McVeigh Mania

If you suffered through Sunday's morning news shows on the alphabet networks, David Gregory, particularly pompous and moronic, posited yet again that the real threat to America is the threat of one man, one terror attack — well over a decade ago, Timothy McVeigh. The 15,000 Islamic attacks across the world since 911 are "fringe." Lord knows, nudnik Napolitano's bowels are all in an uproar over the threat of McVeigh.

Today is the terrible anniversary of the Oklahoma Federal building bombing. Worse still is the Democrats' exploitation of OKC to demonize patriots, tea partiers, senior citizens and great Americans working to save this great nation from the scourge of the party of treason and, worst of all, the cover-up of the OKC Islamic connection.

Hussein-al-Husseini, an Iraqi soldier in Saddam Hussein's Army, sat
beside Timothy McVeigh in the Ryder truck financed by Ramzi Youseff (Khalid Sheik Muhammad's nephew). The Oklahoma City bombing, exactly 15 years ago tomorrow, was the first heinous Islamic terror attack on American soil.

Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the
House International Relations Committee
The Oklahoma City Bombing: Was There A Foreign Connection?
Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R – CA)
Staff Investigator: Phaedra Dugan

Within our jurisdictional, legal and resource limits, the Oversight and
Investigations Subcommittee has conducted an intensive investigation
into whether there
was a foreign connection to the Oklahoma City bombing. The effort
focused primarily
on two theories that seemed to be based on factual evidence that, if
verified, would
indicate a foreign participation in the bombing.

the outset, members of Congress were met with a startling development. 

PART I: Possible Middle Eastern Connections

There is serious, yet in some cases circumstantial, evidence
that suggests a
possible Middle Eastern connection to the Oklahoma City bombing (named
by federal investigators):

For example, of all the cities in the world, convicted terrorist Ramzi
Yousef and
Terry Nichols were in Cebu City in the Philippines at the same time
three months before
the Oklahoma City bombing. Yousef was the perpetrator of the first World
Trade Center
attack as well as the mastermind behind the planning of other
high-profile attacks on
Americans. Furthermore, Ramzi Yousef’s phone records, from the
months before he
detonated the first World Trade Center bomb in early 1993, show calls
placed to the
Filipina neighbor and close friend of Terry Nichols’ in-laws in Queens,
New York. The
opportunity for interaction between American terrorist, Nichols, and
al-Qaeda terrorist,
Yousef, is evident.

One indicator that this terrorist act had broader implications came
directly from
Abdul Hakim Murad, Yousef’s roommate, childhood friend, and fellow
terrorist. On the day of the bombing, Murad claimed
responsibility for this terrorist act
from his jail cell in New York. He bragged to his prison guards,
verbally and in writing,
that the bombing of the Murrah federal building was the work of the
“Liberation Army.”
His confession was similar to the one Yousef had made two years earlier
in the
immediate aftermath of the first attempt to destroy the Word Trade
Center. Hours after
he drove a Ryder truck into the garage of the north tower of the World
Trade Center and
detonated the deadly bomb, Yousef called the FBI from a pay phone in
International Airport and boasted that the “Liberation Army” had
conducted the attack.
He then boarded a plane and escaped, ending up in Manila, Philippines.

the Oklahoma City Bombing followed a similar pattern to the 1993 attack
on the World Trade Center —a rental truck loaded with ammonium-based
using similar detonation devices, based on the strategy of driving a
vehicle into or near a

Another possibility of Islamic terrorist involvement in the Oklahoma
bombing was pursued by Jayna Davis, a local Oklahoma City television
reporter. Davis
did extensive research in the immediate and long term aftermath of the
crime and
concluded that a small group of recent Iraqi émigrés living in the
Oklahoma City area
helped McVeigh bomb the Murrah building. She documented multiple
witnesses who
placed Timothy McVeigh with a foreign-looking person (and/or persons) in
the days
leading up to, as well as the day of, the Oklahoma City bombing. Her
witnesses offer
substantial support to the theory of a Middle Eastern connection and
relate directly to the
existence of John Doe Two. The FBI, much to the frustration of some of
its own
investigators, discarded the possibility of the existence of John Doe
Two, two months
into the investigation. There are a number of factors, including
information provided by
Davis, indicating the existence of John Doe Two and a possible Middle

Note: at the outset of the subcommittee’s investigation, former Oklahoma
Frank Keating personally requested that the investigation be called
his meeting with the subcommittee chairman, Governor Keating mentioned
that then-
President Bill Clinton had called him only hours after the bombing.
According to
Keating, President Clinton’s first comment to him after the bombing was
“God, I hope
there’s no Middle Eastern connection to this.”

