The New Career of a Madman: Johnson Shrieks,
“My site gave Geller her ‘break’ on the web”


UPDATE: LGF FLASHBACK! The Guardian's new columnist can't scrub fast enough:

It get's better

And this — this is rich.



Talk about a hot mess. Chuck Johnson has penned his first full length column for the notoriously anti-semitic UK paper, The Guardian, and what is the object of his crazy? Why, Pamela Geller, of course. It's come full circle now.

Johnson guardian

Wait, it gets better. Johnson takes credit for …… me. Yes, indeedy. Because I was once a commenter on his blog when he was still sane, this deeply troubled narcissist subheads the article this way:

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"My site gave Geller her 'break' on the web."

I kid you not. All of the bloggers out there know how successful you become if you commented at LGF, or any other blog, for that matter. What is galling is how he now takes credit for my blog's success after he did everything he could to destroy it in November 2007 because I would not cave to his libel of an important counter-jihad conference in Europe (the best I have ever attended — speakers included speakers included David Littman, Dr. Aryeh Eldad, member of the Israeli Knesset, Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, Director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, Sam Solomon, Director of Fellowship of Faith for Muslims and author of the Charter of Muslim Understanding, Dr. Marc Cogen, Ghent University, Bat Ye'or, world's leading scholar on Islam and the West and Islamic anti-semitism, Robert Spencer, and others).

I was small at the time; he was the biggest. And his vicious campaign routed my readership from roughly 8,000 a day to 2,000. Charles Johnson is a bold-faced liar.

The king of the libel bloggers goes on to say:

As I said to the Times, in those days, Geller was often the first one to take the rhetoric over the top, and the target of her rage was usually (but not always) Muslims. And not just militants or terrorists, but all Muslims; Geller was quite clear, and stated often, that she didn't believe in the idea of a "moderate Islam" at all. (Ironically, this is an opinion she shares with the leaders of al-Qaida, who insist that all Muslims must follow their extreme interpretation of Islam.)

Johnson is a liar. I have never raged "against all Muslims" and have been very vocal about this. I fight the violent ideology that inspires jihad, Islamic antisemitism, and hatred of non-Muslims. If my "rhetoric was so over the top," why not run a few of the most egregious comments? Because he is a smear merchant.

He twists my support of the Serbs.

Geller posted an ode of support to genocidal Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic.

Here is the actual Atlas post:

Stella Jatras on Karadzic: "I am not defending Radovan Karadzic…"

And here is every post I have published on Serbia/Kosovo/Bosnia, etc. Read it all. I stand by every word. It was wrong for the US to pave the way for a militant Islamic state in the heart of Europe.

He further soils himself when he lies about my coverage of the Boer genocide in South Africa and fabricates out of whole cloth support for Eugene Terreblanche, a man I do not know. I never wrote about him or supported his work, but he was brutally murdered in cold blood. I do not believe or support vigilantism or wholesale slaughter. Perhaps Johnson does, hardly surprising considering how unprincipled and unhinged he has become.

I am not fisking the whole thing. Too much to do and he's too small a boy.

Johnson's unhinged obsession with me is both sad and curious. He hangs on my every word, blogs about every typo, and posts relentlessly on Geller. I must be having quite an impact, eh, Chuckster?

Charles Johnson, blogger cum cyber stalker. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Spencer nails the madman here. Here's an excerpt:

Libelblogger Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs has been blogging daily for around ten years now, and in all that time has contented himself with a few lines of comment on news stories he has blogged about; he has never written a single stand-alone, full-length article about anything — until now. Columnist Johnson makes his debut today in The Guardian's Comment Is Free section in a characteristic way: by spreading lies about my colleague Pamela Geller.

This is what this man has allowed himself to become: after betraying all his principles and alliances, he is despised by the Right and held in contempt by the Left, while he himself stands for nothing at all except the destruction of those principled individuals alongside whom he used to fight. And their destruction is the chief cause to which he devotes his time nowadays; hence this present hit piece on Pamela. As I said yesterday, "It is testimony to the effectiveness of my colleague Pamela Geller, in raising awareness of the issues surrounding the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero and Islamic supremacism in general, that the mainstream media is gunning for her with relentless fury." Johnson is no Reuel Gerecht, and doesn't even approach Jeffrey Goldberg, but since he is spreading this nonsense in The Guardian now and not just at his rapidly sinking hate site Little Green Footballs, it warrants setting the record straight.

"Pamela Geller and the bloggers of hate," by Charles Johnson in The Guardian, October 14 (thanks to James):

Johnson spends most of his piece retailing Leftist scare words about conservatives, so as to semaphore to Guardian readers that Pamela Geller is Not One Of Us and thus not to be trusted. Thus without explanation he calls her an "extreme rightwing blogger" and claims that she has "arguably done more than anyone else to incite fear and hatred over the so-called 'Ground Zero Mosque.'" He offers no evidence for this; he's just slinging smear words with no content. Maybe he thought the Guardian site was called Content Is Free. And with a puritanical distaste that he would deride if it came from any conservative, he claims that the New York Times profile of her last Sunday featured a photo of Pamela "posing in her bikini." This, too, is false.

