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[ March 17, 2018 ]

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[ March 17, 2018 ]

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Albanian Lobby Working On Trump For Kosovo


Dateline, Pristina, Kosovo – 2017: Just when you thought that the war on the encroachment of Islam with its myriad of confusing ethno-religious patchworks would be easier under the Trump Administration, you find that the spigots of lobby money are wide open even under a patriotic government in the United States. The old Albanian hand in US politics is still there and seeking novel ways of making the politicians in Washington serve its agenda. While there is no doubt that there are Islam- and Albania-sympathetic holdovers from the previous administrations (and at the State Department) at work in Washington even under Trump – it is clear that Trump Administration is reserved and cool to the Albanian aggression. This offers a glimmer of hope to the Serbian side – and only just that, because the Serbs have never succeeded in agreeing with each other enough to form their own lobby in Washington.

There have been Albanian lobbyists in America since the 1980’s, men like Vuksan Vuksanaj of Yonkers, NY,  Harry Bajraktari, Bedget Pacoli, Florin Krasniqi, etc. As the article points out, they unite on the big political goals for the Albanian front in the Balkans – in spite of their own internal differences. This has always made Albanians politically far stronger than the Serbs who can never prevent the big picture of their goals from falling apart at the seams due to their internal disagreements. While the Serbs attack each other in the open and make their national interest held hostage to their petty and greedy squabbles – the Albanians always hide their internal divisions and have the presence of mind and the discipline to prevent their problems from fracturing their overall political approach. For example, they can and do close their ranks to present a united front on the big issues, something that the Serbs, their age-old political enemies, cannot – as the record shows.

Time and again, the Serbs have allowed their disunity to dismiss their larger national interest in the global arena of competing interests. This was painfully evident during the criminal regime of Slobodan Milosevic in the 1990’s. However, under the Trump Administration – there is a sufficient number of officials for whom the larger Christian interests in the East do matter; this will dampen down the magnitude of the Albanian political success in the next 4 years.

The biggest question of the moment in the Balkans is: Can the creeping agenda of the Global Jihad be prevented from taking a complete hold of the Albanian political goals?


ALBANIAN LOBBY MOVED MILLIONS FOR TRUMP: Here is what Serbia’s response to the OFFENSIVE at a key moment for KOSOVO

Albanian lobbyists will influence the administration of President Donald Tramp in order to create a favorable solution to the Kosovo problem, and Serbia hopes, above all, to engage in strong diplomatic activity.

It’s no secret that millions who have been coming to Pristina for years to Washington have won over the Clinton, Bush and Obama administration. Donald Tramp, however, could be the president of the United States under which the Kosovo knot will be finally untangled, but the lobbying and financing of Albanian interests will now be greater than ever before. As our paper earlier wrote, the biggest financier of the Albanian goals on the Capitol Hill is, first of all, “the richest Albanian”, Bedget Pacoli, and also the former head of Albanian “Self-determination” movement, Florin Krasniqi, and businessman Harry Bajraktari. Pacoli, whose coalition continues to play a prime position in the Kosovo government, is known for paying lobbyists and meetings that he wanted to use to influence Kosovo’s recognition, as well as (recently) the release of the Albanian ISIS terrorist Ramush Haradinaj from detention in France.

 The Serbian side, however, can not and will not reconcile itself with the situation in which the Albanians play this game.

– Since the time of the final resolution of the Kosovo issue is coming to an end, the Albanian side has taken firm positions, for which at any price it will not budge. We, on the other hand, can not afford such a maximalistic approach. We are left with diplomatic activity and its struggles” a senior Serbian official told Blic.

Obrad Kesic, a political analyst from Washington, explains that it is very difficult to have an insight into the amount of money that comes to Albanian lobbying in the United States.

Funds are definitely coming from Albania, through companies that work for the state, and then financed by Albanian communities in Montenegro, Macedonia … Funds come from Pristina, Kosovo has an embassy in D.C., their activity is high. Finally, the money comes from the growing Albanian community in the United States. Although there is a disagreement among them, they all agree on Kosovo’s independence – says Kesic.

He emphasizes that – although the Tramp administration is not so favorable to Albanian interests as the previous ones – the State Department still has officers who are “sentimentally” attached to the support of Kosovo Albanians.

On the other hand, Serbia has no such financial power. The autumn diplomatic offensive of President Vucic – through multiple bilateral meetings and meeting with President Tramp as a final act – will focus on the finalization of the Kosovo issue.

Yesterday, Blic exclusively announced plans for the Tramp-Vucic meeting in the US, which should take place by the end of the year, but this meeting is just the last in a series that the Serbian president has planned, because before that, Vucic should be in Brussels sitting at table with the new Kosovo government (when and if it is formed).

At the end of September, Vucic’s long-announced meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will take place in Belgrade, and on September 20, Vucic’s meeting with US Vice President Michael Pence will be held on the sidelines of the UN session on Kosovo. Dragan Djukanovic from the Center for Foreign Policy believes it is clear that this “diplomatic offensive” has been caused by a new increased interest in the Kosovo problem, as well as stabilizing the region’s opportunities.

– Kosovo is again high on the agenda of priorities, both of Serbia and globally. There is an intention to further speed up normalization negotiations, achieve a clearer agreement between all parties, and diplomatic efforts will move in that direction. For us it’s about striving for the stabilization of the region, with regard to the normalization of the relations between Belgrade and Pristina.

“Normal Relationship Only After 100 Years”

The signing of the final agreement on normalization and reconciliation between Kosovo and Serbia should include mutual recognition as the only path that will forever put a stop to all misunderstandings, said Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi in an authorial text for the German newspaper “Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung”. In addition, Thaci also writes at the same time that this pace of relations between Serbia and Kosovo could normalize “only perhaps after 100 years”.

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