Atlas 2011 Year in Review: Overcoming Overwhelming Odds


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As we approach the end of the year, Atlas readers can pause and reflect on a year of hard work and magnificent victories in pushing back against the encroachment on our freedoms, the insidious creep of sharia and the growing islamization in the workplace, public school and culture.

By far our greatest victory was the defeat of the Ground Zero mosque. Despite overwhelming odds, President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg, legions of craven politicians and a sharia-compliant jackbooted media intent on getting that cultural obscenity built, it was soundly and roundly defeated. We did that. Our rallies (here and here and here) our patriots who set up screenings across America. And while they may come back to fight another day, we will be there to fight back. We will never surrender that ground.

The tweet (right) by Eboo Patel, an influential Muslim who writes in the Washington Post and elsewhere, shows just how powerful and effective the American Freedom Defense Initiative’s Stop Islamization of Muslim tweetAmerica program has been over the past year.

Patel is trying to get Muslims and Leftists to boycott Lowe’s for dropping advertising on the deceptive and misleading All-American Muslim reality TV show. He calls strong-arming American businesses into advertising where they don’t wish to “pluralism.” But most importantly, he warns that “American Muslims will never be Ground Zero Mosque-d again.”

Patel knows that the Ground Zero mosque controversy was a huge defeat for Islamic supremacists in the U.S. And he knows it came at the hands of SIOA. Daisy Khan, wife of the Ground Zero Mosque Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf and one of the chief organizers of the project, said last year:

"We were expecting some sort of, um, you know, resistance, but not an organized resistance. We were 911 freedom rallyexpecting that some families might need some hand-holding, we might want to speak to them. But what we did not expect is a national coalition of people coming together, the majority of them coming from outside New York. Pamela Geller is a lady, and Robert Spencer — together the two of them have formed something called Stop Islamization of America, and that is the group that is leading this."

We led the resistance, and we won. 70% of Americans oppose the Mosque. Mosque organizers have dropped plans for a 16-story mega-mosque. They did not break ground for their new building on September 11, 2011, as Daisy Khan initially announced that they would. They’re holding soirees in the old Burlington Coat Factory building that was severely damaged in the 9/11 attacks, and that they had planned to tear down, and are pretending that their “community center” is already open.

In a related effort, we won a major victory, fighting alongside members of the Greek Orthodox community to get approval to rebuild the 105-year-old St. Nicholas church that sat at the base of the World Trade Center — after ten years of obstruction. Lots of Atlas readers joined the cause. The church was destroyed on 9/11 and had been stymied again and again in its attempts to rebuild by city officials — the same ones who have done all they could to facilitate the building of the Ground Zero Mosque.

Working with Florida patriots, we raised over $6,000 for the CRCC (CONCUSSION RESTORATION CARE CENTER) at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. Their response was overwhelming. I was shocked and overcome when the United States Marine Corps presented me with the flag flown on September 11th over Camp Leatherneck, "amid the battlefields of Afghanistan during decisive operations against enemy forces in Helmand Province." Can you imagine such an honor? But there's more. When a soldier at Camp Leatherneck heard that I was to be given the flag, he asked that the MP armband (seen at this link) that he wore before he lost his arm in combat be sent along with the flag. I was presented with both. Overwhelming. 

911 freedom rally

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. We Aqsa in Israel. We will continue to dedicate memorials for these victims, and fight to stop the abhorrent practice of gendercide under the sharia. Join us at our first annual Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference on April 29th in Dearborn, Michigan.

I joined forces with Cliff Kincaid to combat the proposed expansion of terror TV Al Jazeera (suspected of ties with Al Qaeda) on American cable channels. Clearly, this presents a serious security risk for America. Al-Jazeera is totally owned and paid for by the Emir of Qatar, whose net worth is upwards of two billion dollars, and yet we are subsidizing his Muslim Brotherhood propaganda. Hearings are needed.

My legal team, David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise, triumphed in the $10,000,000 lawsuit filed against me by Rifqa Bary's parents' attorney, Omar Tarazi, in his Islamic supremacist attempt to silence me in my fight to help save Rifqa's life. He sued, using litigation jihad. He lost.