Then Johnson claims that through him "Pamela Geller got her start on the internet":

One thing you'll discover in the article is that Pamela Geller got her start on the internet by commenting at my site, Little Green Footballs. She posted more than 6,000 comments at LGF in our earlier days, when our comment moderation policy was much more laissez faire than it is now.

As I said to the Times, in those days, Geller was often the first one to take the rhetoric over the top, and the target of her rage was usually (but not always) Muslims. And not just militants or terrorists, but all Muslims; Geller was quite clear, and stated often, that she didn't believe in the idea of a "moderate Islam" at all. (Ironically, this is an opinion she shares with the leaders of al-Qaida, who insist that all Muslims must follow their extreme interpretation of Islam.)

Johnson here confuses moderate Islam with moderate Muslims. In Ibn Warraq's lapidary formulation, there are many moderate Muslims, but no moderate Islam. In other words, there is no traditional, mainstream sect of Islam or school of Islamic jurisprudence that does not teach warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers. But that doesn't mean that every Muslim is with that program, any more than Jesus' teaching means that every Christian turns the other cheek and loves his enemies. The teachings of a religion are one thing and the way every individual believer puts those teachings into practice is quite another.

There's much more read it all.

Armaros commented at The Guardian:

14 October 2010 7:12PM

Funny how Charles Johnson used to expose the Guardian and its fanatic leftism and antisemitism. Now he is welcomed as a hero because of some "enemy of my enemy" stance.

This makes two hypocrites out of one piece.

Of course Charles has deleted all his anti muslim posts from lgf.
Some of them were so bad even I saw them as offensive.

Especially when EID came around and he plastered his site with pictures of animal slaughter making it look like as if Muslims were bleeding the streets red in every place they could find a four legged creature.

It was he who ran "Religion of peace attacked today" headlines every day a terror attack came about.

It was he who ran posts titles: Britain has a "tiny little problem" referring to Muslims in the UK. He called the Paris riots an intefada and proclaimed that the UK is under "Islamic overlords".

Since others on his site sometimes disagreed with him on points, sometimes Islam sometimes just specifics, he would ban them faster than a post would appear.
Sooner or later some of his former posters started their own blogs. Geller was one of those.
He furnishes n0 evidence of her lgf posts which he considers too extreme. That is because he was the one who invited them with his headlines.
It would also be hard to peruse his site now as when doing so one can see his posts deleted. Those ones which he now would consider "extreme" but has no problem battering others with.

Gellers site took off somewhere around 2008. a couple of years after it went up
It went from nowhere to high up on the grid. Johnson was furious seeing his former proteges (as he would like to call them) succeed with more hits and posts than his so he went on the attack slandering and bad mouthing everybody who used to stand with him.

He wrote letters to editors and TV producers demanding that they do not interview Geller and attacked the NYT once before for having interviewed him but also allowing Geller to respond to his charges.

It was the greatest disappointment for him. He wanted so badly to be featured in the NYT he ran posts in the days ahead "I will be covered in the Times".
Then when the piece came out and it was balanced and asked the question why be so personal in attacking people this way, he was furious.

It became an obsession as he spent days and weeks stalking other bloggers attempting to "expose them" and run threads where the minutest of disagreement resulted in banning.

It became so ridiculous that he was the joke of the town.

Isn't there any news to report?

Geller, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter were are his favorite targets. Along with Sarah Palin and other conservative women.
Thats right, Charles has a problem with women who disagree with him. His little shattered ego doesn't allow his narcissist self to be disagreed with by some women.
So now his career is following Geller like some stalker probably hitting her site more often than her biggest followers.

He wakes up in the morning to analyze Atlas and Hotair, his posters monitoring comment sections all night then he runs the comments the next day "proving" that all whom he disagrees with are white supremacists and nazis.

If a person attended a meeting with another person who once was at a rally where some nasty people showed up Charles would run a headline


He would go about 6 degrees of separation trying to link anybody in disagreement with him as a white supremacist or a climate denier.

He banned people for saying that global warming may come from the Sun as did countless scientists. He banned people for saying there may have been a G^d in evolution or mentioning that Darwin believed it so.

His site descended into a North Korea where Charles is Kim and his words are divine. Descent is not tolerated and is punished with banishment.

It is rather pathetic but still comical. Also sad as it shows how success has gotten into the head of someone who started out small and got big fast.
It went to his head and he soon became a caricature of himself.

It is quite a pathetic enterprise if one asked me but alas, we all need bread and we all need exposure.
He is now on the level of the Daily KOS. Went over to the extreme left, appropriate for Cif I shall say.
Of course examining the posts he lists as Geller praising Terreblanche or Karadic, anybody with an eye can see there are no praises. Merely disputes on perceptions. Nowhere did Geller praise Karadiz or Terreblanche.
These are Johnson smears. It seems even the NYT saw his faults and greeted his militancy with suspicion.
He was just not able to get his silly message beyond his own zombie like followers who march in lockstep for the Dear Leader Charles.
This is his new attempt.
I wonder what he would do if Pam Geller retired. Would he go back playing Jazz or ride his bike…who knows……
Until then he has an obsession and as a few pointed out above, he is creating her free publicity

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