O’Reilly washes Ground Zero radical Rauf


Bull O'Reilly had Ground Zero mosque radical imam Rauf on for a full segment to shill his deceptive narrative in his latest book. Rauf claims here to have lost "at least" sixty Muslims on 911. Only the Muslims separate out the Muslim dead from the rest (and that number of Muslims goes from 19 to 300). No other group points to the number of Christians or Jews, etc., who were killed on 911.

Bull O'Reilly promised to pick up a hammer and help the imam build his Islamic center if Rauf "condemned terrorism." What Bull neglected to qualify was Rauf's definition of "terrorism." In Islam, terrorists are those who defend themselves against Islam. Under Islam, the definition of "terrorism" is resistance to Islam.

Bull neglected to query how Rauf could claim to want to build a multi-faith center since, under Islam, non-believers are prohibited from praying in a mosque except when invited for dawah (proselytizing). Rauf says "we have to fight against the extremists in all of our faith traditions." This is patently dishonest and deceptive. Rauf is trying to deflect attention away from the fact that only Muslim "extremists" are killing other people because of their faith. Christian and Jewish "extremists" — i.e. those who are devout the way Islamic jihadists are devout Muslims — aren't committing violence in their name of their religion. Only Muslims are. Rauf and other Islamic supremacists hope you don't notice that his call to fight against "extremism" is really a diversion of attention away from the only "extremists" who are violent.

Bull O'Reilly never addressed Rauf's idea of "peace" or any of these comments:

"In a true peace it is impossible that a purely Jewish state of Palestine can endure. . . . In a true peace, Israel will, in our lifetimes, become one more Arab[Muslim]  country, with a Jewish minority"

Ground Zero Mega Mosque Imam Rauf raised no objections to official calls for suicide bombing in America and Israel

In this audio, Rauf says:

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf: "We tend to forget, in the West, that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al Qaida has on its hands of innocent non Muslims. You may remember that the US-led sanctions against Iraq led to the death of over half a million Iraqi children. This has been documented by the United Nations. And when Madeleine Albright, who has become a friend of mine over the last couple of years, when she was Secretary of State and was asked whether this was worth it, said it was worth it.

No mention of the 270 million victims of over a millennium of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilation and enslavement. No mention of the recent slaughter by Muslims of Christians, Hindus, Jews, non-believers in Indonesia, Thailand, Ethiopia, Somalia, the Philippines, Lebanon, Israel, Russia, China, Egypt, Nigeria, Iraq……………. no candor, no criticism of Islam.

Imam Feisal: "The West needs to begin to see themselves through the eyes of the Arab and Muslim world, and when you do you will see the predicament that exists within the Muslim community."

On the question of reforming Islam and expunging the texts of the threat doctrine and mandated violence and conquest:

Imam Feisal: On the issue of the reformation, in terms of what is again intended by it, Islam does not need a reformation. 

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf: "So men will say: women, you know, they're emotional, ….. whatever, whatever, and women will say: men, they're brutes, insensitive, etcetera, and you have the beginning of a gender conflict. If gender is not what distinguishes us we'll look at skin colouring and say: n#####s or whities, or whatever"

Reverend Al Sharpton was unavailable for comment. Too busy endorsing the Islamic supremacist mosque. Rest assured, the tolerant Imam Rauf will not suffer as Dr. Laura did (and she was making a "word" point, Rauf is using it).

Imam Feisal: And when we observe terrorism, whether it was done by the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka or by al Qaida or whoever is behind the bombings in London or those in Madrid.

Note: when he said this about the London and Madrid bombings, that was five days after the London attacks and over a year after Madrid. It was common knowledge who the perps were at that time.

IMAM FEISAL ABDUL RAUF: That's a very common question. In fact, just about two months ago I was interviewed by Barbara Walters, who is doing a special on heaven and she's interviewed suicide bombers who are expecting the embraces of 72 virgins in paradise, and she asked me do women get the same privilege as well, and I answered her telling her: well, the Koran says you shall have whatever your heart desires

And the Imam is conspiracy theorist — 911 was an inside job:

