Obama Pimps for Jihad Petrodollars: U.S. Blocks Oil Drilling at 60 Sites in Utah

Energy Independence Dept of the Interior Blocks Oil Drilling at 60 Sites in Utah

How are we going to get off foreign oil if we can't drill our own?
Why can China drill our oil off the Florida coast (thank you Fidel), but we can't?
Why can Ahmadinejihad have nuclear energy but we can't? (And that's with Iran's oil reserves — third largest in the world).

Obama's Energy Plan: Mandated Scarcity in the Richest Country in the World

Thanks to Democrat senators, China will be pumping Iraqi oil

To my friends, family, acquaintances, business contacts,

most of you know, I work for ExxonMobil (29 yrs.) and just Wednesday
8/12/09 sat in what was the most disturbing presentation in my career.
The meeting was called by the ExxonMobil Chalmette Refinery Manager
with prior notice of the subject matter
to be presented. I am well familiar with the subject and have had my
speculation on the results were the event to occur, but this makes it
official in my mind. The presenters were Richard Igercich (Refinery
Manager) Dan Borne (President of the Gulf South
Chemical Plants Association) and an ExxonMobil executive analyst on Political climate for the South Region. The subject matter was The Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade Bill which is up for voting after August
of the Legislature. The Bill is a very complex one and offers
devastating results to you, me, our generations to come and every
business in America. The urgent call to all of our employees is to
contact all friends and family outside of Louisiana, Mississippi, and
Alabama (all members of Congress and Senate here oppose the Bill), to
urge you to contact your State and U.S. Senators and Congress to tell
them to vote NO to the Waxman-Markey Bill.

you prepared to live without gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel,
pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and heating oil? Can you afford
electricity, coal, natural gas at a cost
more than 100% increase per household, over what you are paying now?
That is exactly what we will do if the Waxman-Markey Bill (Cap and
Trade) if written in its present form is passed. This is not an
exaggeration or a pessimistic opinion, but the honest truth. Obama
admits it in his campaign to wean the U.S. off of Crude Oil Petroleum
products. The intent is to go "Cold Turkey" by making Crude Oil
Products beyond affordability by every American homeowner. The Tax Cost on
the Oil Refineries and Chemical Plants
ability to produce the products would be more than consumers to afford
to purchase the product. Remember just last year when gasoline prices
were $4.00 plus. That will be nothing compared to the effects of this

The bill in its present form targets Oil Refineries and Chemical Plants
as the most dangerous contributors to Global Warming, which has no
scientific facts to support that accusation. It not only blames the
Refineries and Plants individually but also associates the emissions of
every car, truck, motorcycle, airplane, jet, train, farm equipment and
boat in America to the Bill. Below is the briefest excerpt of the Bill
I could find, but remember it is a short version of a very complex
issue. So please e-mail, write a personal letter and/or phone your
State and U.S. Senators, and members of Congress to vote NO to the
Waxman-Markey Bill.


BTW, big oil's interest are the same as mine. Check out ANWR: Atlas Shrugs: ANWR, THE DEMOCRATS AND THE BIG LIE.

Jan put some links together for us and fisks Obama's "energy policy".

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only reason that we have to import any oil is Congress not letting us
use our own.  Here are the reserves as I found them on the Internet:

200 BBL (billion barrels): Bakken Oil Formation: link here

1.5 TBL (Trillion barrels): Shale oil: link here.

75 BBL: Tar Sands: link here.

100 BBN: Outer continental shelf: link here

10 BBN ANWAR: link here.

Just these fields add up to 1.885 trillion barrels of oil. At 20
million barrels a day usage, that comes out to 94,250 day or 258
years. Of course, they are worth nothing if Congress says we can't use

On the other hand, if we do use them (and we the people will give congress no choice), we accomplish a few things:

1. we could stop sending other countries $750 billion a year.

