VIDEO: Muslim Leaders Blame UK Govt for Alan Henning Beheading, ‘Handed Death Sentence’ By Joining US Airstrikes

Among all of the hollow denunciations of the Alan Henning beheading in the Muslim community, nowhere are the Islamic texts and teachings condemned. The media runs with these shallow statements of condemnation as if to say, “You see!” But more to the point — what are they denouncing?

Taqiyya تقية  is a form of religious dissimulation, deception, or a legal dispensation whereby a believing Muslim can deny his faith or commit otherwise illegal or blasphemous acts (lies) while they are in fear or at risk of significant persecution or of being exposed.

Today Islamic supremacists served up more  top of the line deception to advance Islam (taqiyya).

Video: Henning ‘Handed Death Sentence’ By Airstrikes (watch here)


Echoing President Obama, Muslim leaders emphatically state that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam despite their invoking quran, hadth, sira chapter and verse.
They blame US airstrikes:

Shameela Islam-Zulfiqar, who accompanied Henning on his final trip to Syria, looked shell-shocked as she spoke of her “disbelief, shock and horror”.
Speaking on behalf of the Manchester Central Mosque, she said the community was left reeling by his beheading.

“We cannot comprehend that something so terrible can happen to such a wonderful and compassionate human being,” she said. “News of his murder has left us all enraged and distraught. In the face of this atrocity, we all need to stand together as Muslims and non-Muslims. We should not let this divide us.”

Shocked? It’s in the Qur’an. Lee Rigby and Palmira Silva were slaughtered in just the same fashion outside of London in broad daylight.

But her statement was heavily critical of the UK Government for “abandoning” Henning and failing to secure his release.

“By joining the US Air Strikes, we handed Alan and many other Western hostages a death sentence,” it added. (continue reading here)

Yes, of course. The USS Cole, Khobar Towers, the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in NY, the 9/11 attacks, Daniel Pearl. Fort Hood, etc — this is all the US’s fault.

Islam-Zulfiqar would have us do nothing while the global jihad subsumed the rest of the Middle East, Africa and ……. Europe at some point.

Last month, a letter signed by over 100 British Imams and Muslim leaders condemned the Islamic State.

“The despicable threats to Mr Henning at the hands of so-called ‘Muslims’ cannot be justified anywhere in the Koran and the Sunnah (Prophetic traditions),” it read.

“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4)

Humiliation is promised by Allah to the unbelievers: “They have been put under humiliation wherever they are…” (Qur’an 3:112)

We know how blatantly untrue this is. So while jihadists slaughter and conquer in the way of Allah in the Middle East and Africa, stealth jihadists in Western countries obfuscate and dissemble to advance Islam non-militarily (for now).

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 5.48.37 PM
As Robert Spencer pointed out in Hamas-CAIR’s “condemnation” of the Islamic State’s actions where they quoted this:

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The Goal of Jihad: Scholars are in agreement regarding the goal of jihad, because God says: ‘Fight them till there is no sedition, and the religion is for God; then if they desist, there shall be no enmity, save against evildoers.’ (Al-Baqarah, 2: 193). The Prophet further said: ‘I have been ordered to fight people until they say: “There is no god but God”, so whoever says: “There is no god but God” is safe in himself and his wealth except as permitted by law, and his reckoning is with God [21].’ This is the goal of jihad once war has been waged on Muslims.

Robert Spencer noted, “Extraordinary that they would quote that, as it is a call for endless warfare against all who do not profess Islam, and a license for them to be plundered.”

d. The Rules of Conduct of Jihad: The rules of conduct of jihad are summarized in the words of the Prophet Muhammad: ‘Wage war but do not be severe, do not be treacherous, do not mutilate or kill children …[23].’

Mutilate: “‘Abdullah bin Masood found him on the verge of death breathing his las… Ibn Masood then cut off his head and took it to Allah’s Messenger who, on seeing it, began to entertain Allah’s praise: Allahu Akbar.’ (Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum, 267)

Kill children: “It is reported on the authority of Sa’b b. Jaththama that the Prophet of Allah (may peace be upon him), when asked about the women and children of the polytheists being killed during the night raid, said: They are from them.” (Muslim 4321)

“Narrated Atiyyah al-Qurazi: I was among the captives of Banu Qurayza. They (the Companions) examined us, and those who had begun to grow hair (pubes) were killed, and those who had not were not killed. I was among those who had not grown hair. (Sunan Abu Dawood 38:4390) Pubescent boys were thus killed, whether they had been combatants or not.