How many of you have seen the documentary: Fahrenheit 911? The vast majority – at least half here. Do you remember the scene of the Iraqi woman whose house was bombed and she was just screaming, "What have they done." Now, I don't know, you don't know Arabic but in Arabic it was extremely powerful. Her house was gone. Her husband, I think, was killed. What wrong did he do? I found myself weeping when I watched that scene and I imagined myself if I were a 15-year old nephew of this deceased man, what would I have felt?
Collateral damage is a nice thing to put on a paper but when the collateral damage is your own uncle or cousin, what passions do these arouse? How do you negotiate? How do you tell people whose homes have been destroyed, whose lives have been destroyed, that this does not justify your actions of terrorism. It's hard. Yes, it is true that it does not justify the acts of bombing innocent civilians, that does not solve the problem, but after 50 years of, in many cases, oppression, of US support of authoritarian regimes that have violated human rights in the most heinous of ways, how else do people get attention?

And while Imam Faisal speaks of tolerance and so forth, he commiserates with worst extremists and inciters to genocide: 

IMAM FEISAL ABDUL RAUF: The broader community is in fact criticising and condemning actions of terrorism that are being done in the name of Islam. I just came from a conference in Jordan, Amman where there were over 170 leading Muslim scholars from almost every part of the Muslim world, including some of the most important names like Sheikh Tantawi of Egypt, Sheikh Ali Gomaa, who is the Chief Mufti of Egypt, the Chief Mufti of Jordan, the Sheikh Al-Qaradawi, who is a very very well known Islamic jurist, highly regarded all over the Muslim world.

MAS/ICNA Qatar cleric Yusuf Qaradawi in the UK : 'Give terrorists Apache helicopters so they won't have to blow themselves up'

In December of 2009, The New York Times ran this. Imam Rauf said:

"New York is the capital of the world, and this location close to 9/11 is iconic,"

The building has no sign that hints at its use as a Muslim prayer space, but these modest beginnings point to a far grander vision: an Islamic center near the city’s most hallowed piece of land that would stand as one of ground zero’s more unexpected and striking neighbors.

The location was precisely a key selling point for the group of Muslims who bought the building in July. A presence so close to the World Trade Center, “where a piece of the wreckage fell,” said Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the cleric leading the project, “sends the opposite statement to what happened on 9/11.”

Rauf is a "prominent figure" in "The Perdana Organization." They funded the genocidal Jew-hating terrorist group behind the murderous attack on Jewish soldiers on the warship flotilla. Rauf helped fund IHH, the terror group behind the flotilla. 

Rauf is funded by the very same Islamic supremacists who attacked and brought down those two buildings that housed a small city. 

The website lists Xenel Industries Ltd. as a primary donor to the Al-Falah Program. Xenel, a Saudi owned conglomerate, "provides development, manufacturing, investment, trading and services throughout a wide range of areas of interest" ranging from healthcare and infrastructure to oil and real estate, according to the company's website (www.xenel.com).

On December 10, 2002, the Orlando Sentinel published an article describing the research of a local trade union regarding Xenel, who had just been awarded a $100 million contract to build the city of Orlando a new state-of the-art convention center. The article reveals that Xenel CEO Abdullah Alireza sits on the executive board of Dar al-Maal al-Islami (DMI), a bank based in Switzerland. Haydar Mohamed bin Laden, half brother of Osama bin Laden, also sits on the twelve member executive board.

According to State Department records and the August 2002 brief filed by the families of 9/11 victims, DMI is involved in "al Qaeda financing through several of its subsidiaries, including […] Faisal Islamic Bank and Al Shamal Islamic Bank." During the 2001 trial of those suspected in the 1998 embassy bombings in East Africa, Faisal Islamic Bank was implicated directly in terrorist activities by former al Qaeda operatives: Ahmed al-Fadl, a finance manager for al Qaeda, testified that al Qaeda accounts in Khartoum were held at Faisal Islamic Bank

Xenel also funds The Cordoba Initiative, and Feisal and wife Farhat (Daisy) Khan's ASMA supremacist group as well.

Why didn't Bull ask Rauf about his desire to impose the sharia?

Rauf lie

Imam Rauf's urging to incorporate Sharia law into the legal systems of Europe and the U.S.

An essential element of this interweaving of cultures, he says, will have to be the incorporation of Sharia law into the legal systems of Europe and the US. In this, he is in agreement with the Archbishop of Canterbury who said that the adoption of some aspects of Sharia law “seems to be unavoidable”.