This mindset, described by Governor Keating, may or may not have
influenced the
original Oklahoma City bombing investigators. There were many
reasons to believe that
there might have been a foreign connection
. There should have
been no hesitation to
investigate and make that determination, even if it would have required a

Terry Nichol's in the


Nichols’ skill as a terrorist seems to have grown while in the
. Initially
he was an unsuccessful bomb-maker. According to Michael Fortier’s
testimony, Nichols
and McVeigh failed miserably when they tested an explosive device in the
Arizona desert
just six months before they bombed the Murrah building. After Nichols’
final trip to the
Philippines, he and McVeigh were fully capable of manufacturing the
crude but deadly
bomb that was used to bring down the Murrah federal building.

Terry Nichols and Ramzi Yousef

Lisa and Marife Torres had a Filipina friend and fellow “tour guide” in
mail order bride business named Vilma Elumbaring. Lisa claims that Vilma
dated a man
whose last name was “Khan” and that Marife, Vilma, and Khan were
together on at least
one occasion at a disco in Cebu one month before Terry Nichols first
traveled there.

Khan could possibly be Yousef friend and fellow terrorist, Wali Khan,
who trained
aspiring terrorists in the Philippines and was later convicted of
plotting to blow up U.S.
airliners. According to one Abu Sayyaf (see below) member who trained
with Khan, he
was a master at making explosives. If the “Khan,” identified by Vilma as
part of the
Cebu disco scene was convicted terrorist Wali Khan, that would place
Terry Nichols and
a Yousef ally in the same circles in Cebu City.

In addition to a “Khan” being with Marife’s group in Cebu, a prominent
of the Philippine terrorist organization, Abu Sayyaf, made statements to
investigators and
police in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing. Edwin Angeles had
trained at the
terrorist camp in Mindanao around the time Wali Khan was there. Angeles
told McVeigh
defense team interviewers that Terry Nichols had met with Yousef, Khan
and Murad on
at least one occasion in Mindanao in the early 1990s.

There is no doubt, however, that Nichols and Yousef were both in
Cebu City in
December and January prior to the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.
having successfully escaped America after exploding a bomb in the World
Trade Center
in February 1993, had been living in Manila with Murad and Khan. They
were working
on their next two part plan, Project Bojinka: a conspiracy to place
bombs on twelve
American airliners which would explode over the Pacific Ocean,
potentially killing
hundreds of Americans, and to overtake the cockpits of American
airliners and crash
them into buildings such as the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virgini

Yousef decided to do a test-run of his airline-bombing plot in
December 1994.
He took a Philippine Airline flight from Manila where, after placing his
test bomb
underneath a seat, he disembarked in Cebu City.
The bomb
exploded on its way to
Tokyo, killing a Japanese businessman. Meanwhile, Terry Nichols and his
wife were in
Cebu City, where Marife was attending college at Southwestern


Note: Nichols hastily departed the Philippines immediately after the
Yousef bomb
operation was discovered and Murad was arrested in Manila. Shortly
before, Nichols
had arranged his reservations to leave at a later date. Inexplicably,
his plans changed
the day the Manila bomb plot was broken up. All this justifiably leads
to speculation that
the Bojinka bombing plot may have been tied to a more grandiose scheme.
Had the
Bojinka plot and the Oklahoma City bombing occurred in the same time
frame, it would
have been a spectacular worldwide attack on the American people
Evidence is
circumstantial but serious questions remains.

Phone Records Possibly Linking Yousef to Nichols

As Chairman of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee in October
I provided the FBI with the evidence showing Yousef’s phone calls to the
close friends
and neighbors of Terry Nichols’ in-laws in Queens, but have not received
a response that
addressed these facts. To date, the FBI has not responded to my
request for their
assessment. Additionally, I asked the FBI for information from their
investigation concerning Mila Densing. Inexplicably, they do not seem to
interviewed her.

Nichols has gotten something of a pass on the culpability of his
participation in
this horrific act of violence. His complicated attempts to manipulate
those investigating
OKBOMB, including the subcommittee, suggest capabilities that belie his
image as
subservient to McVeigh. To this day, Nichols does not fully acknowledge
his complicity
in this monstrous crime, seeking instead to draw attention to others,
some of whom he
self-servingly hints have yet to be exposed.