The Prophet also said on the day of the Conquest of Mecca: ‘Those retreating are not to be killed, nor are the injured to be harmed, and whoever shuts his door is safe [24].’ Similarly, when Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq prepared an army and sent it to the Levant, he said: ‘You will find people who have devoted themselves to monasteries, leave them to their devotions. You will also find others whose heads are seats for devils (i.e. armed deacons [25]), so strike their necks. However, do not kill the old and decrepit, women or children; do not destroy buildings; do not cut down trees or harm livestock without good cause; do not burn or drown palms; do not be treacherous; do not mutilate; do not be cowardly; and do not loot. And truly God will support those who support Him and His Messengers while not seeing Him. Truly, God is Strong, Mighty [26].’

Again: “It is reported on the authority of Sa’b b. Jaththama that the Prophet of Allah (may peace be upon him), when asked about the women and children of the polytheists being killed during the night raid, said: They are from them.” (Muslim 4321)

As for killing prisoners, it is forbidden in Islamic Law. Yet you have killed many prisoners including the 1700 captives at Camp Speicher in Tikrit in June, 2014; the 200 captives at the Sha’er gas field in July, 2014; the 700 captives of the Sha’etat tribe in Deir el-Zor (600 of whom were unarmed civilians); the 250 captives at the Tabqah air base in Al-Raqqah in August, 2014; Kurdish and Lebanese soldiers, and many untold others whom God knows. These are heinous war crimes.

“When an adult male is taken captive, the caliph considers the interests … (of Islam and the Muslims) and decides between the prisoner’s death, slavery, release without paying anything, or ransoming himself in exchange for money or for a Muslim captive held by the enemy.” (‘Umdat al-Salik o9.14)

“As for the captives, the amir has the choice of taking the most beneficial action of four possibilities: the first, to put them to death by cutting their necks; the second, to enslave them and apply the laws of slavery regarding their sale or manumission; the third, to ransom them in exchange for goods or prisoners; and fourth, to show favor to them and pardon them.” (Al-Ahkam As-Sultaniyyah (The Laws of Islamic Governance), 4.5)

If you claim that the Prophet killed some captives in some battles, then the answer is that he only ordered that two captives be killed at the Battle of Badr: Uqbah ibn Abi Mu’ayt and Nadr ibn Al-Harith. They were leaders of war and war criminals, and the execution of war criminals is permissible if the ruler orders it. This is also what Saladin did upon conquering Jerusalem, and what the Allies did during the Nuremberg trials after World War II. As for the tens of thousands of captives that fell under the jurisdiction of the Prophet over a span of ten years and 29 battles, he did not execute a single regular soldier; rather, he entrusted that they be treated with kindness [27]. The Divine Decree regarding captives and prisoners of war is in God’s words: ‘…Thereafter either [set them free] by grace or by ransom …’ (Muhammad, 47: 4). God commanded that captives and prisoners of war be treated with dignity and respect: ‘And they give food, despite [their] love of it to the needy, and the orphan, and the prisoner.’ (Al-Insan, 76: 8). Indeed, the true Sunnah of the Prophet regarding captives is pardon and amnesty, as was demonstrated during the Conquest of Mecca when the Prophet said: ‘I say as my brother Joseph said: “There shall be no reproach on you this day”. Go, for you are free! [28]’

As quoted above, Islamic law clearly allows for the killing of captives if the ruler deems it advantageous for the Muslims.

Finally, one of the most important principles when it comes to the manner of jihad is that only combatants may be killed; their families and non-combatants may not be killed intentionally. If you ask about the instance when the Prophet was asked about bystanders and women being killed with idolaters and he said: ‘They are from them [29]’, this Hadith refers to the killing of innocents by accident and in no way indicates that the intentional killing of innocents—such as in bombings—is permitted. As for God’s words: ‘… and be harsh with them …’ (Al-Tawbah, 9: 73); and: ‘… and let them find harshness in you …’ (Al-Tawbah, 9: 123), this is during war, not after it.

I quoted the “They are from them” hadith twice above. Look at it again. The Open Letter says: “this Hadith refers to the killing of innocents by accident and in no way indicates that the intentional killing of innocents—such as in bombings—is permitted.” But the hadith says that the women and children of the polytheists were being killed during the night raid. They were collateral damage of the raid, just as they today might be collateral damage of a bombing — and Muhammad allows for that. Hamas-linked CAIR, the Fiqh Council and the scholars are here obscuring the plain meaning of the passage.

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