Rauf points out that “the only truly clashing area is the penal code, and no Muslim has the intention of introducing that to America. The penal code is the area that people in the Western world are worried about – but these are things that aren’t even observed today in most of the Muslim world.

In his own book from 2000, "Islam: A Sacred Law," he wrote this on p. 58: "And since a Shari'ah is understood as a law with God at its center, it is not possible in principle to limit the Shari'ah to some aspects of human life and leave out others." (hat tip Kamala)

Did Bull O'Reilly ask about Rauf about his slums? Notorious Slumlord Rauf's slum building goes into receivership. Out from under the Rauf crawls rats and roaches ….. Worse still,  Rauf snagged more than $2 million in public financing to renovate low-income apartments. He took the money and forced good people to live with vermin and dilapidation.

Did Bull O'Reilly query Rauf about the imam's false tax forms claiming his apartment was a mosque?

I wrote this in Human Events in September 2010:

It is clear that Rauf and other mosque leaders are not as moderate as they claim to be. Rauf has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, while those who claim he is moderate just keep telling us that he is without giving us evidence. But the audio and transcripts posted at my website Atlas Shrugs prove otherwise.

The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated, according to a captured internal document, to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.” Rauf’s book What’s Right with Islam says on the copyright page that “this edition was made possible through a joint effort of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) and the office of Interfaith and Community Alliance of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Funding for this project was provided by IIIT.” Both IIIT and ISNA are Muslim Brotherhood fronts, and ISNA was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas terror funding case.

The Arabic translation of Rauf’s book is a call to conversion from the pile of human remains at Ground Zero, disturbingly entitled, A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Dawa in the Heart of post 9/11 America.

In his book, Rauf supports and justifies Sharia law, and calls for restrictions on free speech in America. He has written another book that has gotten little notice: Islam: A Sacred Law—What Every Muslim Should Know About Sharia. In it he explains why God’s law is superior to manmade law, or that is, why Sharia is better than democracy:

“God places a high premium on judging in accord with His dictates, and for developing a nation where laws apply to all equally, and where those who are in charge of upholding the law do not set themselves or any other group above the law—for them corruption sets in. The corruption of the individual or a society that abandons Sacred Law is amplified in one of the key Qur’anic passages regarding the relevance, evolution and meaning of Divine Law, (5:41-50) where Allah speaks frequently of the act of ‘judging.’ In this passage, God criticizes previous generations who ‘raced toward disbelief, among those who say with their mouths “We believe” while their hearts done believe;’ who ‘altered God’s Words from their placements;’ indicating somehow that they altered their divinely ordained Shari’ah, placing their own values above that which God had established. The Qur’an continues to describe them as ‘listeners of lies, devourers of ill-gotten property,’ an accusation that a Muslim tries carefully to avoid incurring.”

This passage is based on a section of the Koran, 5:41-50, that talks about “judging” peoples. It’s clear from the context that the “previous generations” are Jews and Christians who have now become “listeners of lies, devourers of ill-gotten property.” In other words, Rauf is condemning Jews and Christians in America and arguing obliquely that America should ditch the Constitution and adopt Sharia.

Why didn't O'Reilly have anyone on to counter Rauf''s badlfaced deception?

Why doesn't O'Reilly have Robert Spencer on to discuss his brilliant new book, Did Muhammad Exist?: An Inquiry into Islam's Obscure Origins? I am not holding my breath. But he'll promote the greasy Rauf and other Muslim Brotherhood groups, like CAIR, and call them "stand up guys." Look at Rauf's knowing and sinister half-smile when O'Reilly says to him, "You're a well-intentioned man."

Shame on you, O'Reilly.

BTW, for all O'Reilly's shilling, the sinister Rauf fooled no one. After appearing on O'Reilly with his 3 million viewers, Rauf's book stood at #4,273 in sales at Amazon.com. The American people are smarter than Bull O'Reilly, but at 8 pm primetime, he's the only game in town.

UPDATE: The Toronto Star today has an interview with Rauf that is almost as fawning and sycophantic as O'Reilly's. In it, Rauf says, "Given that we are in this society, my position is that we should practice our faith in a way that makes us seem as if we belong to this society." Not actually to belong, but to SEEM as if they belong. That's Rauf. (hat tip RV in Thailand)

Also remember Rauf's threat about the Ground Zero Mosque at the height of the controversy: "we build or Muslims will attack" — see video here.

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