Firefighter: I was attacked by subway-shove suspect in 2003


Why are Islamic supremacists and their leftwing media hacks blaming freedom-loving Americans for this tragedy? Because that is what they do — destroy brave souls fighting against their war on freedom. They lie in wait like serpents looking for any story to exploit for their libel and defamation campaign, and the media does the Goebbels jig. But rational Americans aren't buying it.

More proof of the subway shover's lunacy and the failed mental health system that puts citizens at risk.

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Former firefighter: I was attacked by subway-shove suspect in 2003 NY Post December 31, 2012 (thanks to golem)

He’s just glad he didn’t run into her on a subway platform.

retired FDNY battalion chief yesterday recalled a violent 2003
encounter with accused subway pusher Erika Menendez — in which she
showed what a menace to society she was by ranting like a madwoman and
randomly attacking him outside his Queens home.

“She said, ‘You f–ked my mother!’ ” Daniel Conlisk told The Post yesterday. “She just punched me in the face.”

65, said his heart skipped a beat when he heard news this week that
Menendez had struck again — allegedly pushing helpless commuter Sunando
Sen to his death Thursday in front of a Queens 7 train because she
thought he was Muslim.

CHILLING ECHO: Erika Menendez, accused of pushing Sunando Sen to his death under a 7 train, punched ex-firefighter Daniel Conlisk in an unprovoked attack in 2003.

Michael Hicks
CHILLING ECHO: Erika Menendez, accused of
pushing Sunando Sen to his death under a 7 train, punched ex-firefighter
Daniel Conlisk in an unprovoked attack in 2003.
Daniel Conlisk

Daniel Conlisk
Sunando Sen

Sunando Sen

“It gives me chills that she did this to the other guy,” Conlisk said. “I guess I was lucky.”

former firefighter said he was disposing of trash at about 10 p.m. on
June 20, 2003, near his Ridgewood, Queens, home, when Menendez, whose
boyfriend lived up the block, inexplicably confronted him.

He had no idea who she was, but she seemed to be out of her mind and ranting manically about him sleeping with her mom.

The then-21-year-old suddenly slugged Conlisk.

stunned me. It knocked me back,” he recalled. “She was quick. It was no
little-girl hit. It was a punch, like a guy punch. It was tough.”

Menendez continued to scratch at Conlisk’s face before he managed to return some blows and escape the unprovoked assault.

“Eventually, I had to punch her just to get her off me, to knock her back so I could get back in the door,” he said.

cops arrived, Menendez continued to scream at Conlisk and accused him
of stealing her jewelry while they were in high school — despite the
obvious age difference.

“That’s when they realized she was whacked out,” he recalled. “When she said that, I guess everyone realized it was bull crap.”

said that Menendez was given six months’ probation for the attack and
that he took out an order of protection against her.

“She’s a lot bigger now,” he said after seeing his attacker on television.

was unaware that just two months prior to his beating, Menendez had
been arrested for assaulting an ex-boyfriend in their shared apartment
just up the street.

According to sources, Menendez knocked then-boyfriend John Goelz, now 36, in the face during an argument in April of that year.

addition to those busts, Menendez was picked up for cocaine possession
in Manhattan in 2008 and had three additional sealed arrests since then,
law-enforcement sources said.

Menendez was arrested Saturday
morning and charged with second-degree murder as a hate crime in the
attack on Sen, a Hindu immigrant.

Officials said Menendez believed Sen was a Muslim and attacked as “revenge” for 9/11.

a source told The Post that Menendez had been treated as recently as
two months ago at Bellevue Hospital and had been discharged.

“There are going to be questions about that — what the circumstances
were and what her condition was when they let her go,” the source said.

The attack was the second deadly shoving assault in the subway in just the past month.

UPDATE: Robert Spencer dissects another hate piece in Salon:

Menendez.jpgMenendez: The new face of "Islamophobia"

Wajahat Ali is a former official of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Students Association,
so it is no surprise that he would want to defame and smear those who
are fighting against the global jihad and Islamic supremacism. But in
this piece he sinks to a new low, using a criminal act by an obviously
insane woman — just look at her photo above — to do his smearing.