John Doe Two

Timothy McVeigh visited Elliot’s Body Shop in Junction City, Kansas on
afternoon of Monday, April 17, 1995, in order to rent a Ryder Truck for
the bombing.
After the bombing, FBI sketch artist Roy Rozycki interviewed Elliot’s
Body Shop
employees Eldon Elliot, Vicki Beemer, and Tom Kessinger. They assisted
the FBI in
producing a likeness of “John Doe One” and “John Doe Two,” which were
released to
the public on Thursday, April 20, 1995. McVeigh was clearly John Doe
One. […]

An employee at a tire store in Oklahoma City stated that he saw
McVeigh and a
“dark” passenger wearing a ball cap pull into the driveway of his tire
store at 8:45 a.m. on
April 19 and asked for directions to 5th and Harvey Streets.

This witness identified
Timothy McVeigh from a lineup without having seen the composite
drawings. McVeigh
denied stopping at a tire store to his lawyers and his methodical
planning may make it
unlikely that he did. Nevertheless, the witness is credible.

Jeff Davis delivered Chinese food to McVeigh’s room at the Dreamland
Motel in
Kansas on April 15. Davis, another credible witness, claims the man who
opened the
door to accept the order was not McVeigh. Here, again, another
participant in the crime
is apparent, yet never explained by authorities.

June 14, 1995, the FBI called off the hunt for John Doe Two. 


City Ryder truck rental remains adamant that a second man accompanied

Eldon Elliot emphatically states that there was a second man with
McVeigh, and that the
FBI has aggressively pressured him to change his story.

He, too, is a credible witness.

Oklahoma CityIraqis

minutes of the Oklahoma City bombing, local television reporter Jayna
Davis was at the scene of the crime interviewing witnesses. In the weeks
and months
afterward, she continued to investigate the bombing and, in her
television broadcasts,
asked viewers with information to come forward. She was
particularly focused on the
FBI’s original sketch of John Doe Two. There are multiple witnesses in
Oklahoma City
who placed Timothy McVeigh with another person at the scene of the
bombing. The
description of this accomplice offered by the witnesses at the scene
closely resembles the
sketch made of McVeigh’s companion when he rented the Ryder truck. The
hard fact
remains that witnesses saw McVeigh with a man leading up to and on the
day of the
bombing. Authorities still contend that McVeigh was alone. The belief
that the FBI
dropped its search for John Doe Two prematurely appears justified.

has presented evidence that John Doe Two, who was with McVeigh in the
Ryder truck on the day of the bombing, was a recent Iraqi immigrant who
lived and
worked in Oklahoma City. The Iraqi in question, Hussain Al-Hussaini, was
one of a
group of Iraqis hired to do odd jobs for a Palestinian landlord, Samir
Khalil, who owned
properties throughout the area.

halil hired the Iraqi newcomers, supposedly
from the first Gulf War, to maintain his rental properties. Khalil
himself served time for
insurance fraud in the early 1990s. Hussaini resembles John Doe
Two and was identified
by witnesses on the scene. Adding to the suspicion, Hussain al Hussani
was less than
forthcoming about his whereabouts the morning of the bombing. His alibi,
brought out in
civil court depositions, is contradictory and unconvincing. One more disturbing
revelation of this investigation is that Hussain Al-Hussaini was never
interviewed by
federal law enforcement.

More alarming is the discovery of a published list of
un-indicted coconspirators
from the first World Trade Center bombing that includes the name Samir
Khalil. This
subcommittee asked the Department of Justice to determine if the man’s
name on the unindicted
coconspirators World Trade Center bombing list is the same man in
City. A
letter responding to this request stated that such a task would be too
This unwillingness on the part of
the Justice Department to look into a
possible solid link between the Oklahoma City bombing and the first
World Trade Center
attack is extremely disappointing,
bordering on dereliction of

To this day, federal law enforcement cannot explain what, if
anything was done to
examine these possible links or scrutinize Khalil’s activity related to
terrorism in his
hometown. Justice
officials should at least show some curiosity about the
subcommittee’s request as to whether there is circumstantial evidence
linking two major
domestic terrorist attacks.
As a result, our
investigation into this matter is incomplete.


Federal law enforcement has been accused of an institutional mind-set
congressional oversight is a nuisance to be avoided or blocked. That
mind-set was
painfully obvious during this subcommittee’s inquiry into the Oklahoma
City bombing.
If the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee was successful, it
should have resulted
in a positive affirmation of federal law enforcement’s willingness to
find and share vital

Instead, Justice
Department officials (and perhaps, the CIA) were less than
responsive in crucial stages of this investigation, exemplifying
needless defensiveness.
Most of the official narrative of the OKBOMB investigation survives
close scrutiny.
However, this inquiry would have been significantly more complete with
cooperation from federal law enforcement. Congressional investigators
should not face
such resistance in doing their job, which is to find the facts and
determine the truth.
Nevertheless, the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee’s efforts
significant new and relevant information not previously discovered or
however, unanswered questions and unresolved mysteries remain.

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