Third day of bomb threats force UK schools to evacuate after vow to ‘shoot and behead’ children


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“Third day of bomb threats force UK schools to evacuate after vow to ‘shoot and behead,” By Scott Campbell, The Mirror, 27 May 2016:

At least 27 schools have been forced to evacuate today after bomb and gun threats were made across the UK.

It comes after a week of chaos as a series of anonymous calls warned of bombs in more than 40 schools with the caller claiming “the shrapnel will take children’s heads off”.

Two schools in Kent – Stella Maris Primary and Sandgate Primary – also received calls reporting that a gunman was in the area – but officers declared the warnings a hoax.

Counter terror police are looking into the anonymous calls that threatened pupils with beheadings and shootings.

Read more: Counter terror police probe threats to bomb 40 UK schools

Twitter/Dai Kaminski Bomb threat at Whitchutch High School
There has apparently been a bomb threat at Whitchurch High School

Bomb and gun threats were made at the following UK schools today:

  • Kilmaine Primary School, Bangor
  • Whitchurch High School, Cardiff
  • Earls High School, Halesowen
  • Welling School, Elsa Road
  • Combe Down Primary School, Bath
  • Omagh County Primary School, Omagh
  • Dame Janet Primary Academy School, Ramsgate
  • Bower Grove Primary School, Maidstone
  • Beeston Primary School, Leeds
  • Gusford Primary School, Ipswich
  • Brighton and Hove High School, Brighton
  • Armstrong Primary School, Armagh
  • Gwyrosydd School, Swansea
  • Dovelands Primary School, Leicester
  • Ashton Gate Primary School, Bristol
  • Byker Primary School, Newcastle
  • Ayresome Primary School, Middlesbrough
  • Thornhill School, Sunderland
  • Putnoe Primary School, Bedford
  • Harlyn Primary School, Pinner
  • Highweek Community Primary and Nursery School, Newton Abbott
  • St John’s Primary School, Ayr
  • Towerbank Primary School, Edinburgh
  • Pond Meadow School, Guildford
  • Stella Maris Primary School, Folkestone
  • Sandgate Primary School, Folkestone
  • Hallglen Primary School, Falkirk

If your school has been evacuated and you want to talk to Mirror Online email scott.campbell@trinitymirror.com or call 0207 293 2273

Stella Maris Primary head teacher Tony Holdsworth told Mirror Online the school received a call that “threatened” pupils.

The person who answered the phone said the male caller had “no discernible accent” but did not sound American as with previous calls.

It is not known if the call was recorded.

He said: “We took the police’s advice and brought the children into the school as they conducted a search.”

Footballer Gareth Bale’s former school Whitchurch High in Cardiff is one of those evacuated causing mass disruption to a GCSE English exam.

According to a member of the public, there has been a “bomb threat” and there is a heavy police presence outside the school.

Parent Gary Dawson, 42, from Leeds, said: “These so-called people threatening to harm children are the lowest of the lowest lowdown creatures on the face of the Earth.

“And they cannot intimidate decent people never ever.”

Mum Lynne Dubell, 40, who had to collect her daughter from Harlyn Primary School in Pinner, told Mirror Online she was “scared and worried” after receiving an alert about the incident.

She said: “The message from the school just said there had been a telephone bomb hoax this morning and the afternoon is continuing this morning.

“I collected my daughter though as you don’t want to take that chance.”

Social media users have been voicing their sympathies for the students whose exams have been disrupted by the incident, Wales Online reports.

Chelle Jarvis said: “Poor kids. They’ve done so much prep for their exams.”

Bron Jacques wrote: “I feel bad for those who are sitting their exams for their future and then it’s a disaster now as they are interrupted without reason…”

Google Kilmaine Primary School Bangor
Kilmaine Primary School in Bangor was forced to close

And Anne Pearce added: “Exams are stressful enough,without this. Poor kids.”

Kent Police has been informed of two anonymous calls made to schools in ‎Ramsgate and ‪‎Maidstone in ‎Kent regarding explosive devices.

Officers are currently at Dame Janet Primary Academy School in Ramsgate after an incident was reported at 10.01am.

Pupils and staff initially gathered on the school field following an evacuation of the building by the school while the search is carried out.

Google Earls High School in Halesowen has been evacuated following a bomb scare
Earls High School in Halesowen is among those affected today

The school has now taken the decision to send all pupils home.

