Faked Hate Crime: Kassim Alhimidi Found Guilty in Honor Killing of Wife Shaima Alawadi, Daughter Not Yet Charged

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Shaima and Kassim married in a refugee camp in Saudi Arabia in 1991, according to testimony. She was 11 or 12; he was 28 or 29. They remained there for about six months, then moved to East County, where one of the largest populations of Iraqi immigrants lives.

Kassim Alhimidi was convicted of beating his wife Shaima Alawadi to death yesterday in a San Diego courtroom. It wasn’t just another horrible honor killing. It was much more than one murder, it was another kind of murder. After Shaima Alawadi was brutally beaten to death, the Alawadi family conspired to blame Americans that oppose jihad for her murder.

This was a family affair.

Family members said they had found a note near Alawadi’s body calling them terrorists and telling the family to go back where they came from. They said they had found a similar note at their home weeks earlier, but they didn’t keep it or report it.

The smear merchants, libelous Islamic supremacists and their apologists went into overdrive. The media’s favorite Khomeinist and Iran nuke supporter, Reza Aslan, screamed bloody murder, calling for our heads:

Reza Aslan threat

Reza Aslan was inciting to violence and murder. Like Max Blumenthal incited Glenn Miller to the Jewish Community Center murders.

There were thousands of column inches attacking counter-jihadists. There were Muslim protests, “One Million Hijabs for Shaima Al Awadi.” But no subsequent million hijabs marches against honor killing.

The whole family tried to frame innocent Americans, but most conspicuously was Fatima Alawadi. Watch her performance in this video with KUSI News after her mother was found in a pool of blood.  Watch the whole thing. The fake crying is one thing, but when she addresses the killer and says, “if you were a man you would have come to her face, you wouldn’t go behind her back.” How did she know her mother was struck from behind?

According to testimony of a computer forensics expert, Shaima Alawadi was on her computer when she was attacked. “The 32-year-old mother of five probably knew the person who struck her head over and over, prosecutor Kurt Mechals said in court on April 15,” How did Fatima know she was struck from behind?

The expert testified that blood pattern analysis suggests Alawadi was sitting at a computer when she was first struck. Her name had been typed into the log-in section of Yahoo! and there were at least three characters typed into the password field.

He said broken glass from a sliding door was found for up to 12 feet out on the patio and three feet inside the home. He believes that the direction of force indicates that glass was broken from the inside outwards.

Fatima is complicit. She vigorously advanced the hate crime story. Suspicions arose that it was a hate crime after the daughter told reporters she found a note near her mother telling the family to go back where they came from.

Despite this, the media is still giving pathetically sympathetic coverage to the daughter. The daughter is a now proven liar:

Fatima said one of her younger siblings found that note and the hateful message “angered” Fatima, who told her mother to call 911. However, her mother didn’t want to bring attention to the family, who had just moved into the neighborhood, and decided to put the note away in a drawer.

In the video with KUS1 News, Fatima said she found the note.

Though Fatima testified Friday that she had never been threatened this way in the El Cajon neighborhood before, the defense pressed her, quoting earlier statements she allegedly made, saying ever since they moved into that house they’d gotten racist comments.

So the daughter, too, was trying to frame an innocent American for murder. Isn’t that a crime? Fatima Alawadi should be indicted as well:
Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 11.39.18 AM
Fatima said one of her younger siblings found that note and the hateful message “angered” Fatima, who told her mother to call 911. However, her mother didn’t want to bring attention to the family, who had just moved into the neighborhood, and decided to put the note away in a drawer.
Indict Fatima.
The defense also revealed a transcript of a conversation Fatima allegedly had with a friend in which she said she saw someone other than her dad in the kitchen right after her mother was gravely injured, and that that man was the one who hit her mom.

According to transcript, Fatima also told the friend that this man had hurt her mother before, and that this time he left a note by her head as she lay injured on the kitchen floor of the family’s home.

She also acknowledged telling paramedics that her mother may have argued with someone on the phone right before she was killed.

Source: here

She is a liar.

Fatima’s statements in the court were not believable. For example, Fatima said, “When asked about her father, Fatima agreed with the defense that her father is a good man who would never harm a woman. Despite tension and arguments at home, Fatima said she never once saw Al-Himidi hit or threaten her mother, herself or any of her four younger siblings.” We are supposed to believe a devout Muslim husband goes from never laying a hand on his wife to beating her to death?

