IRAN: DAY 13 OF THE REVOLUTION: Ahmadinejad Warns Obama, IRAN Citizen Journalists Go dark, No tweets

UPDATE: Friday (Day 14) updates here

9:56 pm: Improvised Firearms. That's what the people of Iran need.

9:04 pm Iranian Dissident: Dear Israeli Brothers and Sisters – Help Us!
by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz, Israel National News

(IsraelNN.com) Iranian anti-regime activists are hoping for an Israeli technological hand to help them fight the Islamic Republic. As of now, hundreds of protesters have been killed by the regime, which is evidently using Arabic-speaking armed thugs from Hizbullah to help perpetrate the violence.

"Dear Israeli Brothers and Sisters," writes Iranian dissident Arash Irandoost, "Iran needs your help more than ever now. And we will be eternally grateful. Please help opposition television and radio stations which are blocked and being jammed by the Islamic Republic (Nokia and Siemens) resume broadcast to Iran. There is a total media blackout and Iranians inside Iran for the most part are not aware of their brave brothers and sisters fighting and losing their lives daily. And the unjust treatment and brutal massacre of the brave Iranians in the hands of the mullah's paid terrorist Hamas and Hizbullah gangs are not seen by the majority of the Iranians. Please help in any way you can to allow these stations resume broadcasting to Iran.

"And, please remember that we will remember, as you have remembered Cyrus the Great's treatment of you in your time of need," Irandoost concludes, signing his blogged call for help "Your Iranian Brothers and Sisters!"

In an interview with Israel National News, Iranian expatriate pro-democracy activist Amil Imani said that Irandoost's message represents the sentiments of much of the youth in the streets in Iran. They have a strong belief in the technological know-how of the Israelis to overcome the Iranian regime's attempts to block communications.

"This is going to be the most massive, impressive revolution of the 21st century," Imani said, "and we're seeing it live." However, he added, it is now too dependent on Internet communications, so the protesters are very much in need of outside assistance to fight the technological and information war.

More generally, Imani said, the Iranian people are lionizing any leader of any nation who comes out strongly against the Islamic Republic at this time.

Looks like Obama won't be playing Mustafa anytime soon. What a missed opportunity for the "leader of the free world"……  heh

As for the basijis themselves, Imani reported, many of them are Lebanese and Palestinian Authority Arabs hired by the regime to do its bidding. Iranians reportedly captured seven basijis who spoke no Persian, only Arabic. According to Imani, 10,000 more Arab hired guns arrived in Tehran to serve the mullah-led regime.

But they are not the only ones thinking about guns at this point. Some Iranian protesters, Imani reported, have taken to threatening their oppressors, "God help you when we get weapons!"


"There is no turning back," Imani concluded.

8:45 pm The blog Get Honest Third Eye has the first video showing an Iranian being shot on
by government officials. The shooting occurs while
the person filming is quite far away, but the video then shows closer images of
his body. (hat tip pers)

20 June 2009: Headshot kills a young protester instantly He died instantly
Saturday, 20 June 2009 17:37


8:32 PM ET — Nico Pitney has this: A trail of carnage. In this video
posted today (date of taping unknown), a man shows the results of an
alleged night raid by government forces, who damaged the cars outside
his home, then invaded the house and vandalized or destroyed most
everything, including the communications equipment on the roof.:

The man in the video explains that a group of "Arabic accented" riot police entered the building the night before, breaking glasses and doors and destroying the air-conditioning units on the roof top. They were probably after the people who chant slogans on the roof tops at night or wanted to destroy the satellite dishes (which are illegal). At his last sentence, he says that "we might need to get armed if this problem goes on like this…"

And this
He says that the doors were locked in the building, as it is a purely residential buidling, and were kicked in. He then states that they would have tried to break in the doors, and you see the baton marks on one of the doors later, but people stood infront of them. He says that one of the women was pregnant and very scared, and lastly, he states that they threw one of the AC units from the roof and it crashed on top of a car. He states that there was a woman and a child inside the car and they got out and started running.

7:56 pm: The notorious dhimmi 5:05 Swedish Prime Minister  warned against Iran sanctions.

"Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, whose country is set to take over the EU presidency next week, cautioned on Thursday against European sanctions towards Iran, saying they could be counterproductive."


7:30 pm: This from a BBC reporter thrown out of Iran John Simpson: Secret voices of the new Iran (hat tipJC):

For reasons best not explained, I've come to know a former member of the Revolutionary Guards really well.
He's done some pretty dreadful things in his life, from attacking women in the streets for not wearing the full Islamic gear to fighting alongside Islamic revolutionaries in countries abroad.