"Death by brown skin," by Wajahat Ali in Salon, December 31:

Sunando Sen, a 46-year-old Indian immigrant, recently opened
a small copying and printing business in New York City’s Upper West
Side with his
hard-earned savings. Described by friends as “very educated
and “so quiet, so gentle, so nice,” Sen’s American dream ended in
tragedy last Thursday when Erika Mendez [sic] fatally pushed him in
front of an oncoming subway train.

Ali was in such a hurry to get to the meat of his defamation that he
couldn't even be bothered to get the murderer's name right: it's
Menendez, not Mendez. But what does a Muslim Brotherhood-linked Leftist
"journalist" care for accuracy?

Mendez [sic] admitted the hate crime, explaining she “pushed
a Muslim off the train tracks because I hate Hindus and Muslims ever
since 2001 when they put down the twin towers I’ve been beating them

Never mind that Sen was raised Hindu and the 9-11 terrorist attacks
were coordinated by 19 foreign hijackers primarily from Saudi Arabia.

An unbalanced, paranoid mind marinated in our oversaturated
Islamophobic environment is numb to such cultural specifics and
susceptible to conflate anyone appearing “Muslimy” as the “enemy.”

Although Islamophobes did not cause the NYC murder, they contaminate
civil society with their toxic ideological fuel and remain a beacon for
bigots, hate-mongers, and the mentally unhinged, all of whom emerge from
the same diseased infrastructure.

Notice the little weasel's out sentence so that I don't sue him for
libel: "Although Islamophobes did not cause the NYC murder…" But that
is just to set up the Orwellian twist that is the focus of his article
and the anti-"Islamophobia" industry in general: the claim that people
are suspicious of Muslims because of the actions of "bigots,
hate-mongers, and the mentally unhinged," rather than because of the
actions of Islamic jihadists done in the name of Islam, and which
peaceful Muslims are doing nothing of significance to resist or

Even the deranged killer said she hated Muslims because of 9/11,
which probably means that she hated Muslims since 9/11. Muslims
committed the atrocities of 9/11 and justified them by reference to
Islamic texts and teachings, so seeing someone do evil to someone she
thought was a Muslim because of 9/11 should make Muslims who claim to
oppose 9/11 redouble their efforts to stamp out the understanding of
Islam that leads Muslims to murder and otherwise victimize non-Muslims.
Instead, the fact that Wajahat Ali and others point fingers to a
non-existent "Islamophobia industry" shows that they have no interest in
stamping out that view of Islam, but only in stamping out resistance to

This is not to approve of Erica Menendez's crime. It is only to say
that if anyone dislikes Muslims, it is because of the actions of Islamic
jihadists, and they are the ones peaceful Muslims should be fighting
against. The cause of any "Islamophobia" that may really exist is the
daily atrocities committed by Muslims in the name of Islam around the
world. Just today we see a bombing on a bus, a nail bomb at a church, and more. "Islamophobes" don't set those bombs. And Wajahat Ali, although he may never admit it, knows that.

Citizens of this dangerous, fringe minority include
Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, who killed 77 individuals last
summer to punish Europe’s alleged leniency towards Muslims and
multiculturalism. Upon reviewing Breivik’s 1,500 page anti-Muslim
manifesto, which frequently cites notable American Islamophobes,
counter-terrorism expert Marc Sagemen concluded this Islamophobic  rhetoric is “not cost free.”

Same old thing. Wajahat Ali, Nathan Lean
and others must thank Allah daily for Anders Breivik. Without him,
their hit pieces on counter-jihadists would be so much thinner. But it's
rather monstrous that they keep using this murderer to advance the
spurious claim that resistance to jihad leads to murder, while denying
and obfuscating the very real and obvious connection between Islam's
doctrines of hatred and violence and murders around the world.

Anyway, Ali wants you to believe that Breivik's "manifesto" cites
only "notable American Islamophobes," but actually he cited many, many
people, including Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy, and Thomas Jefferson —
who are just three of the many who are never blamed for his murders.
Also swept under the rug is the fact that whether he is sane or not,
Breivik's manifesto is actually quite ideologically incoherent — so far
was he from being a doctrinaire counter-jihadist that he wanted to aid Hamas and ally with jihad groups. I am no more responsible for Breivik than the Beatles are for Charles Manson.