Police are also at Bower Grove primary school in Maidstone, after they received a telephone call at 10.15am on Monday 27 May.

Officers are carrying out searches at the scene and pupils have been moved to Westborough Primary School as a precaution.

Kent Police said all children and staff are safe and have been accounted for.

A spokeswoman for the force said: “All of today’s calls are being reviewed in connection with calls that have been received by establishments nationally.”

Worried parents have taken to social media over the “sick” spate of threats.

Rob Halliwell wrote on Facebook: “Obviously you have to ensure the safety for children and staff but these people calling in hoax bomb threats need to be prosecuted when caught. Pathetic childish pranks.

Kelly Marie Whelpdale said: “It’s been all over the media this week. What started off as probably one person doing it has now turned into quite a few people finding it funny. And these people probably have no kids.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 6.43.36 AMScreen Shot 2016-05-28 at 6.43.24 AM


“Dame Janet is five mins away from my daughters school. It has everyone on edge. Sick people.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 6.42.14 AM

Natalie Louise added: “This is just getting completely out of hand now! I hope all will be prosecuted! My sons school was the first that this happened to on Monday and it scared many a parent and child.

“It’s not funny in the slightest! We live in a very scary world right now and this just adds to it.”

In Middlesbrough parents of pupils at Ayresome Primary School were asked to collect their children just before 11am today.

Google Ayresome Primary School
Ayresome Primary School was also evacuated after receiving a call

Emergency services and police were contacted, but the school said as it was half-term the decision was made not to bring the children back and parents were contacted to take their children home.

Officers also swooped on two schools in the North East after bomb threats were made.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 6.41.36 AM


Northumbria Police arrived at Byker Primary School, in Newcastle, and Thornhill School, in Sunderland, after threatening phonecalls were received.

GOOGLE Byker Primary School
Byker Primary School

Officers scoured the buildings but said the calls were being treated as a hoax.

A police spokesman said: “Nationally there has been a high volume of schools that have received hoax bomb threats. Two schools in the area have police at the scene.

“At this time we believe there is no cause for concern and it is being treated as a hoax,

“We take hoaxes extremely seriously. They divert police resources and cause disruption and alarm to the public.”

Welling School in the London Borough of Bexley has also been evacuated after a bomb scare.

The mixed secondary Welling School moved its pupils out of its classrooms because of a hoax call.

Students taking GCSE, AS and A level exams were interrupted but the school has made it clear that they will not be “disadvantaged” by the exam board.

A spokesman from the school said: “A suspicious call was received by Welling School this morning.

Google Welling School in Elsa Road has been evacuated because of a bomb scare
Welling School received a “suspicious call” this morning, according to a spokesman

“As a result, and as a precautionary measure, all students and staff were quickly, calmly and safely evacuated in line with school procedure.

On Monday, thousands of pupils were evacuated in schools from Kent all the way up to Newcastle.

One teacher told Mirror Online that the caller had threatened to shoot pupils and detonate a bomb.

Another school official added that the message was pre-recorded and featured an American voice which looped three times over a minute and a half.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 6.40.24 AM


The caller told a receptionist that “if the school called the police the bomb would be detonated immediately”.

Police were forced to close primaries and secondaries while responding to the threats which have left parents panicked and confused.

It was initially thought that the calls were isolated to a small number of schools in Kent but reports soon emerged of disruption across the country.

Then on Tuesday, a series of suspicious calls forced more to close.

Police Scotland said “a number of schools” in the central area received a telephoned threat today and that two had been closed down.

Canberra Primary in South Lanarkshire was “cordoned off” and pupils were moved to Mossneuk, according to parents.

Separately, children from Carluke Primary in the same area were evacuated to nearby High Mill.

Dave Taylor, who has children at Carluke Primary, described a scene of “concern and panic” in South Lanarkshire.

He told Mirror Online: “When you hear something like that it’s always a worry, especially when there are kids involved.

“No alarm went off at the school. It was just a case of getting everyone out.”

Dave Taylor Photography Carluke primary school bomb threat
Police and fire crews swarmed the scene in South Lanarkshire

A Police Scotland spokesman added: “Police Scotland would like to reassure the public that at present these do not appear to be credible threats, however they are being taken seriously.

“Staff and police are working with local authorities and are currently searching school buildings.

“Some schools as a precautionary measure, have been evacuated. Significant enquiries are underway.”