The defense also brought up a previous statement Fatima allegedly made, saying she would marry a Muslim man if her were like her father, a nice guy who would never hurt anybody. Previously, the teenager has testified that she argued with her parents because they wanted an arranged marriage for her, and she wasn’t interested.

The teenager, who was with her mother in the Lakeside home at the time of the March 21 attack, called 911 after finding Alawadi unconscious.
When suspicion turned to the daughter, she turned on her father.

In addition, a suspicious text message led police to take a look at the woman’s daughter, who reportedly had a strained relationship with Ms Alawadi.
While police interviewed her after the attack, she got a text message reading: ‘The detective will find out tell them (can’t) talk,’ according to the search warrant affidavit. Read more: Daily Mail

Yesterday, the father was convicted of Shaima Alawadi’s murder. It’s time to indict Fatima. And any other family member involved in this conspiracy to murder.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 11.23.40 AM

“Kassim Alhimidi Found Guilty in Honor Killing of Wife Shaima Alawadi,” David Wood, Answering Muslims, April 18, 2014

SAN DIEGO (CNS/CBS 8) – A jury Thursday found an East County man guilty in the murder of his estranged wife, prompting an outburst by several family members in the courtroom.

Kassim Alhimidi

Kassim Alhimidi, 49, was found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of 32-year-old Shaima Alawadi. He will be sentenced on May 15. He faces 26 years to life in prison.

After the verdict was read several people in the courtroom began shouting, and at least two people were taken out by deputies. Alhimidi was seen repeatedly shook his head, waved his finger and appeared to be praying.

A photocopied note found about eight to 10 feet from the victim read, “This is my country. Go back to yours, terrorist,” leading investigators to initially believe Alawadi’s killing may have been a hate crime.

Prosecutor Kurt Mechals said the defendant, upset that his wife wanted a divorce, killed her by hitting her at least six times in the head with a blunt object as she sat at a computer.

Alhimidi said he was out for a drive when his wife was killed the morning of March 21, 2012, but surveillance video taken from a nearby school showed his van and a dark-clothed person coming and going in the area of the family home on Skyview Drive around the time the victim was attacked, Mechals said.

Alawadi had told relatives she “couldn’t stand” the defendant and had taken out divorce papers, the prosecutor said.

Shaima Alawadi

“The relationship was in the tank. It was bad,” Mechals told the jury.

The couple’s then-17-year-old daughter, Fatima, told police she was upstairs when she heard a “squeal,” then later what sounded like a broken plate downstairs around 11 a.m. the day her mother was attacked. A pane from a sliding glass door had been broken from the inside, Mechals said.

Fatima — who had stayed home from school — thought her mother had fallen, but paramedics first on the scene said blood and other evidence was inconsistent with a fall.

Fatima had been at odds with her Muslim parents for dating a Chaldean, but she had no motive to kill her mother, according to Mechals, who told jurors it was “unreasonable to think she (Fatima) had anything to do with it.”

After his wife was taken to the hospital, Alhimidi asked relatives “what do you think will happen if she wakes up and says I hit her?” Mechals said. (Continue Reading.)

Here’s video of the reading of the verdict and the ensuing chaos (the verdict is read at about 5:00).
San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 – cbs8.com

Now read this from the San Diego Reader: Who beat Shaima Alawadi to death:

According to testimony of a computer forensics expert, Shaima Alawadi was logging on to Yahoo Messenger at 10:41 a.m. on March 21, 2012, when she was attacked.

The 32-year-old mother of five probably knew the person who struck her head over and over, prosecutor Kurt Mechals said in court on April 15, because as a traditional Muslim, she would have been wearing a hijab if a man who wasn’t in her immediate family was visiting.

But Shaima was wearing a short-sleeved dress and, according to the computer expert’s testimony, she may have been attempting to communicate with the young Iraqi man chosen for and rejected by her Westernized 17-year-old daughter, Fatima.

Shaima and that young man, Muslim Alhimidi — the nephew of Shaima’s 49-year-old husband Kassim — had been corresponding via Yahoo for a while, even after Fatima had first accepted and then returned a promise ring to marry him. Shaima saw the young man like a younger brother and liked him, Fatima testified.