The cost of such hate is mostly borne by members of the
AMEMSA (Arab Middle Eastern Muslim South Asian) communities, however the
tainted profit is collected by bloggers Pamela Geller and Robert
Spencer, co-founders of the “hate group” Stop Islamization of America (SIOA), part of the lucrative  “Islamophobia network” subsidized by inciting fear-mongering and misinformation against Muslims.

Ali here repeats the Big Lie that there is a well-funded "Islamphobia
network." The claim rests on a Center for American Progress report that
conflates money received by "Islamophobic" organizations over a period
of ten years to give the impression of a huge sum funding some
coordinated machine — when in fact the aggregate amount was less than the budget of the Center for American Progress for one single year, and was spread among seven quite disparate organizations.

The reality is that this claim of Ali is just more projection: in
reality the well-funded and coordinated machine, all working from the
same talking points, is that of Islamic supremacists working to
intimidate Americans away from resisting jihad aggression. The SPLC,
with its spurious "hate-group" designation for numerous conservative
groups that go against politically correct dogmas, is one of the most well-heeled cogs
of this machine. Those of us who are fighting against this and trying
to defend freedom are a tiny group of individuals who are always
struggling for adequate funding for our efforts.

And the Islamic supremacists need that machine, because they are
engaged in a massive endeavor to obscure the truth. That is always a
tough thing to do, as reality keeps breaking through. Every time a
Muslim kills in the name of Islam, which is pretty much every day
somewhere in the world, their claim that people are suspicious of Islam
because of "Islamophobia" is shown up. They need to buy more fawning
media coverage to paper over the unwelcome truths.

SIOA claims that
it is a “human rights organization dedicated to freedom of speech,
religious liberty, and individual rights; no special rights for special
classes.” However, the Anti Defamation League reviewed SIOA’s activities
and concluded SIOA “promotes a conspiratorial anti-Muslim agenda under
the guise of fighting radical Islam. The group seeks to rouse public
fears by consistently vilifying the Islamic faith and asserting the
existence of an Islamic conspiracy to destroy ‘American’ values.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated in its own words, according to a captured internal document, to "eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within." What does that make the ADL? Just another in a long line of dupes.

In the fall, SIOA purchased inflammatory anti-Muslim ads
that continue to appear in New York City and Washington D.C. metro
stations and buses.  One ad reads: “In any war between the civilized man
and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel, Defeat
jihad,” suggesting all Muslims are savages. Another ad features a
picture of the World Trade Center towers burning next to two Quran

The quoted ad only suggests that "all Muslims are savages" if all
Muslims support the bloody jihad against Israeli civilians like the
Fogel family, murdered in their beds by Islamic jihadists whose deed was
then celebrated in Gaza. I expect Wajahat Ali does support that jihad,
but for him and other Islamic supremacist writers in the U.S. to suggest
that all Muslims do is more than a little…"Islamophobic."
Doesn't the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims reject jihad violence, as
we are constantly told?

In light of SIOA’s recent propaganda in NYC subway stations,
it is not far-fetched to wonder if Mendez’s [sic] hate toward Sen was
in some way influenced by these ads.

Yes, it is. The ads aren't actually up now, and Menendez never
mentioned them. She mentioned 9/11 only. But Ali wants you to forget

After news broke of Sen’s murder, Robert Spencer tweeted what sounded like a justification
for senseless, anti-Muslim hate crimes: “If Muslims would stop doing
evil in name of Islam and jihad, no one would respond with evil to

It takes a particularly brazen disregard for truth to characterize
something I called "evil" as a justification for that action, but again,
when have Islamic supremacists ever had any regard for truth or
accuracy? What I obviously meant here was what I have said many times
before: any negative view of Islam that actually exists is the result of
jihadists' actions and the lies and obfuscations, rather than an honest
grappling with the problems posed by Islam's violent teachings, of
people like Wajahat Ali — not because of "Islamophobes."

This is typical rhetoric from Spencer, a hack whose writings
are so toxic they reverberate globally and damage both national
security and our relationship with Muslim communities abroad.

Ah yes, the sweep of my Zionist black arts is truly global! Look on,
ye cowardly Islamic supremacists, and fear! Anyway, I'd like to see
Wajahat Ali present some evidence that my writings "damage both national
security and our relationship with Muslim communities abroad," but he
won't, because he can't, because there isn't any.