Perth High School received a “hoax threat” but did not evacuate pupils on the advice of police.

Facebook Police Scotland police statement
Police Scotland police statement

In Co Down in Northern Ireland, pupils and staff were evacuated from a primary school and police are guarding the scene.

Early reports from the scene indicated that it was understood a gas leak in the area close to Bloomfield Primary School, Bangor was the suspected reason for the evacuation.

However, a parent at whose children attend the school said it was “definitely not a gas leak”.

She told Belfast Live: “The parents were taken into the church hall and told by PSNI that the school had received and automated message that there was a bomb.”

Another parent said her husband had arrived to collect the children and he was initially told it was a gas leak.

Google Bloomfield primary school
Bloomfield Primary School in Northern Ireland was among those evacuated

She said: “My husband was told by teachers initially when arriving at the Church that it’s just a gas leak and nothing to worry about.

“He pointed out that there wasn’t one fire brigade at the school or on its way down the carriageway.

“I’m guessing we were being told gas leak to not cause a panic.

“After 15 minutes or so, the police came to the church and spoke to all the parents saying the school received an open call playing a recorded message on a loop saying there is a bomb.”

Bomb alert text message

She added: “The teachers did absolutely brilliantly in evacuating the school safely and efficiently. I can’t speak for all students, but my daughter in P2 was not panicked and her and her friends were happily bouncing about.”

Parents are said to have received a text message shortly after 9.30am that morning to inform them that pupils had been evacuated.

Google Carluke primary school
Pupils at Carluke Primary were moved to a nearby school

They were advised to collect their children from Lisnabreen Presbyterian Church nearby “as soon as possible.”

A Police Service of Northern Ireland spokesman said that the force will liaise with others in the UK to probe if the threats are linked.

Temporary Chief Superintendent Simon Walls said: “PSNI are investigating a series of malicious communications to schools across Northern Ireland today.

“At this stage there is no information to suggest the incidents are terrorist-related, however enquiries continue to establish the facts.

Google Canberra primary school
Canberra Primary School was also affected, police confirmed

“We will liaise with other UK Police services who have received similar calls, to investigate who is responsible and whether these incidents are linked.”

Hundreds of pupils were been evacuated from Milford National School in Limerick after the school received an “automated” message.

In Dublin, students – including children with autism – at Scoil Colmcille were ordered to evacuate.


A source told Independent.ie: “This was a very scary situation for the children involved.

“Thankfully nobody was hurt but this is a very serious issue and will not be taken lightly.”

Ashley Hill Primary School on the Isle of Man was also evacuated.

SWNS Barming Primary School, Maidstone bomb scare - Police have set up an incident centre at The Redstart Inn in North Street
Barming Primary School in Maidstone was among those evacuated

Bomb threats were made at the following schools earlier this week:

  • Canterbury Academy, Kent
  • Barming Primary School, Maidstone
  • Voyager Academy, Peterborough
  • Discover Primary School, Peterborough
  • Wootton Upper School, Bedfordshire
  • Redwood School, Rochdale
  • Oulder Hill School, Rochdale
  • Emsworth Primary School, Emsworth, Hampshire
  • Kingsham Primary School, Chichester
  • Whiteley Primary School, Fareham
  • Rosebrook Primary School, Stockton
  • Cranmere Primary School, Surrey
  • Mayfield Primary School, Cambridge
  • Blacon High School, Cheshire
  • Crabtree Farm Primary School, Nottingham
  • Lindisfarne Middle School, Northumberland
  • Charville Primary School, Middlesex
  • Dafen Community Primary School, Llanelli
  • Pinhoe Primary School, Devon
  • Maldon Primary School, Essex
  • Barnwell School, Stevenage
  • Charlestown Primary School, Cornwall
  • Middleton Primary School, Leeds
  • Ringmer Primary School, East Sussex
  • Caversham Primary School, Reading
  • Devonport High School for Girls, Plymouth
  • Down Hall Primary School, Rayleigh, Essex
  • Ringwood School, Hampshire
  • Oldway Primary School, Devon
  • Devonport High School For Girls, Plymouth
  • Bloomfield Primary School, Bangor
  • Linn Primary School, Antrim
  • Ballysally Primary School, Coleraine
  • Leadhill Primary School, Castlereagh
  • Abbey Primary School, Newtownards
  • Carluke Primary School, South Lanarkshire
  • Canberra Primary School, South Lanarkshire
  • Dunrobin Primary School, North Lanarkshire
  • Donfoot Primary School, Ayr
  • Perth High School, Perth
  • Dumfries High School, Dumfries
  • Bankton Primary School, Livingston
  • Two others in Northern Ireland
  • A “number” of other schools in Scotland across the central belt

On Monday, all the pupils at the Canterbury Academy in Kent were pulled from class, including 240 who were sitting a GCSE English exam.

