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[ March 17, 2018 ]

Jew-hating Muslim student group at UC-Santa Barbara endorse ‘Armed Resistance,’ post threatening photos with AK-47,...

[ March 17, 2018 ]

Muslim students want Florida student expelled for refusing to try a hijab on Hijab Day

[ March 17, 2018 ]

Vienna: 2 Austrians walking their dog brutally, randomly beaten by 30 Muslim migrants

[ March 17, 2018 ]

College of the Holy Cross removes ‘Crusaders’ mascot, submits to “islamophobia” accusations

[ March 17, 2018 ]

Trump’s lawyer calls for Russia probe to be shut down

[ March 17, 2018 ]

AG Sessions FIRES disgraced former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe two days before his scheduled...

[ March 17, 2018 ]

Terror-tied group CAIR sues NYPD for removing suspects’ hijabs for mug shots

[ March 17, 2018 ]

Germany: Mob of Muslim Migrants Terrorizes Small Town Fair, Sexually Harassing Women and Fighting Locals

[ March 17, 2018 ]

Germany: Berlin Teachers Complain of ‘Religious Bullying’ from Muslim Students

[ March 17, 2018 ]

New York City: No criminal charges for Muslim firefighter who threatened to kill colleagues

This Friday morning, 3 terrorist attacks in Europe: Paris, London, Malmö


Three terrorist attacks took place in Europe on Friday morning, but immigration must be accelerated, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said this week, because he is not personally affected by its negative effects, and armed guards permanently protect him against attacks.

Sweden – Malmö

An car filled with explosives was traveling on the E6 motorway in the direction of Lomma near Malmö. It was stopped by police on Friday morning around 3 am. The highway in both directions was closed and the national bomb squad unit was called. Around 8 am, traffic resumed. The driver, a 45-year-old man whose identity has not yet been revealed, was apprehended.

30 hand grenade attacks were documented by Malmö police in August 2015 alone. The grenades originate from the wars in the Balkans and are worth 20 Swedish Kronor on the black market, or $2.5 a piece. In 2017, hundreds of policemen were recruited because of the start of panic among the population, described by the media as “collective hysteria”.

On April 7, 2017, 5 people were killed and 15 were wounded in an attack with a stolen truck against a Department store in Stockholm.


A soldier of Operation Sentinel was assaulted this Friday morning at 6:30 am as he was beginning his patrol at the Chatelet metro station in Paris with a Railroad police team.

A man approached him from behind, and tried to kill him with a knife, a copycat of the Palestinian attacks against Israelis, and shouted Allahu Akbar.

Fortunately, the soldier neutralized the jihadist and he was not injured. Unfortunately, the jihadist surrendered and was not injured either. The criminal unit and anti-terrorism task force took over the investigation.

I have two problems here and I would be guilty not to share them

  1. First of all, and it’s alarming, the aggressor has no criminal record. He has never been involved in any criminal activity, he is not registered in the “fiché S” list of known terrorists, nor in the “Prevention Of Radicalization of Terrorist Suspects” list. And he is not considered an operational target. In short he is a Mohammed John Doe.
  2. My second problem is that the intelligence services knows that in 2008, he was a member of a radical Islamist group. There are so many radical Islamists in France that the government should step up its first and most important duty: to ensure the safety of its citizens, and monitor all these activists. Alas, the French government does not have the will, and alas, the French don’t ask for it.

I regret to say it because I am Jewish with Jewish values, which places human life above all other values, but it’s sad for me to see that the preservation of human life is not the French government top priority, despite the fact that they know that many attacks are going to be committed, causing many death. It saddens me to understand that the French government doesn’t plan to allocate the necessary budget for the efficient protection of its citizen – not total protection, we all know it’s utopic – but at least to closely infiltrate all of the mosques, to track all the “Fiché S” movements, to disarm the no-go zone, and monitor all suspicious islamic activities.

But at the same time, I have great admiration for the French people, who have repeatedly shown in the ballot boxes that they are ready to sacrifice themselves, that they refuse to yield to anger after a terrorist attack, and decided to accept terrorism attacks and death. I am deeply impressed that the French, whatever their political opinion, because this has nothing to do with politics, refuse to ask their government to assume this essential function of making every effort to ensure the preservation of life. The proof ? Not a single massive demonstration by French people demanding that their safety be assured caught my attention. And God knows demonstration is France sport national.


A homemade bomb exploded in a subway car at Parsons Green station in southern London. There are 18 wounded – several people suffered facial burns. The police consider this to be a terrorist attack.

According to the initial assessment, it seems that someone tried to make a pressure cooker bomb of the same type as the Boston Marathon bomb, with chemical components and wires. During the explosion, witnesses said “fireballs” sprang from all sides. A journalist who was in the subway at the time told the Dailymail that a policeman told him that another explosive was discovered, which did not explode and was neutralized by the bomb squad, while witnesses mention the presence of a man with a knife in the same station, a rumor obviously taken seriously by the police, but which does not seem to have any connexion to the explosive attack.

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