Before her death, Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Benazhir Bhutto name-checked
Spencer in her biography as an individual who “uses the Internet to
spread misinformation and hatred of Islam…he presents a skewed,
one-sided, and inflammatory story that only helps sow the seeds of
civilizational conflict.”

Ali doesn't bother to tell you that Bhutto in that passage attributed to me a quote that was actually by Ibn Warraq, so careful was she (like Ali himself) for the facts. Much more importantly, Ali doesn't tell you that Bhutto covertly armed and funded the Taliban
— casting serious doubts upon her reputation as a saintly moderate and
making it understandable why she would oppose counter-jihadists.

Spencer’s blog “Jihad Watch” was cited more than 162 times in mass murderer Breivik’s manifesto.  Spencer has published the writings of Serge Trifovic, one
of the leaders of the Bosnian Serbs during the ethnic cleansing of
Bosnian Muslims. Spencer believes the neo-Nazi group English Defense
League “deserves the support of all free people.”

Re Breivik, see above. Re Trifkovic, actually he was never a "leader of the Bosnian Serbs."
Re the EDL, it is so far from being a neo-Nazi organization that it is
forthrightly and strongly pro-Israel — pro-Israel neo-Nazis are a
recent invention of the Leftist and Islamic supremacist propaganda
machine against freedom fighters. Frequently targeted for infiltration
by Leftists bent on discrediting it by being photographed making the
Nazi salute and the like, the EDL in reality expels anyone from its ranks
who advocates any kind of racial supremacism or fascism.

Spencer’s colleague in hate, Pam Geller, who never met an
anti-Muslim conspiracy theory she didn’t immediately publish as fact,
believes “devout Muslims should be prohibited from military service. Would Patton have recruited Nazis into his army?”

Geller was referring to devout Muslims like Major Nidal Hasan, who
passed out Qur'ans and then murdered thirteen Americans at Fort Hood
while shouting "Allahu akbar," and Pfc. Naser Abdo, who was intent on imitating him. Does Wajahat Ali want devout Muslims like those two men in the military? If not, how does he propose they be screened out?

She also thinks President Obama is a Muslim,

The link goes to a Geller article discussing Obama's Muslim
background and how Obama's presidency has "helped foster America's
submission to Islam." She never says Obama is a Muslim. But again: what
care Islamic supremacist propagandists for truth?

illegitimate son of Malcolm X who once went to Pakistan for drugs and jihad,

Refuted here.

and that the Arabic language is a spearhead for anti-Americanism.

That claim actually comes from a quote from Mark Steyn, but what cares Wajahat Ali for truth? Anyway, Arabic instruction and Islamic indoctrination do all too often go together: see here for a firsthand account.

She believes stealth jihadists have infiltrated Disneyland because employees wear headscarves to work.

Ali's link doesn't go to a page that mentions Disney, but what do pseudo-journalists care for accuracy? Here
is the correct link. Geller's point is not that they wear hijabs to
work, but that they want to force Disney to alter its fifty-year-old
dress code to accommodate Islamic law. Wherever Islamic law and American
custom and practice conflict, they expect the latter to give way —
that is the stealth jihad, that is Islamic supremacism. But since
Wajahat Ali is part of this program, of course he would want to
obfuscate it.

Like Spencer, Pamela Geller once strongly endorsed the English Defense League writing, “I share the EDL’s goals… We need to encourage rational, reasonable groups that oppose the Islamisation of the West.”

Re the EDL, see above.

In a perfect world, these rantings would be amusing fodder for an amateur comic.  However, when over 60% of Americans say they do not know a Muslim
and Islam has its lowest favorability rating ever, extremists like
Geller and Spencer disproportionately inform and influence the nation’s
conversation and perceptions about Islam and Muslims.

I am flattered at your enormous overestimation of our evil Zionist
powers, Wajahat, but most people in America have never heard of Pamela
Geller or me. They have heard, however, of the Muslims who keep blowing
things up in the name of Islam. They're your problem, not us. As long as
they keep acting, Islam will keep on having a low favorability rating.

