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Donald Trump and the Birth Certificate Henry Percy

Yes, that birth certificate. Donald Trump, the oft-married casino tycoon, is considering a run for the presidency, and he wants to see President Obama's birth certificate. The real one, the so-called long form, not just the certification of live birth, which is not the same thing. With his celebrity status, Donald Trump demanding to see the certificate will force the Obama handlers to tie themselves in knots, again, loudly and publicly, to say that it's none of our business.

Back in early June of 2008, Atlas broke the birth certificate story and showed for the first time that the certification of live birth that Obama released was indeed a "horrible forgery." This was demonstrated by a digital forensic examination specialist, an active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, American College of Forensic Examiners, The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, International Information Systems Forensics Association — the list goes on. He also a board certified as a forensic computer examiner, a certificated legal investigator, and a licensed private investigator. He submitted his findings to Atlas. He has been performing computer-based forensic investigations since 1993 (although back then it did not even have a formal name yet), and he has performed countless investigations since then.

We welcomed peer review. No one would touch the story. I said then, as I say now. I have no idea what is on the long form, but it is mighty pecuiar that a President would not release it. I mean, really. Every other president has released every document, school record, passport, military record, school transcript ad infinitum.

Obama has released nothing.

We could speculate. Maybe it was the name of his father. His religion. His place of birth. Maybe, maybe, maybe. All speculation.

What was most egregious was the propaganda enemedia refusing to ask these questions while running with any lie about Bush's documentation. The enemedia went so far as to produce a forged document (an innocuous one at that) concerning President Bush's Air National Guard service (Rathergate). Imagine that — the media's mad obsession with the minutiae of every detail of every document of Bush's life (even the most mundane), but not one mainstream query as to why the good folks of America were forbidden from viewing Obama's birth certificate long form. Astonishing.

Even Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, who took office vowing to clear up the controversy once and for all, had to go back on his word. He says that to produce Obama's birth certificate would have "political implications," ones "that we simply cannot have."

I last wrote of the birth certificate issue in my former column at Newsmax, "The Certificate Circus." Here is an excerpt:

Obama ran a low-resolution COLB on his own site FighttheSmears.com, which has now been taken down and the archives scrubbed. It was at that time that a digital forensic examination specialist contacted me. For professional and personal reasons he wanted to remain anonymous, but I know who he is and vetted him. “Techdude’s” credentials? He is an active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the American College of Forensic Examiners, the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, the International Information Systems Forensics Association — the list goes on.

He is also board certified as a forensic computer examiner, a certificated legal investigator, and a licensed private investigator. He has been performing computer based forensic investigations since 1993 (although back then it did not even have a formal name yet) and he has performed countless investigations since then. He told me that Obama’s COLB was a “horrible forgery.” I advised “Techdude” that I was ill-equipped to make such a determination, and he offered to submit to me a detailed forensic examination analysis — which he ultimately did.

When I broke the story and presented his very extensive and meticulously documented analysis, we welcomed peer review. Nobody stood up. Nobody would touch it. To their credit, the supporters of Hillary Clinton (the “PUMA” bloggers) did much to investigate and advance the story. And while the Obama Chicago attack machine and left-wing smear merchants went into full swing, the mainstream activist media would not touch the story. Not once.

I never proposed that any of the various scenarios being put forth were absolutely correct. I said at the time, “Do I believe Obama was born in Hawaii? Probably. Is there something on Obama's birth certificate he does not want us to see? Foe shizzle. Should a president of the United States have to present his vault copy to take office? Absolutely.”

I said that forensically, the COLB Obama had presented was an altered document. And I stand by that to this day. A release of the vault copy would have put this baby to bed a year ago. Instead, Obama and his operatives added fuel to the fire by not only not releasing the vault copy, but by spending upwards of a million dollars on five law firms to fight its release.

And what of the other questions pertaining to the source of his funding for Harvard (i.e., foreign aid, foreign student loan applications) and the passport on which he traveled to Pakistan in 1981? Let’s just say hypothetically that Obama satisfied the birth certificate questions and the American people wanted info on his Pakistan trip — i.e., what passport he traveled on, or the source of funding for his Harvard education, his ties to Khalid al-Mansour, etc. Those raising such concerns would have no case. They would be discredited before they even started.

And then there was the passport question. While Obama has shared his extensive obsessions with Indonesia, Kenya, etc., we know, for example, that he went to an Indonesian school for close to six years as a child whose religion was Muslim. Did he travel on a Indonesian passport at that time?

There is clearly something on that form that Obama does not want the American people to see. Period. Obama must present it if he is to run for re-election, should he not?