2. we could counter Russia’s attempt to wrap their oil fingers around Western Europe's throat

3. we could have a source of revenue to finance basic research into better
batteries and solar cells

4. It gives us time to build the infrastructure required to support electric or hydrogen cars

5. It gives us time on how to deal with waste from nuclear power plants

Obamessiah: Turning
water into wine and nothing into energy

By Jan Poller

Maybe having a degree in math and physics and a life-long love of fast cars makes me not understand
the change of vision the Obamessiah is attempting to bring to us.  Perhaps, I
can bring a little bit of reality to people who do not have the technical
background that I (and millions of others) have. I hate to bore you with
technical details, but it is necessary to put them in to show that Obama’s
statements are strictly political, designed to mislead people and are at odds
with reality.

Obama says that
electric cars will save us from oil and fossil fuel. Electric cars are not a
viable alternative to the current fleet of cars.  Everyone knows this, which is
why Obama is making his call for massive investment in electric car research. 
Never mind that private industry is investing far more than Obama is saying he
will invest. 

There are
approximately 600 million cars in the world of which 243 million are in the
United States.  Think about that when it comes to pollution and the use of
resources.  Also think about it as an industry that employees millions of

oday, we have a
really good comparison of a state-of-the-art electric car and a conventional
car.  The electric car is the Tesla Roadster which is based on the Lotus Elise
SC sports car and is built in the same factory.    Both cars are based on the
same aluminum frame with composite bodies.  I am boring you with the
specifications to make the point that electric cars are not feasible
replacements for today’s cars.  Basic physics: the more anything weighs the more
energy it takes to move it around.



Lotus Elise










Taking out the
engine, cooling system and fuel tank, adding in 6,800 batteries and electronics
increases the weight by 662 lbs.


4 cylinder 1796 CC
supercharged Toyota, aluminum

Electric, 3 phase, 4
pole, liquid cooled

Regenerative engine



218 HP @ 8000

248 HP@13,000



156 LB FT @ 5100

211 FT lbs @ 1



6 speed

1 speed reduction


Acceleration 0-60




Top speed










227 EPA




6,800 Lithium-Ion
commercially available batteries








$21,000 –


Fuel/Battery Cost for
100,000 miles with gas at $4.00 gallon



No figures for
electrical recharge cost.  Tesla doesn’t need oil



As low as 3.5


Time to drive 400
miles @ 60 MPH plus refill/recharge

Time: 6:45
Speed: 59.25

Time: 10:10Average
Average Speed: 39.34

Don’t forget the cost
of additional hotel nights on long distance

Elise source:  link here

Tesla source:    link here

httpTTelsa specs/

Electric car
information is available.  Obama and the Democrats studiously ignore exact
information and just give us “feel good” platitudes.

Obama is going to
mandate that we develop technology in a year or two that we haven’t been able to
develop in 150 years.  He compares his plan to the Manhattan Project that
created the atomic bomb in just a few years.  What he doesn’t realize is that
the atomic bomb had a hundred years of physics behind it including knowledge of
radioactivity and chain reactions.  We do not have the same physics to produce a
battery suitable for mass production to power a car.

When you look at
energy saving articles and comments on pro-Obama web sites like
www.huffingtonpost.com you find huge
support that putting a little more air in your tires is going to reduce our oil
consumption enough to affect the price of gas.  You also find energy saving tips
like “turn off your computers when you aren’t using them”.  Well, a typical
laptop computer as the equivalent of 6 batteries as used in the Tesla.  The
Tesla Roadster with its 6800 batteries is equivalent to plugging in 1133 laptop
computers!  You can make your own comparison on that.

Even if we invent the
technology tomorrow, Obama has no clue how long it takes to put a new model car
into production.  Once a car is designed, it has to be tested, the tooling
produced and the factories modified.  It costs at least $one billion to make the
tooling and set up the factory. It took General Motors from 2006 to 2008 to take
the new Chevrolet Camaro from concept to production using existing platforms,
engines, suspensions and other components.

Obama is forecasting
one million electric cars a year by 2015.  That is not a lot of cars.  In the
United States, we have a fleet of 243 million cars and we purchase about 16
million a year.  One million is 4/10%.  They will have no meaningful effect on
fuel usage for many, many years.