Police were called to the site and conducted a painstaking search of the buildings, but were unable to find anything.

Parents received a text reading: “We have evacuated the school with police agreement following 3 phone calls regarding an explosive device. Lessons will resume tomorrow.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 6.39.14 AM


One student told Mirror Online: “We thought it was just a regular fire alarm but then we were told it wasn’t a drill and were escorted to the far end of the field and held there while the police conducted a search.

“I don’t feel safe going into school anymore and yet we were expected to carry on our days as if nothing ever happened.”

Charville Primary School in Hayes called in police who swept the building with dogs after pupils were evacuated.

According to Kent Police, Barming Primary school in Maidstone was also closed this morning after an “anonymous phone call”.

Barming Primary School, Maidstone bomb scare - A police car outside the school's North Street entrance
Barming was closed after an “anonymous phone call”

Matthew Manders, from Maidstone, has three children at the school.

He told KentOnline: “I feel terrible, not knowing what is going on and not being kept in the loop.

“My family is my life and I won’t be the only parent rushing back to make sure my family is alright.”

“It is absolutely terrifying. I don’t know why anybody would do something like this.”

Two schools in Peterborough were also evacuated and a road was closed following a bomb threat.

Voyager Academy and Discovery Primary School were cordoned off by police.

SWNS Barming Primary School, Maidstone bomb scare - Police at the cordon
Barming was among 26 schools across Britain evacuated

One student said: Why put a bomb in discovery with children like it makes no sense.

“That really scared me I literally thought a bomb was going to blow up in front of us.”

A mum planning to send her daughter to Voyager said she was now ‘petrified’ to do so.

“This happened at Voyager school in Peterborough,” she said.

“I was there today for a meeting as I’m supposed to be getting my daughter in this school in the next day or two as an In-Year admission. Now I’m petrified.

Canterbury Academy head teacher Phil Karnavas said: “It’s almost certainly a hoax but with what’s happening across Europe I’m not prepared to take that gamble.”

SWNS Canterbury High School in Canterbury, Kent, had to be evacuated after a phone call warning of a bomb
School staff received “repeated” calls about an explosive device
SWNS Canterbury High School in Canterbury, Kent, had to be evacuated after a phone call warning of a bomb
The school was evacuated as a precaution, according to police

He added that secretarial staff received “repeated” calls from an adult male claiming an explosive device was hidden in the school.

Police confirmed that an anonymous call was made at 10.13am and that the school was evacuated as a precaution.

According to reports, Emsworth Primary School in Hampshire has been evacuated with staff and children moved to the nearby Glenwood School as police probe a bomb threat.

Headteacher Kate Fripp told local news website UKNIP: “There has been a security incident at Emsworth Primary School today.

“All children are safe and are at Glenwood School receiving refreshments.

“The police are on the school site and we expect to be allowed back in within the hour.”

This letter was sent to parents of pupils at Downhall Primary School in Rayleigh, Essex
This letter was sent to parents of pupils at Downhall Primary School in Rayleigh, Essex
Geograph Voyager Academy in Peterborough
Voyager Academy in Peterborough was one of the schools evacuated

Two more schools – Whiteley Primary and Kingsham Primary – have had security alerts, according to the website.

Children were also sent home from Wootton Upper School in Bedfordshire, police said.

Meanwhile, pupils at Down Hall Primary School in Rayleigh, Essex, were evacuated from the building following a ‘threatening’ phone call.

One furious mum said she was only told of the evacuation at the end of the school day, when her children returned home clutching a letter from the headteacher.

The letter read: “Dear parents, a threatening call was made to the school this morning and pupils and staff were evacuated as a precaution.

Getty Exams
Hundreds of pupils sitting a GCSE English exam were pulled out of the school (stock photo)

“Police were made aware and attended the school. The call is now being treated as a hoax and is being thoroughly investigated.

“The safety of our children is our number one priority and we take matters such as these very seriously. It would be inappropriate to comment further while that investigation is ongoing.”

