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[ March 20, 2018 ]

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UK Sharia court: Muslim mother has to get PERMISSION from Islamic clerics to divorce her drug dealer husband


Where are the feminists? And why are these courts operating beyond the reach of British law? Is there no one left in Britain with a spine and a shred of genuine concern for women’s rights?

“The moment a Muslim mother is forced to ask the permission of Islamic clerics in a BRITISH Sharia court to divorce her drug dealer husband,” by Natalie Corner, Daily Mail, March 2, 2017:

As the number of Sharia courts operating behind closed doors – and beyond the reach of British law – continues to grow apace, a new documentary has exposed what really happens during the shadowy proceedings.

There are believed to be 85 Sharia courts in the UK, and last night Channel 4’s Extremely British Muslims aired footage captured inside Birmingham’s Central Mosque as a council dispensed its strict religious form of justice.

Viewers witnessed the struggle of mother-of-four Fatima, 33, as she sought permission to divorce the drug dealer husband she says has emotionally abused her throughout their 14 year marriage.

The Islamic court, which seeks to provide Muslims with resolutions to financial, familial and marital disputes according to the principles of their faith, granted Fatima’s request.

But that she was forced to plead her case at all is in stark contrast to the divorce process for Muslim men, who need only tell their spouse ‘I divorce you’ three times in order to free themselves of a marriage.

Under Islamic law, marriage is a legal bond and social contract between a man and a woman, but the marriages are not binding under UK law.

On Extremely British Muslims, Fatima had to explain exactly why she no longer wants to be with her other half to the three judges, one of whom was the only female Sharia Court judge in the country, Dr Amra Bone.

Fatima wished to be granted a divorce, and claimed she has been a victim of emotional abuse.

‘I’ve been on my own with the children, [with] no support from him and there was emotional abuse,’ she said.

She refused to take him back even after Dr Bone said that her husband was willing to change…..

‘There’s no love or trust and I fear him. I am 100 percent [convinced], there is no looking back’ she explained.

While she waited for an answer she explained that after a couple of months of marriage her husband ‘started to show his true colours’ and things soon spiralled ‘out of control’.

Fatima had gone against her parents’ wishes when she first married him and admitted she regrets rushing into the marriage.

The presiding judge Dr Amra Bone informed Fatima that her marriage has been dissolved and reflected on Fatima’s case.

‘This is a marriage of choice [as opposed to an arranged marriage]. The wife is discovering afterwards, he has been on drugs.

‘We think it’s very important for the family to play a role in finding out what the boy is like before anything happens, and in cases where they’ve already fallen in love it is in fact too late.’

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