Obamessiah talks
about creating new jobs in Michigan.  He is also talking about putting the oil
companies and their hundreds of thousands of employees out of business.  He
wants to take all of their profits as a tax and give it to “the people”.  So,
besides putting them out of the oil business, he wants to make sure that they
don’t have funds to get into a new business.

The added weight of
the batteries over the gas engine version of cars requires more energy to move
the car.  If
transportation uses 20 million barrels of fuel today, switching to
electric will require the energy equivalent plus the additional amount for the
additional weight.  Where is this energy going to come from?  Nuclear is ruled
out.  Wind off Cape Cod is a No No.  We can’t use coal,

All this energy is
going to come from things not yet invented.  Obama will need to have congress
repeal or change the laws of physics to accomplish his implied

Buy it if you want,
but not a single implied goal of his can be met even if we have a battery life
breakthrough tomorrow.

Last night, I watched
an episode of “Ice Road Truckers” on the History Channel.  This show is about
blue collar truck drivers delivering supplies and equipment of frozen lakes,
rivers and Barents Sea.  Our “liberal” and “progressive” intellectuals take
pride in not watching such shows on TV because they aren’t intellectually
stimulating,  they aren’t Meet the Press or Chris Mathews.

There is much to
learn from this show and what we learn is the self-imposed ignorance the hard
left and extreme Greenies.  These truckers are Canadian.  They are hauling
supplies and equipment to the far north of Canada to support energy companies
and diamond mines.  They haul out waste.  They haul out dirty snow.  They leave
a site as clean as when they got there.

Last night’s episode
showed scientists camped out on ice over open water researching the capture of
methane from sea-floor methane hydrates.  They showed that it works.  In that
part of the arctic, there are over a trillion cubic feet of

We Americans are not
allowed to do this research.  The Canadians and the rest of the world can.  We
Americans are not allowed to drill for oil in the frozen north.  The Canadians
and the rest of the world can. We Americans are not allowed to drill far off the
coasts.  The Norwegians and English are free to drill in the North Sea.  We, in
Virginia, are not allowed to study uranium deposits – despite having the
7th largest know deposit at 110 million pounds.  Africans, Canadian
and Australians are free to do so.  We Americans are not allowed to build new
nuclear power plants.  The rest of the world is.

Do we hear any of the
Environmentalists complain about what any other country is doing?  Absolutely
not!  The same people who decry American nuclear power plants, who stop us from
building more are the very same people who strongly support Iran’s nuclear power

What is going on

Obama and the
Democrats keep saying, “We can’t drill our way out of the problem”.  That is
true when you realize what they think the problem is.  It isn’t high energy
prices: they want us to pay even more.  Obama has said so

No, “The Problem” is
that Americans live too well and use to much of the worlds resources. 

How do we solve “The
Problem”? We solve it by restricting the use of energy and raw materials.  We
reduce our standard of living to that of, say, Europe.  This is not about per
capita GDP.  This is about how we actually live.  Watch “International House
Hunting” on HG-TV (House and Garden TV – another non-intellectual show that
isn’t watched by the hard left intellectuals).  See what housing is like in
London, Glasgow, Paris, Portugal, Italy and Buenos Aires and compare it to our
housing.  Compare kitchens and bathrooms.  Compare our 15 CU FT refrigerators
and Freezers to an under-counter refrigerator.

The hard left wants
us to be a less powerful, less industrialized poorer nation.  They want us to
give up our cars for buses. They want us to wash our dishes by hand and dry our
clothes in the wind.  They want US, not them.  Al Gore isn’t giving up his big
house, his SUV, his private airplane flights, his new boat to live the way he
wants US to live.

Obama wants to take
Exxon-Mobile’s profits and give them away.  Has he set an example by giving away
his riches?

The lefties of the
world want to diminish the power of the United States. Then they want to
destroy the power of Western civilization. They want to destroy Capitalism. 
They want absolute equality for all.  Except for the leaders, of course…  Just
like Communist China and Communist Russia.

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