Here are some of the highlights of the work we did in 2011:

We brought the Ground Zero mosque film to CPAC.

We fought and will continue to fight Musim Brotherhood rabats in neighborhoods and small towns across America.

We fought and will continue to fight against the outrages at the 911 Memorial and Museum. They are planning to put the human remains of over "freak show" with the 911 families, who are against this sacrilege.

We successfully opposed a Texas school district that tried to impose a mandatory Arabic lesson program. This was a key win. Arabic is not just another language like French or Italian; as the language of Islam it is the spearhead of an ideological project that is deeply opposed to the United States. As the language of Islam, it is part of the Islamic religious imperial project. Islamic supremacism advances through the Arabic language.

After years of opposition, the first New York City madrassa, KGIA, was forced to close. The first public school madrassa in Brooklyn was an abject failure. The middle school is closing because of the low enrollment and perhaps the worst violence of any of the city schools. Last year I reported that the school was forced to suspend more than one-third of its student body for infractions ranging from hitting to weapons.

We won in our eighteen-month-long struggle against the violation of our first amendment rights in see here). Despite the fact that we won and free speech prevailed, Detroit Transit is appealing the ruling. Your taxpayer dollars are being used to enforce the sharia. Ghastly. After the court ruled in our favor, SMART filed an emergency motion to ask the court to stay its order so that SMART could appeal. To get the court to stay its own order, they must show that the court totally blew the call, and SMART has a high probability of succeeding on its appeal. Keep in mind that the court granted our initial relief because the court found that I had a “likelihood of success.” We still await the judge …..

Pro-Israel, free speech legal battle: CBS Outdoor and the New York City Transit Authority approved an Israel ad anti-Semitic ad campaign to run in over 1,000 subway cars. The ad calls for cutting off support for the Jewish state. Freedom lovers and the human-rights organization the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), of which I am executive director, submitted a pro-Israel campaign to counter this Jew-hatred and historical revisionism. But CBS Outdoor and the NYC Transit Authority banned our pro-Israel subway ads – while continuing to run the repulsive anti-Semitic, anti-Israel ads. The anti-Semitic ad campaign has been bouncing from city to city.

We filed suit against the NYC MTA.

We successfully fought back against racism and Judeophobia in Seattle, when Clear Channel also caved in to Jew-haters, running their hateful ad while refusing our pro-Israel ads. After AFDI protested, Clear Channel canceled the Jew-hating campaign and took their billboards down. While I would have preferred to see our magnificent ads up, that was an excellent second best. But the anti-Israel ads have run in San Francisco and Washington, D.C., while our pro-Israel ads have been rejected in those cities also. The minimum buy for such ads runs between $20,000 and $36,000; who is funding the racist haters?

There were more victories.

In an article called The ABA's Jihad in The American Thinker, I exposed the Islamic supremacism taking root at the American Bar Association, breaking the story of the ABA's support for Sharia law. I revealed the notice, circulated among ABA members, of an organized ABA campaign to oppose the anti-Sharia legislation that has been introduced in 14 state legislatures.

Another victory for Atlas readers…  Faleh Almaleki went on trial for honor murdering his beautiful Fatima posterdaughter, Noor Almaleki, for being too "westernized." The Almaleki trial damn near didn't happen. They were negotiating a plea deal for this cold-blooded adherent to the sharia. Atlas readers called, wrote, and emailed, and in a huge victory for victims of honor killing and Atlas readers who fought the impending plea deal, it was withdrawn.

We continue to raise awareness of honor killings and gender apartheid under Islam. We held a huge rally for honor killing victim Fatima Abdullah, and are stll trying to get her case reopened. AFDI/SIOA exposed the honor killing covered up by law enforcement in Florida. I reported on it here. The cover-up is criminal, and we must protest the silence and complicity of Florida law enforcement. A Muslim woman shunned by her devout Muslim family for her "shameful" divorce dies a sudden death after "banging her head on a coffee table." The fight will go on.

