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[ March 20, 2018 ]

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[ March 19, 2018 ]

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Trump Letting Obama Go Free Is Like America Being ‘A Little Dead’


Barack Obama is a slow-acting virus. His continued visibility and presence in Washington, D.C., is truly disturbing for basic reasons of common sense, in addition to the historically ominous message it sends when a nation’s former executive crosses the proverbial ‘Rubicon’ while shadowing his replacement with such transparent intent. 

Obama’s audacity is so blatantly criminal and openly hostile to our democracy and the peaceful transfer of power, that those obstinately denying the evidence in the media are either complicit in the attempted overthrow of a sitting U.S. president, or simply unwilling to stop it. In either case, America loses, and loses more than its reputation; if Obama succeeds, America may not come back. 

America has never had so many of its own willing to assist in the theft of their birthright. And these ‘useful idiots’ perversely make fun of those who reveal actual proof of Obama’s actions. Their smiling, thinly-disguised public relations campaign for Obama causes most Americans to suppress their natural instinct to question the narrative, in an effort to remain socially comfortable with potentially violent liberal coworkers and neighbors. 

The fear of getting unfriended by liberals who brandish the word “tolerance” like an AR-15 at people with whom they disagree causes many Americans — who should be more vocal — to take the path of least resistance.

Who can blame people for ducking out when facing an irrational tidal wave of blood-thirsty “#NotMyPresident” brownshirts? The post-election riots in Portland, Ore. were so violent, that a pregnant woman was entrapped in her car outside a hospital by rapacious, blood-thirsty Millennials who didn’t get their proverbial “grandma” in the Oval Office.

Getting through a day without being called “evil” for not wanting to undermine a legitimately-elected president, a man who must lead us in the event we are attacked, is a short-sighted victory for the hard-working denizens of America’s office jungle.

In short, America’s court jesters and post-spill cleanup crews have successfully used the entertainment media to make Obama’s criminal actions ‘funny’ and even tiresome to the average consumer.

Sugar is sweet, but so is arsenic, and a little poison is still poison.

Making Trump sound paranoid or looney in the face of actual CIA documents showing that unlawful surveillance was conducted on Trump, and laughing in the face of Executive Orders signed by the ex-president giving the NSA power to share illegally obtained metadata on Trump with other intel agencies, is softening the public to a clear and present danger in their midst. 

“Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean everyone’s not out to get you,” reads an old poster.

Laughing at Trump doesn’t eliminate his massive ballot-box mandate or erase public memory of Obama’s actions. The Roman Empire fell because Emperor Valens granted amnesty to Alaric the Visigoth and allowed he and his men to serve in the Roman Army as payment for their freedom. Alaric said “thank you” by promptly taking the offer, killing the emperor, and burning Rome to the ground.

Obama hasn’t left town, and his willingness to passively affirm leaks by his own former employees, using technology he installed while occupying the White House, reveals potentially sinister intent (which, at the very least, includes trying to make sure Trump’s presidency is stillborn.)

Letting the greatest human security breach in the history of the United States roam free — a man who released high-risk Islamic terrorists from Guantanamo the week he left office — is like deciding to put America in ICU rather than the morgue. Both trajectories are terminal, but one will take a little longer and be more painful for the patient.

121 Gitmo detainees released by Obama returned to terrorism and war against the U.S. 

Obama is still dangerous, and is still hurting America. When will we learn that cornered vipers are the most vicious? Get Obama out of his plush corner, and into the harsh light of day. 

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