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One Out of Two Migrants Go Rogue, “Unaccounted For,” “On the Run”


In a terrible new twist to the invasion horror unfolding in Europe, the migrants are “disappearing.” More than one in two migrants from Camp Shelterschlefe have disappeared, run off. Nobody knows where to.

“Such a high number of people hiding is ‘completely unacceptable.'” Where are they hiding? Could they be connecting with sleeper cells?

Is it any wonder that Europeans are scrambling for guns?

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Translation of this article:

Erding: Where did the 580 refugees go?
They have, so to speak, disappeared. 580 refugees in Erding left Camp Shelterschlefe without registration, according to tz-Informationen. Nobody knows where to.
They say it’s 580 refugees which left a first reception facility without registration. Only 568 asylum seekers were officially recorded and distributed to other reception facilities. That means: More than one in two refugees from the weekend seems to have disappeared. Corresponding information of the Erdinger Anzeiger were confirmed by District Administrator Martin Bayersdorfer. Camp director Heiko Werner said that he could not explain this number. He said that he wasn’t there for two days. But there were further transports without registration. “Maybe that was the case here”.

Is letting everyone out around the clock the correct decision?

For him, the “disappearance” is proof “that is was probably not the right decision to provide an outlet which can be used by everyone around the clock.” Bayerstorfer now demands, “that this practice is put on trail.” Such a high number of people hiding is “completely unacceptable”, he said. The whole concept of the hub is thwarted by that.

Comers should not be detained

Before the opening of the waiting room for asylum, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has spread optimism on this issue. In fact, the law provides no intention to detain the comers. However, they had stated that they would “make it clear that it could have negative consequences if they are caught as illegals.” They said it wouldn’t happen too often.

Many refugees don’t want to be registered at first

Many refugees try to come to Munich by train. The Erdinger Anzeiger (newspaper) learned from a female DB (Deutsche Bahn) employee “that she sells dozens of tickets to refugees every day.”

And this:

Translation of this article:

Title: Refugees disappear from lodging

Short text: Around 700 refugees disappeared from emergency accommodations in Lower Saxony – many of which are not registered. Voices calling for a direct registration by the governmental agencies are getting louder.
Around 700 refugees disappeared from emergency accommodations in Lower Saxony. This is the result of a poll by the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” among the 20 counties and cities. The country had obligated the municipalities to accommodate 4,000 on short notice.

The local authorities suspect that the refugees have traveled to relatives in Germany or other countries. In some cases family members picked up people directly from the shelters. A large part of the missing refugees had not been registered, nor had they applied for asylum. The local authorities point out that they have no authority to hold people.

CDU domestic politician Angelika Jahns critized the current situation. “We need
to know who is staying in Lower Saxony”, she told the newspaper. Jahns demanded
that the refugees should be registered directly after their arrival in Lower Saxony.

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