It was an honor to work with Greek-American Community Leaders to remember the victims of the Greek, Armenian, and Assyrian Genocides perpetrated by Turkey from 1914 till 1923, and to speak on their behalf.

Another Atlas victory for love of G-d and country: Back on, appropriately enough, the July 4th weekend, I broke the story of unsung hero we wrote, called, emailed and …won. Natalie Nichols wrote this to me:

Quick note: Tech giants are shutting us down. You know this. Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Adsense, Pinterest permanently banned us. Facebook, Google search et al have shadow-banned, suspended and deleted us from your news feeds. They are disappearing us. But we are here. We will not waver. We will not tire. We will not falter, and we will not fail. Freedom will prevail.

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Pamela, I want to thank you so much for taking the time and showing such an interest in our story here in Bowie County!  You put it out there in front of a huge audience and because of you we had an enormous positive response and an outpouring of prayers.  It was also picked up on Fox News and with all of the prayers and the extra eyes on the issue, the County Judge reportedly submitted an Affidavit of Non-Prosecution.  In addition, they have added both the prayer and pledge (and a devotional) to their agendas and are encouraging me to put those items on the minutes.  We The People won!  I have had so many people tell me that they were inspired, when in truth they were really inspiring me.  I sat for hours and read the letters and emails from people from all over this country who wanted to unite with me in a shared love of God and Country.  I am just in awe over how selfless people have been throughout this process.  Also, due to the attention you brought to the story, I had the opportunity to speak to 2 attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund who had agreed to defend me should I have been indicted.  They went the extra step of offering to come to our county and help us put into place a working plan of action to try to avoid suit by any hateful groups, but that plan also came along with a promise to defend our county at no cost against any suit that should arise in spite of our plan of action.  I'm still working on trying to get the judge to agree to meeting with them, but it is a great opportunity for our county.  I can't thank you enough for all that you have done and all that you continue to do in the name of all that is right and good in this world.  You are truly blessing others with your gift of a beautiful heart and spirit.  I would love to be able to stay in touch with you and would consider that an honor. 

Thank you again,
Natalie Nichols

Free speech fight: the Hyatt in Sugar Land, Texas caved to threats and I spoke anyway, at a Community Center, to a standing-room-only crowd. And the Hyatt was so overwhelmed with protest letters, calls, and emails that it made national news and international news. The Hyatt relented from its stance against free speech and offered me space anywhere in America. Gratis. News reports: "Hyatt Place Regrets Decision." I took them up on their offer. The first annual Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference will be held in Dearborn, Michigan at the Hyatt Regency. Thanks to the protesters who initially threatened the Hyatt.

My colleague Robert Spencer and I created the compiled the list from records of Threat to Freedom group statements and activities as they appeared in their own publications and websites, as well as from reports from concerned citizens and mainstream media reports. Threat to Freedom group activities can include misrepresentation of anti-terror and other law enforcement initiatives, attempts to restrict the freedom of speech regarding Islamic jihad or other threats to freedom, defamation Ny post busof freedom fighters, disinformation campaigns in the mainstream media regarding attempts by the U.S. and Israel to defend themselves, and more.

We are fighting to launch our Freedom From Jihad Flotilla. The SIOA/SIOE Freedom From Jihad aid flotilla was intended to be a direct response to the capitulation of French, European, and American authorities to Leftist and Islamic supremacist forces of oppression and injustice. On board we hope will be freedom fighters from all over the world, united in defense of human rights and human dignity against Islamic supremacist oppression. The mission is the first attempt by free citizens anywhere in the world to come to the aid of non-Muslims persecuted for their faith in Muslim countries. It is a direct response to the heavily-armed Leftist/jihadist flotilla that attempted to violate Israel’s legal maritime blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza on May 31, 2010. In that incident, Turkish jihadists onboard one ship attacked Israeli soldiers without provocation; nine jihadists were killed in the battle. The Freedom From Jihad Flotilla is also a response to the Audacity of Hope flotilla that is soon to set sail to continue the jihad against Israel, with plans to use chemical weapons against Israeli forces.