But there is more to the paperwork puzzle. Do you remember this curious story during the Presidential election? A couple of months before  rumblings began about Obama's birth circumstances and the discovery that BHO's COLB (certification of live birth) was a forgery, a story broke in late March 2008 that State Department employees had tampered with the passport files of Barack Obama.

At the time "State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said the violations of McCain and Clinton's passport files were not discovered until Friday, after officials were made aware of the unauthorized access of Obama's records and a separate search was conducted."

The incidents raise questions as to whether the information was accessed for political purposes and why two contractors involved in the Obama search were dismissed before investigators had a chance to interview them.

I always thought they rifled through Clinton's and McCain's to make it look like it was all three, but it was Obama's passport records that they accessed. Secondarily, almost as an afterthought, there were "violations" concerning Clinton and McCain. But who stood to gain from a tampering, and why?

There is a video here of Obama's response to the passport "breach" back on March 21, 2008. Watch it — I think it's telling that he says, not that he has anything to hide, "not because I have any particular concerns" [minute -.23]. This is before the birth certificate scandal. Who would say that?

Passport breach March 21. (Atlas post here)

On April 8, 2008, Obama confessed to having taken a trip to Pakistan in 1981. Here is what Obama said — Jake Tapper was there:

"So when I speak about having lived in Indonesia for four years, having family that is impoverished insmall villages in Africa –knowing the leaders is not important — what I know is the people...I traveled to Pakistan when I was in college — I knew what Sunni and Shia was [sic] before I joined the Senate Foreign Relations Committee."

Tapper was surprised and said:

This last part — a college trip to Pakistan — was news to many of us who have been following the race closely. And it was odd that we hadn't hear about it before, given all the talk of Pakistan during this campaign.

Much speculation has been made about what national passport Obama used when he traveled to Pakistan in 1981.

So Obama confessed to this trip two weeks after his passport was tampered with.

Pakistan was in turmoil in 1981 and ruled of martial law. Millions of Afghan refugees were living in Pakistan, while the Afghan Mujahedeen operated from bases inside Pakistan in their war with the Soviets. One of the leaders that based his operation in Quetta, Pakistan was Usama Bin Laden (The Sheik).

Pakistan was on the banned travel list for US Citizens at the time and all non-Muslim visitors were not welcome unless sponsored by their embassy for official business. (more here)

And then there is this murder tied to the Obama passport breach. Needless to say — there have been no arrests years later in this case.

Key witness in passport fraud case fatally shot Washington Times

A key witness in a federal probe into passport information stolen from the State Department was fatally shot in front of a District church, the Metropolitan Police Department said yesterday.

Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, who had been cooperating with a federal investigators, was found late Thursday night slumped dead inside a car, in front of the Judah House Praise Baptist Church in Northeast, said Cmdr. Michael Anzallo, head of the department's Criminal Investigations Division.

Cmdr. Anzallo said a police officer was patrolling the neighborhood when gunshots were heard, then Lt. Harris was found dead inside the vehicle, which investigators would describe only as a blue car.

Emergency medics pronounced him dead at the scene.

City police said they do not know whether his death was a direct result of his cooperation with federal investigators.

"We don't have any information right now that connects his murder to that case," Cmdr. Anzallo said.

Police say a "shot spotter" device helped an officer locate Lt. Harris.

A State Department spokeswoman yesterday declined to comment, saying the investigation into the passport fraud is ongoing.

The Washington Times reported April 5 that contractors for the State Department had improperly accessed passport information for presidential candidates Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain, which resulted in a series of firings that reached into the agency's top ranks.

One agency employee, who was not identified in documents filed in U.S. District Court, was implicated in a credit-card fraud scheme after Lt. Harris told federal authorities he obtained "passport information from a co-conspirator who works for the U.S. Department of State."

The plot thickens: Obama's chief counterterrorism advisor, John Brennan, Involved in Obama Passport Breach

Quid pro quo, O?

If you recall, during the presidential election, I ran a number of stories on the passport breach of Obama's passport at the Department of State.

It bears noting that John O. Brennan, Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, who made those recent incredible pro-terror remarks, some in Arabic no less, about the beauty of jihad, was connected with the tampering with Obama's passport. 

Back in March 2008, the State Department launched an investigation of improper computer access to passport records of Barack Husssein Obama. The investigation was focusing on one employee — a contract worker with a company headed by an adviser to the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama (more here at The Washington Times)

Pbama said at the time:

In Portland, Ore., Mr. Obama said the series of attempts to "tap into people's personal records" were "a problem not just for me but for how our government functions."

Laughable considering how intrusive his administration has been and continues to be in accessing private information.

Officials do not know whether information was improperly copied, altered or removed from the database during the intrusions.