The mum, called Karen, claimed her two children were evacuated ‘onto the school fields’ alongside hundreds of other pupils and teachers ‘for hours’ – without her knowledge.

She told the Mirror Online she was shocked to hear about reports of bomb threats to UK schools via social media, adding: “Any security risk, we should have been told at the time.”

Another mum, whose children attend Middleton Primary School in Leeds, also claimed she was not informed of a threat made to the school.

SWNS Canterbury High School in Canterbury, Kent, had to be evacuated after a phone call warning of a bomb
Police were called to Canterbury Academy and conducted a painstaking search

She told us: “I got no notification from the school, I heard through my friend. I initially thought they’d found something, so I rushed there and collected my children.”

The mum, named Marie, said pupils at the school were evacuated on to the playing field until the threat had been investigated – something she only found out later on.

“I’m not going to take my kids back to school until I’m 100 per cent sure nothing is going to happen,” said the panicked care worker.

Mirror Online has attempted to contact Down Hall and Middleton Primary about the claims.

Oulder Hill School and Redwood School in Rochdale were also evacuated today after a call warning of a“suspicious package”.

Stuart Pidgeon, head teacher at Redwood School, said: “A phone call was placed to Redwood school this morning that led staff to believe a suspicious device had been placed within the grounds.

Geograph Canterbury Academy
Canterbury Academy in Kent received a phone call warning of a bomb

“Following a full evacuation of pupils and staff at Redwood and Oulder Hill schools, police and senior staff determined that there was no device and pupils have now returned to class,

“The circumstances behind the phone call will be investigated by Greater Manchester Police as they deem appropriate.”

Cranmere Primary School in Surrey and Blacon High School in Cheshire were also among those evacuated, according to reports.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 6.38.11 AM


A parent at the school told Get Surrey: “We were sent an email and a text from the school saying the school had been evacuated and our children were safe and being taken to Esher High School and to come and collect them.

“There was police everywhere and police at Esher High. We were given our children and asked to go home.

“We are still waiting to hear what happened.”

In Stockton, Rosebrook Primary School has also been put into lockdown.

A post on the school’s Facebook page says: “You may be aware of police presence at school.

Getty Police car
Police are dealing with bomb threats at schools across the country (stock photo)

“We have received a threat to the school but please be assured the children are safe, we are dealing with the incident and the school is on lock down at the moment.”

A spokesperson for the school gave no comment when asked about the threat but many parents commenting on the post are worried at the lack of information provided.

It is understood parents received a text message about the threat.

One parent commented: “Im going to pick my daughter up! Cant just send us a text and expect us to sit at home while our children are in that school!!!”

Another user wrote: “Morning nursery kids have been let out but nobody else is allowed in or out of school now, gates are all locked. No idea what’s happened but they are keeping the kids safe inside.”

Cleveland Police has been contacted for comment.

Hundreds of children were also evacuated from Mayfield Primary School in Cambridge, Pinhoe Primary School in Essex, Maldon Primary School in Essex, Barnwell School in Stevenage and Dafen Community Primary School in Llanelli.

Stay at home mum Hayley Thompson, 24, from Maldon, told Mirror Online she was “scared” after hearing about the bomb hoax calls.

She said: “They’re literally threatening children. It’s got to that level where no-one’s safe.

“As soon as the people get caught they need to go to jail, something needs to be done, because it’s scary.

“If it’s some sick pupil playing jokes I can’t understand why they’d do it to a primary school as well. It just puts so many doubts in your mind – whether it’s a group of people or just children being stupid.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 6.36.54 AM

“It definitely looks more and more like it’s well thought out, but then why primary schools? It’s disgusting.”

Parents of Pinhoe students received a text from the school, reading: “Please can all pupils be collected from their classroom today.

“We will look after those pupils who normally walk home until they can be collected.

“This is a precautionary measure following a malicious phone call to the school. Police are aware.”

Meanwhile Crabtree Farm Primary School in Nottingham “swiftly” contacted police after receiving a call and pupils were evacuated.

Lindisfarne Middle School in Northumberland received a call but police established there was “no cause for concern” and the school was not evacuated.

In February bomb threats were made at six schools in Birmingham, alongside additional threats in Glasgow.

Police in Paris and Sydney were investigating similar incidents.

Edgbaston High School for Girls, where Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai is a pupil, received a call – along with five other schools in Birmingham.

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