Both Muslim and Shaima were suffering in their romances. Muslim wanted to know why Fatima would no longer take his calls from Iraq, according to testimony. Muslim was also allegedly counseling Shaima to reconcile with her husband Kassim, who was sleeping on the living-room floor in the El Cajon house the family had rented several months earlier.

Shaima had found a piece of women’s underwear in her husband’s Nissan Quest minivan and told her daughter about it, according to Fatima’s  testimony.

Who can say if this is Fatima telling yet another lie.

“My mom couldn’t stand [Kassim] and my dad couldn’t stand the fact she couldn’t stand him,” said Fatima in court, asserting that her mother had told her that in confidence. “Every time she wouldn’t sleep with [Kassim], he wouldn’t give her money for her and us.”

Somehow, Muslim knew much of this and he had urged Shaima to reconcile, according to messages between Muslim and Shaima recovered and read by prosecutors.

Her replies were stark: “I don’t love him and I can’t stand him. I can’t take it any more,” she wrote in one message. “If Kassim becomes a prophet I would not go back to how we were before.”

Indeed, much of the family — their children, brothers and sisters, and a nephew — were embroiled in the drama of Kassim and Shaima’s disintegrating marriage, according to testimony.

Fatima rode with Shaima to the El Cajon courthouse where she picked up a packet of divorce papers; the application to the courts to have the filing fees waived was filled out but not dated when the police found them in Shaima’s car.

Fatima and her younger brother Mohammed had been asked by Kassim several times to talk to their mother and convince her to reconcile with him. Kassim had reached out to Shaima’s brother and sister in Texas to try to involve them as well, according to testimony.

But none of those efforts had borne fruit. Instead, the household was rocked by arguments with Shaima yelling and crying while Kassim spoke quietly and withheld the traditional Muslim divorce his wife wanted, which required him to  say, “I divorce you” three times, freeing her for a future in which she could remarry.

Shaima and Kassim married in a refugee camp in Saudi Arabia in 1991, according to testimony. She was 11 or 12; he was 28 or 29. They remained there for about six months, then moved to East County, where one of the largest populations of Iraqi immigrants lives.

After Fatima was born in 1994, the family lived briefly in Michigan, then returned to East County. They had four more children. At the time of Shaima’s death, the family was on welfare, according to testimony. Kassim had had a kidney transplant and earned a little money selling dates. Shaima had started sewing and the supplies cluttered up the master bedroom she no longer shared.

“She wanted to make her own money so she would sew things for ladies from the mosque who would give her money and tell her what they wanted,” Fatima testified.

But the drama between her parents, and her mother’s increasing independence was just one issue in the household.

Fatima had grown up immersed in both her parents’ and Western culture. Handy with a cell phone and a mascara brush, the 17-year-old had fallen in love with a Chaldean Christian youth — a relationship neither family would approve of.

In November 2011, police responded to a complaint from a neighbor: they found Fatima and the youth in his car. Fatima testified they were joking and laughing and being loud, while the police testified they were having sex. Because of her age, the police called Shaima to come and pick her daughter up.

While Fatima testified that her mom only met the youth much later and then only on the phone, the police officer who talked to Shaima that day said Shaima told him they were having trouble with the youth and were thinking about getting a restraining order against him.

On the drive home, Fatima testified, her mother was crying and screaming. She was angry.

“I jumped out of the car in front of the Days Inn,” Fatima testified, estimating the speed at 30 mph. But it wasn’t a suicide attempt, she said.

“When I was jumping out, I put my arm over my head so I wouldn’t die,” she testified. She suffered a head injury but wasn’t clear if it was a concussion or a skull fracture, agreeing to both when the lawyers suggested them.

Shaima ran to her, lying by the curb.

“When she saw she almost lost me, she was sorry she overreacted. I said I was sorry I hurt her,” Fatima testified, saying the experience brought them closer together. No one told Kassim about it, she testified.

At first, Fatima said her relationship with the youth ended by mutual agreement, that it was doomed, though they would always love each other. Fatima ran away from home a number of times — how  many times is unclear, with her friend’s testimony estimating it much higher than Fatima’s.


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