"As soon as we realized that there were these unauthorized accesses for Senator Obama's passport files, we collected the information, we briefed the secretary, we briefed Senator Obama's staff, all before we ever replied to the reporter," Mr. McCormack said.

You will also recall that the key witness in the presidential Passport tampering case mas murdered. Shot in the head, in his car, in front of his church.

Chief of firm involved in breach is Obama adviser
updated 9:10 p.m. EDT, Sat March 22, 2008
WASHINGTON (CNN) — The CEO of a company whose employee is accused of improperly looking at the passport files of presidential candidates is a consultant to the Barack Obama campaign, a source said Saturday.
John O. Brennan, president and CEO of the Analysis Corp., advises the Illinois Democrat on foreign policy and intelligence issues, the source said.
Brennan briefed the media on behalf of the campaign this month.
The executive is a former senior CIA official and former interim director of the National Counterterrorism Center.
He contributed $2,300 to the Obama campaign in January…

Oil of Immigration goes one step further:

Comment: See my article about General Dynamics – the company used by the Obama campaign to tamper the passport. Tom Ayers (Bill Ayer’s Father) was on the board of General Dynamics. Also, right after Obama Usurped Office, GD was contracted to improve the security of the Passport system.


Gets better ……….Tom Ayers served on board of General Dynamics. General Dynamics now wants "hackers" to work for the Government hat tip Denice

Federal authorities aren't looking to prosecute them, but to pay them to secure the nation's networks.

General Dynamics Information Technology put out an ad last month on behalf of the Homeland Security Department seeking someone who could "think like the bad guy." Applicants, it said, must understand hackers' tools and tactics and be able to analyze Internet traffic and identify vulnerabilities in the federal systems.

Tom Ayers, father of Obama friend, communist and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, served on the General Dynamics Board. As head of the corporation's finance committee, Northern Trust was the trustee of the corporation's Salaried Savings Plan and the Hourly Savings Plan that was overseen by the committee along with fellow members Lester Crown whose son, Jim, and daughter-in-law, Paula, are $200,000 bundlers for Obama's presidential campaign.

Northern Trust Bank is also the same bank that gave Obama his below prime rate home loan for his current mansion. 

Many believe General Dynamics was also involved in the "security breach" or tampering with the Obama Passport before the election.

Just after the election, the State Dept. awarded the same company that breached the initial passports to come up with a new Passport technology:

(Source) The State Department awarded a $99.3 million, five-year contract today to a team led by General Dynamics Information Technology to print the passport card.

The contract calls for one base year and five option years. State’s Logistics Management Office, Management Acquisition unit processed the acquisition.

Research is pending on this, but you can already see disturbing

Also disturbing is this analysis from Bahukutumbi Raman, a former Indian counterterrorism chief:

Morbid thoughts CNS News (hat tip Randall)

How much – if anything – the 19- or 20-year-old Obama knew about the Afghanistan jihad during that 1981 visit is unclear.

But it’s precisely the shortage of details that worries some, like veteran security analyst Bahukutumbi Raman, a former Indian counterterrorism chief.

Mulling how a President Obama would deal with each of South Asia’s historical foes, Raman said that as an Indian, he naturally felt troubled that Obama had not disclosed the Pakistan visit earlier.

“Why did he keep mum on his visit to Pakistan till this question was raised?” asked Raman, who is the director of India’s Institute for Topical Studies. “Has he disclosed all the details regarding his Pakistan visit? Was it as innocuous as made out by him – to respond to the invitation of a Pakistani friend or was there something more to it?”

Raman continued, “As I read about Obama’s visit to Pakistan in the 1980s, I could not help thinking of dozens of things. Of the Afghan jihad against communism. Of the fascination of many Afro-Americans for the jihad. Of the visits of a stream of Afro-Americans to Pakistan to feel the greatness of the jihad. Of their fascination for Abdullah Azzam …”

Raman said although having such thoughts may seem “morbid,” it was “understandable when one has a feeling that one has not been told the whole story, but only a part of it.”

“It is the right of the Americans to decide who should be their president,” he said. “It is my right to worry about the implications of their decision for the rest of the world, including India.”

The Obama campaign did not respond to an invitation to comment on some of the speculation surrounding the visit to Pakistan or to provide further details about the trip.

And this:

According to published reports in Pakistan, Obama in 1981 also stayed at the home of a prominent politician, Ahmad Mian Soomro, in an upscale Karachi suburb, and went on a traditional partridge hunting trip north of Karachi. Soomro’s son, Muhammad Mian Soomro, is a senior politician who served as acting president before the appointment of President Asif Ali Zardari last September.