The Freedom From Jihad Flotilla will offer aid to persecuted Christians, Hindus, and other non-Muslims, and call upon the international community to recognize Muslim persecution of non-Muslims as a violation of international law, to be punished with strict economic sanctions and other appropriate action.

I exposed Rick Perry's Islamic curriculum and his close ties to Grover Norquist. RINOs and soft republicans were not happy.

We exposed the islamizing of the Georgia curriculum: selling misogyny to children, propaganda created to softsell misogyny. Atlas readers strongly opposed the pro-sharia lesson plan, and the Georgia school district withdrew it.

I broke the Department of Justice explosive bombshell: tens of Tthousands Docs between Muslim Brotherhood Tied Groups and the DoJ and the creation of Muslim Majority legilative districts. We are still waiting for Neson Hermilla of the DoJ Civil Rights Division to release those documents. We are waiting close to a year.

Further, I exposed the dirty little secret of the meat industry. A very large portion of the meat (whole and parts) being sold is halal and customers have no idea they are buying and eating halal meat. AFDI is currently working on a peition get the labeling laws changed. The big media tried to marginalize the story. Facts are stubborn things.

In addition to my regular articles at American Thinker and Breitbart's Big sites and Human Events, I became a regular columnist for World Net Daily this year.

Wndarttab HE head At headerBgheader

My book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance was released in September. It is a must-have primer for patriots, rules for infidels. Just as Patton needed a strategy to defeat Hitler, so now free citizens need a strategy to defend the rights and freedoms guaranteed to us by the U.S. Constitution but denied by Islamic law. This book gives you that strategy. A practical primer for patriots, Stop the Islamization of America offers the fruit of a veteran national activist's years of experience fighting back against Islamic supremacist efforts to erode our freedoms. As the mainstream media propaganda machine stigmatizes all resistance to Islamization as leading to violence, this guide to lawful and peaceful resistance to Islamization is more urgently needed than ever. It's also a much-needed wake-up call about a sinister agenda that could do nothing less than destroy the United States – with unique instructions about how we can, and must, work now to defend our nation and our civilization.

Sioa book banner ad

I brought you LIVE on-scene coverage and continuing non-stop coverage of the #ows occupy destroyers movement.

The Florida State Tea Party Convention banned CAIR and had me as a keynote speaker. Thousands cheered. CAIR tried to lie about the incident. Hey, it's what they do. We exposed them. Hey, it's what we do.

We exposed the propagandistic premise of the TLC "All American Muslim" show. The show advances the fictional construct "islamophobia." 64 advertisers pulled out.

I made scores of TV appearances, which I use as a teachable moment. Every one.

Pamela Geller named one of the "20 Most Influential Conservative Jews In Politics"  Right Wing News

Pamela Geller named one of the 'The 20 Most Influential Conservative Women In Politics'

Coming in 2012:

February 2012: AFDI/SIOA CPAC Event: To Be Announced

AFDI/SIOA, VAST to Host Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference in Dearborn, Michigan at Hyatt Regency Yahoo News

April 29th, 2012:  organization American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), its Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) program and the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force (VAST) will be hosting the first-ever human rights conference dedicated to exposing the plight of women under Islamic law in Dearborn, Michigan on the anniversary of the honor murder of Jessica Mokdad: the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference.

The Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference will be held at the Hyatt Hotel in Dearborn. After bowing to Islamic supremacist pressure and canceling a speech by Pamela Geller that had been scheduled for a Hyatt in Nashville, Tennessee, the Hyatt reversed its stance, recovered its understanding of the American principle of free speech, apologized and offered AFDI space in a Hyatt for a future Conference to make it up the human rights organization. Geller chose the Hyatt in Dearborn to stand in solidarity there with girls who are in danger of being victimized like Jessica Mokdad.

Jessica Mokdad was a 20-year-old Muslim woman in Warren, Michigan, who was brutally murdered in May 2011. Fox News Detroit reported: “Authorities say a Minnesota man killed his 20-year-old stepdaughter in Michigan because she left home and wasn't following Islam.” Jessica’s stepfather, a devout Muslim, tracked his stepdaughter over four states to murder her for bringing dishonor on her family.

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