According to a new quantitive analysis
published by the American Sociological Review, sociologist Christopher
Bail mentions Stop Islamization of America as one of the “angry and
fearful fringe organizations” that “not only exerted powerful influence
on media discourse about Muslims in the aftermath of the September 11th
attacks, but ultimately became some of the most influential mainstream
groups in the field. By 2008, these fringe organizations not only
permeated the mainstream but also forged vast social networks that
consolidated their capacity to create cultural change.”

Pure projection. The media has done its best to ignore and obfuscate the root causes within Islam of jihad violence and Islamic supremacism. The Society of Professional Journalists even has policies in place to that effect.

These Islamophobic memes do not exist in a victimless vacuum. There is a cost to such dissemination of hate.

In 2012, The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reported a 300 percent increase in anti-Muslim hate groups.

Yeah, and they arrived at this figure by counting anti-jihad websites
like this one and others as "anti-Muslim hate groups," often to
ludicrous effect: Pamela Geller alone, with Atlas Shrugs and the AFDI
and SIOA websites and Facebook pages, is listed as five separate "hate
groups." But as long as the money keeps rolling in, the SPLC doesn't

In 2010, the FBI reported unprecedented 50 percent rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes, with 160 reported cases. In 2011, the number dipped slightly to 157.

160 cases? 157 cases? In a nation of 300 million people? Why,
"Islamophobia" is rampant! Pandemic! All genuine bigotry and
victimization of innocent people is absolutely unacceptable, but in
fact, Muslims are rarely its victims. FBI statistics show that there is no "Islamophobia." Contrary to media emphases and preoccupations, many "anti-Muslim hate crimes" have been faked by Muslims, and Jews are eight times more likely than Muslims to be the victims of hate attacks.

SPLC mentions the 2010 Ground Zero Mosque debate as the key
driver for the recent surge in anti-Muslim sentiment. The controversy
and subsequent protests against the Park 51 community center, which is
neither a mosque nor at Ground Zero, was directly manufactured and
orchestrated by Pamela Geller and SIOA….

What cares Wajahat Ali for truth? Actually, it most certainly is a mosque and nothing else, and it is at Ground Zero.

Then Ali retails a list of crimes and evils he ascribes to "Islamophobia," and follows that with this:

Nearly 31 states have introduced an anti-sharia bill, which is about as necessary as a bill banning big-foot or unicorns.

Then why bother opposing it, as Islamic supremacist groups do with such energy?

Yet, 6 states have passed it (Louisiana, Arizona, Tennessee,
Kansas, South Dakota, Oklahoma.) The author of the bill is attorney
David Yerushalmi, who serves as counsel to none other than Pamela

In Ali's perfect world, Pamela Geller would have no legal counsel, or
any right to free speech. Nor would any other critic of the global
jihad and Islamic supremacism. As we see from what he follows with after
retailing more evils:

In America, there exists space for legitimate criticism,
debate, and discussion about  religion, race, and ethnicity. But we must
finally confront ourselves and ask how do we, as a society, benefit
from hysteria, fear and scapegoating? What do these Islamophobes inspire
except division and lucrative, personal paychecks?

I think it almost certain that Wajahat Ali makes more than I do, as
do other Islamic supremacists like Imam Rauf and Reza Aslan with their
lucrative five-figure speaking fees, but never mind. The key here is
that Ali is (again) lying. He says that "there exists space for
legitimate criticism, debate, and discussion about religion, race, and
ethnicity," but there is no one who has ever expressed any criticism of
jihad and Islamic supremacism that he supports. He wants to destroy any
and all who raise any such criticism.

Yes, we give the KKK a freedom to speak their nonsense, but
we as citizens and as a nation have disempowered them, denied them a
mainstream platform and silenced their megaphone.

The question now at hand is how many Sens and Sodhis will it take to
expose these fringe Islamophobic voices, marginalize them, and move
onward, together, as they slither in shame and eventually drown in their
own irrelevance.

Ali's problem here is that his Muslim Brotherhood-linked MSA and
allied groups are much closer to the KKK in spirit and vision than
anything Pamela Geller or I do in defense of the freedom of speech, the
freedom of conscience, and equality of rights for all. If he and his
friends succeed in silencing us and other critics of jihad and Sharia,
and they continue to spread in the West, those freedoms will eventually
disappear — and not a few among today's enlightened liberals, like the
editors of Salon, will look back at how they aided and abetted this
descent into darkness, and wish bitterly that they had it all to do over

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