POTUS 7/9/09  Massive Internet Scrub In Progress

Yesterday's item, "Fight the Smears Disappears," documented the changes that have recently been made to Obama's high-profile Internet site, "Fight the Smears," and also to the Internet Archive, also known as the "WayBackMachine.com" — Obama has removed his bogus Certification of Live Birth from the Internet — at the same time, the Internet Archive just happened to "lose" its archived copy.

>What's really ironic is that FactCheck.org is so invested in their defense of Obama's bogus bona fides, that they just can't dig themselves out of the hole they dug themselves into.  FactCheck now stands alone as a defender of the indefensible.

In the last 24 hours, further evidence of an, organized, massive scrubbing of the Internet has been discovered.
Evidence of this extraordinary campaign was posted on this site on June 18th.  Sometime between June 8, 2009, and June 18, 2009, the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) changed the requirements for identification that they maintained for over 100 years.  All of a sudden, Hawaii will now accept Certifications of Live Birth (COLB) as proof of identification and residency, and will no longer require the certified "Certificates of Birth" — although Hawaii says that they will still take the traditional birth certificates.

On June 7th, this website reported that the Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu posted on its website
letter on White House stationery dated January 24th (since scrubbed), in which Obama wrote, "As a beneficiary of the excellence of Kapi'olani Medical Center — the place of my birth — I am pleased to add my voice to your chorus of supporters" — even though Obama himself has previously claimed to have been born at Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu, a claim backed up by his sister Maya.

Until June 7th, even United Press International (UPI) and Snopes.com contained statements that Obama was born at the Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu.  Here is a screen capture from Snopes.com that says, "Barack Hussein Obama was born at the Queen's Medical Center."   Today, Snopes.com claims that "Barack Hussein Obama, was born on 4 August 1961 at the Kapiolani Medical Center."  Snopes claims they made the change because Wikipedia made the change.

Here is the UPI screen capture that claims Obama was born at Queens — but now the UPI claims Kapiolani.  Remember, Obama, himself, told UPI that he was born at Queens. So, because someone at the White House sent a letter to Kapiolani, all the websites that have been covering for Obama are now scrambling to scrub content that they have claimed as accurate for the last couple of years. 
Over one year ago, I wrote the following for the "Biography" page:
On the Internet, there is an organized, systematic cleansing of Obama-related content.

Every couple of days I get an email telling me this link, or that link, connects to a "Page not found — 404 error."  The extensive body of Obama web-knowledge, that has evolved over the last 20 years, is shrinking.  Stuff that's considered an Obama smear or unflattering is sent to the Obama '08 cyber shredding machine.  And the campaign is getting help from some really big web service providers.

A good example is Kristof's famous New York Times article, in which Kristof quotes Obama saying that the Muslim call to prayer is "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth" and in which Obama recited the Muslim call to prayer, the Adhan, "with a first-class [Arabic] accent" — that's gone — from The New York Times — but it's here though.

And, the Trinity UCC website has completely changed.  Now, it's all sweetness and light.  Gone are all those great Rev. Wright "God damn America" videos and anti-Israeli Trumpet magazine excerpts.
There's less on the web every day.  In time, the entire Obama body of knowledge will consist of Obama's 3 bogus novels — "Dreams From My Father" — "The Audacity of Hope" — and the latest — "Change We Can Believe In" — all written by Barack Hussein Obama or his "ghost-writers."

Obama has lived for almost 50 years without leaving any footprints — none!  There isno Obama documentation — no bona fides — no paper trail — nothing

Original, vault copy birth certificate — Not released (lawyers' fees = $2,000,000 ~ birth certificate = $15)Certification of Live Birth — Released — Counterfeit and here and hereObama/Dunham marriage license — Not released (if one exists)

Obama/Dunham divorce — Released (by independent investigators)

Kindergarten records — Records lost (this is a big one — see here — read two frames)

Original, vault copy birth certificate — Not released (lawyers' fees = $2,000,000 ~ birth certificate = $15) forgery Obama/Dunham marriage license — Not released (if one exists)

Obama/Dunham divorce — Released (by independent investigators)

Kindergarten records — Records lost (this is a big one — see here — read two frames) Soetoro/Dunham marriage license — Not released Soetoro adoption records — Not released

Fransiskus Assisi School  School application — Released (by independent investigators) Punahou School records — Not released Soetoro/Dunham divorce — Released (by independent investigators)

 Occidental College records — Not released Passport — Not released and records scrubbed clean by Obama's terrorism and intelligence adviser. Columbia College records — Not released Columbia thesis — "Soviet Nuclear Disarmament" — Not released Harvard College records — Not released Harvard Law Review articles — None

Illinois Bar Records — Not released. Baptism certificate — None Medical records — Not released Illinois State Senate records — None Illinois State Senate schedule — Lost Law practice client list — Not released University of Chicago scholarly articles — None

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