Iran Revolution Day 14: Makeshift Hospitals, News Blackout, Ayatollah Khatami: Iran Protesters Will Be Punished “Without Mercy” “Worthy of Execution”, BOLTON: Mullahs Must go!

THE revolution goes on…. updates, day 15 here

A goodbye on Facebook. “I got a
very disturbing good bye message on Facebook from my cousin (who has
been active in the Tehran protests). Please share my cousin’s words
with the world because I don’t think people will know how many people
are being killed and tortured until years from now (this is what
happened during the crack down after the revolution) and please share this website with the people in Iran who need to know how to protect themselves.”  (hat tip Huff Po)

The note from her cousin:

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Hey guys,

I would not be around that much,we have real security issues over here
and I have confirmed news that a lot of people are being arrested
through Cyber stuff like videos,photos and internet posts.

They r monitoring everything closely now that they are a little bit free.

We will try to somehow pass the news as much as we can,but things
are getting too risky over here,there is a lot that you guys don’t know
about how they r arresting ppl and what happens to some of them,where
they are taken and how they are tortured(all I can say is that it is
worst than what happened in revolution).

Don’t talk about any of this stuff over the phone when you call Ir.I
know it sounds scary,but it is true.The way they r monitoring is not a
trick just to scare us,they are taking actions against the info they
have found.So I am just going to lay low for a while.

Take care all and wish us luck.

2:59 am Saturday: Twitter: Why don’t we Iranians just reject Islam and go back to what we were before arabs forced this allah akbar thing on us? #iranelection 2 minutes ago from web

9:300 pm “How long does it take the U.N. to get together to have a resolution if the subject would be Israel? It takes 12 hours,” Rabbi Hier said, describing a double standard used by the U.N. in addressing human rights violations.

“Here, not a single country from the EU, not a single country from the Arab world, from the United States, Canada, has come forward asking for an emergency meeting of the security council of the U.N. to discuss a fraudulent election.”

Green ballons  

Back on June 8th female supporters of Iranian reformist Mousavi, with green ribbons around their wrists, hold up
posters and release green balloons during a pro-reform
electoral campaign rally at Badr stadium in southern Tehran


Green balloons2 

Iranian blogger posted this picture of  green balloons about to be launched into the air above Iran as part of Friday’s “green sky” protest

9:20 pm: NiteOwl AKA Josh Shahryar – twitter.com/iran_translator on twitter
– has e been immersed in tweets from Iran for the past several
hours. He is very careful in choosing his tweet
sources. Here are a couple of blurbs from his reliable twitter sources. Remember, this is all from tweets. No news
media outlets have been used.

These are the important happenings that Shahryar can positively confirm from Friday, June 26 in Iran.

No large rallies or prostests were held today. There were
unconfirmed reports of small gatherings in isolated areas of the city,
but for the most part, Tehran didn’t seem to witness the same as it has
been for the past two weeks. Sources indicated that it was in no way a
sign of giving up, but rather a brief interval in more protests that
are to come. They added that currently, the Sea of Green is organizing
and regrouping as well as coming up with new ways to defy the
authorities and also know of the fate of their leaders in order to

At 1 PM, however, a large number of people in Tehran took to roofs
and released green balloons to show solidarity with the Sea of Green
and to commemorate protesters who’ve died so far. (Link showing the
balloons: YouTube – IRAN RIGGED ELECTIONS: Green balloons were used as a form of protest all over Iran 6/26/2009
) At night, the people again took to the roofs and chanted “Allah o
Akbar” and “Death to the Dictator”. They also burned candles and held
vigils. There was confirmation of the death of one protester who was
fired upon by security forces as he chanted from his rooftop. Reports
of vigils also came from Mashhad.

Meanwhile, on the government’s official English News channel, Press
TV, George Galloway, a British MP representing the constituency of
Bethnal Green and Bow, spent several hours denouncing the protests,
Israel and Zionism. He called upon the world to accept Ahmadinejad’s
re-election and called on the protesters to go home and accept the will
of the people. He did not indicate which people he meant when he made
that statement.

 A reliable source indicated that Khomeini’s family has thrown its
lot behind the protesters. Although they denied calling out for a
protest tomorrow, they indicated that they were with the protesters and
claimed to be supporting the protesters lawful demands and don’t
consider Ahmadinejad’s government legitimate anymore. This, coupled
with Montazeri’s statements and Larijani’s lethargy, is a strong
indication that the clergy are divided in what to do with the
protesters and that there is a considerable level of public support now
for the protesters among the religious elite.

