

Zaytuna President Hamza Yusuf, commenting about the sale in the news release, said, “We are humbled and honored by this beautiful display of interreligious cooperation.”

“The Lutheran community built and maintained this lovely campus, and has seen fit to entrust us with its next chapter, and we intend not to disappoint them,” Yusuf said. “We will honor the intentions of its founders, whose expressions of love and excellence in service of the sacred remain manifest across the campus.

“We hope for a continued cooperation with all the great schools on Holy Hill, with special affection for our Lutheran brothers and sisters after this sincere and heartfelt demonstration of trust and solidarity.”

Smooth-talking jihad preachers have bamboozled the locals.

How will the liberals feel when all the Christian symbols – and sentiment – are removed? When neighbors can no longer walk their dogs on or near the campus? Or when devout Muslims descend on campus and disregard local laws, customs and property? Or when the mosque proposal with Islamic call to prayer comes?

The so-called college has only 51 students. Why do they need a $10M college campus (and where did they get the money) for 51 students? via Muslim college in Berkeley buys hilltop campus

Zaytuna currently has 51 undergraduate students spread out among three buildings it owns on Holy Hill, just north of the UC Berkeley campus, according to Amna Mirza, the head of marketing. Zaytuna plans to move its undergraduate program up on the hill by early 2018, she said. That will free up a space for graduate students at the buildings on Holy Hill, she said.

While Mirza did not know the price tag for the property, Pacific Lutheran had put it on the market for $10 million. The property has two mansions built in the 1920s and 1930s, which have gorgeous gardens, dormitories, some other buildings, and views of Tilden Park, San Francisco Bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The radical, sharia-teaching Muslim college recently staged an active-shooter drill for paramedics, Berkeley police and coincidentally invited Berkeleyside newspaper to be there to take video and plenty of photographs that would appear to show Muslims as victims of some sort of attack. 

And Creeping Sharia reader’s might recall these posts on Zaytuna:

In fact, pretty much everything about Zaytuna has been built on both the founder’s and the media-hyped bed of lies. As one American convert to Islam wrote:  ‘Zaytuna College’ and Its Continuing Media Circus

Much coverage of the Zaytuna scheme unquestioningly accepts descriptions of it as “America’s first Islamic college.” That, for example, was how it was described in a September 9, 2010 feature published by, a website and print directory of public colleges, titled “First Muslim College Opens in United States.” The description is inaccurate in that the American Islamic College (AIC) in Chicago was established in 1981 as “a private, not-for-profit, four-year college offering programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies.”

Everything in Zaytuna’s publicity history indicates that it is intended as a religious facility to train preachers and clerics in Hanson’s fundamentalist brand of Islam rather than, as it is portrayed on NPR, as an “Islamic liberal arts college.” Hanson had a long and ugly career as one of the most radical Muslim speakers in the U.S., which he abandoned after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Yet he still advertises his attachment to the Saudi-based cleric Sheikh Abdallah bin Bayyah, who was born in Mauritania in 1935 and is a member of the European Council for Fatwas and Research, headed by the notorious Egyptian-born and Qatar-based fundamentalist cleric Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. Al-Qaradawi, for his part, is distinguished by his fatwas in support of wife-beating and female genital mutilation, as well as Islamist radical positions in general.

Al-Qaradawi has praised bin Bayyah, Hamza Yusuf Hanson’s mentor, and the legal authority to whom Hanson and students at Zaytuna will turn in their teaching of Islamic jurisprudence, as “between Salafism and Sufism.” “Salafism” is a term appropriated from a group of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Muslim reformers who were pro-European and non-jihadist. The term is currently used as a cover for the Wahhabi sect in Saudi Arabia, the most violent, exclusionary, and fundamentalist phenomenon in the history of Sunni Islam, and the inspirer of al-Qaeda. Al-Qaradawi, soon after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, praised Osama bin Laden as “a symbol of the world uprising against American hegemony.”

Zaytuna’s “academic” apparatus, as catalogued on its September 2010 website, details no more than Hanson and his cohort had offered students in the past through his “Zaytuna Institute.” As a college, Zaytuna includes only four faculty members: Hanson; Shakir; UC Berkeley adjunct professor Hatem Bazian, who bears the title of chair for Zaytuna’s “Academic Affairs Committee”; and Abdullah bin Hamid Ali.

Bazian, unlike Hamza Yusuf Hanson, remains an unapologetically radical exponent, perhaps best-known for his 2004 summons to an “intifada” in the United States.

With its few students and skimpy faculty, as well as its lack of all the usual features of a university — such as a campus — why should Zaytuna have been so favored by American media attention? It appears as a novelty, and not a very interesting one, at a moment when discussion of Islam has returned to priority status. How can such an enterprise be needed, considering the plenitude of Middle East studies courses available at America’s existing universities and colleges? The answer seems to be that Zaytuna will presumably vindicate “Sheikh” Hamza Yusuf Hanson’s overweening narcissism while providing a platform for the Islamist ideology of his mentors, bin Bayyah and, by extension, Al-Qaradawi.

The Truth Must be Told

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