And yet now, in the tumult that has gripped Iran since its elections last week, he's had a change of heart.

Great toon over at the Puff Ho

Iran blogtoon

4:45 PM The View from the balcony – police and basijis VS people of Iran, Baharestan June 24. New video (yesterday) from the citizen bloggers. There's been a real clampdown, so video like this is precious. hat tip to Banafsheh

2:51 pm: Fascinating piece at the Allen West's statement here: "My message to President Barack Hussein Obama, there is no button to vote 'present' in the Oval Office."

2:13 pm: And where is the UN on the brutal crushing of human rights on Iran? Or the notorious human UN human rights council?

2:08 pm: Atlas reader John concurs:

….. the major networks (with the possible exception of CNN – amazingly enough) have utterly failed. they are the Fourth Estate, in my mind, complicit in the brutal suppression of the Iranian demonstrators by
their failure to force accountability from the criminal government in Tehran.

I understand that reporters are confined to their offices and homes.
but isn't that what conflict reporting is often about? going places where one
isn't supposed to go to get the story out?

CNN's 'anti-Iran war room.' An Iranian site Jahan News, citing the state-funded FARS, claims the CNN has created a war room to fight a psychological war against the Islamic Republic.

1:08 pm: Iran's citizen journalists have gone dark. This is
terrible. The tweets are not coming in. "New" twitters, pro-Ahmadinejad
(twitters like antifascista) have been tweeting vile propaganda.

I do not believe the movement has been quelled, but I do believe it
has been silenced. The mainstream media fearlessly took on Bush,
Rumsfeld, Cheney. They were so tough on those that didn't share their
ideological views. They had no fear of those they ridiculed,
marginalized, tongue lashed mercilessly.  Because they knew no harm
would come to them. How comforting. 

But when it comes to really
doing their job, they have been absent on Iran. Who can forget how they
climbed all over each other to get embedded into Iraq so that they
could make America look terrible?

Why aren't they clamoring to get into Iran to cover an historic cataclysmic event?

has been the only news network to cover Iran in any depth, though they
frame in a leftist narrative. FOX has been negligent in its lack of

Left wing blogs are using the images coming out of
Iran to justify release of the alleged "torture" photos of the US
military in Iraq. I have seen this as a running thread for a week now.
What's more vile? How does one even make such a connection? The
degenerates know no bottom. They hate this country with so much emotion, why don't they move to countries whose sensibilities they share (Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea)? They belong there.

I received this missive from an injured US soldier in Iraq. It says it all.

joined the US army just after 9/11. I have deployed to Iraq. I am
currently injured and in a state of "flux" so to speak. Over the last
several days (or should I say months) I have not only seen the apparent
surrender in Iraq but the nightmare in Iran and the virtual silence
from Washington. I cannot comment on my Commander-in-Chief's behavior
or statements as I am currently on active duty. Please reassure me that
there is something I can do and point me in the right direction to
help. I cannot explain to anyone the rage I feel at what is happening
in the world right now, since 9/11 and increasingly since then. Am I
chained or can I still help? I have followed you for quite some time
and need to know that I am not stuck, that I can still help continue
the fight. What can I do?

1:03 pm: Tehran bureau has an interesting piece: Ahmadinejad and the press: 

………….as it had long been my opinion that, without the foreign media
hanging on his every hateful word, Ahmadinejad would be a global
nobody. Instead, he’s become a very divisive figure in what is an
unofficial war of civilizations. In every Muslim country I’ve visited,
most of them Sunni, Ahmadinejad gets a resounding thumbs up, resulting
from the perception that he is one of the few world leaders with enough
backbone to stand up against the US. I’ve even met Americans on the
left who admire him for that same reason.

Watching American television interviews with him over the years I
sometimes got the sense that the interviewers, specifically Mike
Wallace and Larry King, actually liked the guy in a perverse way. He
has a knack for not answering their questions, turning interviews into
debates, and denying statements he had previously made on record, all
of which the interviewers must find thrilling.

A couple hours after that press conference, I stood on a wobbly
balcony overlooking Valiasr Square, where tens of thousands of
individuals had been bused in from all corners of Iran to cheer the
president, resulting in yet another photo op intended to help solidify
Western perceptions of an Iran defined by Islamism.

Clearly I wasn’t supposed to be there, but I looked the part of
Iranian security forces enough that no one seemed to care. As
Ahmadinejad’s diminutive figure approached, I thought about all the
terrible things I could do to him, and found myself wishing I had a pie

There’s not a single global figure I can think of right now who is
as self-righteous and  as content with being out of touch with reality
as Mr. Ahmadinejad; subsequently, the thought of white cream covering
his face gave me Goosebumps.

