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[ March 20, 2018 ]

Justice: Killer-cop Mohamed Noor who shot unarmed pajama clad Justine Damond is charged with MURDER

[ March 20, 2018 ]

Germany’s shameless power play against Israel

[ March 20, 2018 ]

Tennessee: Muslim ISIS supporter arrested for lying on gun application

[ March 20, 2018 ]

Terror-tied CAIR Demands US Senate Block Confirmation of Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State

[ March 20, 2018 ]

Mahmoud Abbas Accused of Anti-Semitism After Slamming U.S. Ambassador to Israel as ‘Son of a...

[ March 20, 2018 ]

UK: Police Dropped Cases Against 20 Telford Muslim Rape Gang Members Because They Were ‘Too...

[ March 20, 2018 ]

Christian Widow, Bereaved Father Show Reality Behind Herdsmen Attacks in Nigeria

[ March 20, 2018 ]

Democratic Congressman Hints At Armed Rebellion Against Trump

[ March 19, 2018 ]

Golden West College: Campus Cops Crack Down on Questions about Islam

[ March 19, 2018 ]

“Palestinian” President Abbas calls U.S. Ambassador Friedman ‘son of a dog’

France: Marine Le Pen’s Campaign Headquarters Firebombed


Unable to argue and win in the information battle-space, leftwingers and jihadis use explosives and violence — that’s the way they work.

Le Pen is the most vocal candidate against Islamization and immigration.

Marine Le Pen’s Front National headquarters targeted by arsonists in Paris

MARINE Le Pen’s Front National headquarters in Paris has been targeted by arsonists with threats to continue “every day until the election”.

By Laura Mowat, The Express, April 13, 2017:

Firefighters rushed to the building in central Paris at around 2:40am this morning when police sources said that the fire was “probably of criminal origin”.

The group “Fighting Xenophobie”- Fighting Racism, has admitted carrying out the attack by throwing Molotov cocktails at the building.

The group’s spokesperson said: “This will continue every day until the election”. The action only destroyed a door and a doormat of the building, which is not far from the l’Elysee. 

Leader of the Front National, Marine Le Pen, was not in the building and said: “I didn’t know anything about it until the authorities contacted me.

The entrance of the building after the attack

Le Pens HQ was vandalised by protestors

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