On that day very few Western journalists in Tehran were questioning
this man’s legitimacy, or if they were, they were more than happy to be
his mouthpiece, and his handlers knew it. “Every major newspaper and
television network is here,” one of the organizers told the crowd.
“Let’s show the world how much we love Dr. Ahmadinejad!”

This statement encapsulates this regime’s mastery of using
traditional media to get their message to as many people in as many
places as is humanly possible. They understand that television and
print media, for most people around the world, are about images and not

Iran cartoon

Guardian cartoon

12:43 pm: GENEVA (AFP) – Football's world governing body FIFA wrote to the
Iranian football federation on Wednesday to ask for answers over
alleged punishments meted out to several of their players for wearing
s reflecting their support for opposition presidential
candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi.

Iran "retired" the soccer players.  The simple gesture has  cost these players their spots on the national team. FOX Newsreported  four of the players who wore the green tape on their wrists in the qualifying game against South Korea have been banned from the team for life. They have also been banned from giving interviews.

Iran soccer

IFA soccer organization sends letter on Iran. AFP reports, "Football's world governing body FIFA wrote to the Iranian football federation on Wednesday to ask for answers over alleged punishments
meted out to several of their players for wearing wristbands reflecting
their support for opposition presidential candidate Mir Hossein

12:35 pm: Journalist's family plead for Iran release

12:19 PM: The Hezbos mug for their masters. Certainly the lines between good and evil are no longer  blurred in
this conflict between the individuals peacefully marching for democracy
and the murderous thugs of Islam:

 "Lebanese militant group Hezbollah on Thursday accused the West of fomenting protests
in Iran over this month's presidential election but added that it had
no worries about the stability of its main foreign backer."

Hezbollah is not Lebanese — it is an Iranian foreign legion. It's ironic that Prime Minister Mir Hossein Mousavi Khameneh was
a founder of Hezbollah.
I do not believe for one moment that this is about Mousavi. People are not dying in the streets of Iran for more Islam. They want democracy.

12:10 PM: ABC's Lara Setrakian: "Iran state tv says Saudi govt also behind protests."

12:06 pm: The "forward" Ahmadinejad says Obama is being influenced by "backward politicians".  If only.

12:05pm: Note to Iranians: surf anonymously.

11:54 am: Still no word from the best Iranian tweeters on twitter. Very bad. Has Obama apologized yet?

11:10 am:  Iranian Opposition Calls For Rallies Online Despite Crackdown

These people need guns, brass knuckles and bats.

Ahmadinejad protest

10:24 am: Has Obama apologized yet? Reuters reports here: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Barack Obama on Thursday of behaving like his predecessor toward Iran and said there was not much point in talking to Washington unless the U.S. president apologized.

Photo above: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad smiles as he
waits for an official meeting with Belarus Parliament speaker Semyon
Sharetsky in Tehran.

10:15 am: Yesterday. 70 professors were arrested after meeting Mousavi. There are tweets reporting that 66 were freed while four still remain in custody. Will try to confirm.

Ahmadinejad lashes out, compares Obama to Bush.
"President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Barack Obama on Thursday of
behaving like his predecessor toward Iran and said there was not much
point in talking to Washington unless the U.S. president apologized."

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Obama said on Tuesday he was "appalled and outraged" by a
post-election crackdown and Washington withdrew invitations to Iranian
diplomats to attend U.S. Independence Day celebrations on July 4 —
stalling efforts to improve ties with Tehran.

"Mr Obama made a mistake to say those things … our question
is why he fell into this trap and said things that previously (former
U.S. President George W.) Bush used to say," the semi-official Fars
News Agency quoted Ahmadinejad as saying.

"Do you want to speak with this tone? If that is your stance then
what is left to talk about … I hope you avoid interfering in Iran's
affairs and express your regret in a way that the Iranian nation is
informed of it," he said.

I wrote earlier that the best sources on twitter, whom I have been following for days, have
gone dark for almost 15 hours now. I fear the worst. So many bloggers
and  journalists have been arrested in Iran, it is
difficult to get information.

Persian kiwi – the most prolific of the tweeters last wrote

Allah – you are the creator of all and all must return to you – Allah Akbar – Sea of Green (15 hours ago)

and the previous tweets:

thank you ppls 4 supporting Sea of Green – pls remember always our martyrs – Allah Akbar (15 hours ago)

we must go – dont
know when we can get internet – they take 1 of us, they will torture
and get names – now we must move fast
(15 hours ago)

Torture in the streets of Khorramabad Iran

Beaten and thrown in the trunk

Iran: The Revolution

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