The spokesperson of the Guardian Council announced today that a
commission had been formed to recount 10% of the ballots cast with
representatives of the candidates present. The commission includes Ali
Akbar Velayati, Hadad Adel, Eftekhar Jahromi, Aboutorabi Fard, Dari
Najafabadi and Hossein Rahimian. He also gave candidates 24 hours to
appoint representatives that would join the commission in the recount.

As reported before, the government is heavily charging people for
the return of their dead family members’ bodies who were killed during
the protests. Families are being charged thousands of dollars and are
also required to sign a waiver that states they won’t sue the police
and that Mousavi is the reason behind the death of their loved ones.
More people were arrested today including Mohammad Mostafaie, who is a
prominent lawyer and important reformist.

The government is continuously attacking and arresting Iranians who
are using twitter to get the message out to the world. Several of our
sources have so far been arrested or have stopped using twitter
altogether, yet the remainder have pledged to continue until the last
minute. Amidst the somber mood, some emotional moments can also be

Iran embassy in Switzerland was hit by a firebomb. Apparently, “it was a peaceful demonstration until someone 
threw a molotov cocktail at the wall of the Iranian embassy.”
The man who threw the explosive is standing in the background (next to the fire): Revolutionary Guard member: Military Coup underway in Iran

5:10 pm: Glenn Beck is wearing a green shirt and a green tie on his show today. Solidarity brothers (and he is holding up a copy of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged). heh.

Now, if only Glenn would talk about Iran. He’s not talking about Michael Jackson, that’s a start.

The West Betrays the Iranian Protest Movement Matthias Küntzel

The Iranians who are resisting the electoral putsch are not only being
humiliated and beaten by the batons and bullets of the Pasdaran but also by the
inaction of the so-called freedom-loving world: no call for a special session of
the UN, no threats of sanctions, no boycott declaration, no economic embargo,
not even the smallest warning—let’s just not take sides or make any commitments
as long as the result of the struggle in Iran remains open. So Obama doesn’t need days but weeks to slowly
pull back his outstretched hand, while the German Foreign Ministry argues all
the more emphatically for a dialogue with the putsch-regime. Undauntedly, the
German-Iranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Tehran advertises the
building of a German-Iranian Business Center in Berlin, while the German-Iranian
Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg reported today that its upcoming seminar on
“Export Certification in Iran Trade” (July 13) is already overcrowded. And
haven’t we gotten along somehow or other with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during the
past four years?

But this time this optimistic hope that things will just go on is a


About two years ago, Nicolas Sarkozy warned of a “catastrophic alternative”:
either the Iranian bomb or the bombing of Iran. He proposed negotiations as the
last resort. Yet this path is blocked because Khamenei does not want to

Today the uprising in Iran sheds new light on the nuclear dispute. Since
June 12, defusing the bomb is now linked to the victory of the democracy
movement. The help that the West withholds today will turn back on it as nuclear
terror tomorrow.

5:08 pm Khamenei Tears Green
Stripe (Associated with Mousavi) Off Iranian Flag

Iranian caroon


Whatever the outcome of the current power struggle in Tehran, one thing is
certain: the ruling establishment is split down the middle, with little
possibility of reconciliation in the near future.


The military are equally split.

Some, like Defense Minister General Mostafa Muhammad Najjar and Interior
Minister General Sadeq Mahsouli have sided with Khamenei’s new hard-line stance.

Others like Admiral Ali Shamkhani, a former defense minister, and General
Yahya Rahim Safavi, a former Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
(IRGC), have indicated support for the opposition.

The split in the IRGC may be deeper than many suspect.

According to unconfirmed reports, at least 17 mid-ranking IRGC officers have
been relieved of their posts. A senior commander, General Ali Fazli, who led the
elite “Master of the Martyrs’ Division”, has been “reassigned” after refusing to
order troops to crush the demonstrators.

4:32 If you can’t “beat” ’em, join ’em:


4:05 pm: There was a rally at the Iranian embassy in Stockholm. The blog Roya has video: they used electronic weapons on the protesters. Interview with 60 year old women shot with electricity guns by the embassy staff here:

Some people from the demonstration stormed the embassy area. Embassy
personal used som kind of electronic weapons (tasers) iron batons, and
knives against demonstrators. One person were taken to hospital due to
knife stab from embassy personal another because of heart attack due to
tumult outside the fence. They were all armed from the embassy and
really violent. The demonstrators smashed windows of cars and smashed
some windows of the buildings and tried to defend themselves against
the heavily armed, embassy personal who didn’t even hesitate of using
their weapons against people.

Video shows when protesters enters the embassy area and get beaten by the staff of the embassy.

Sounds of Arab Silence on Iran
Washington Post

Iran ton

1:21pm: John Bolton: The only answer for Iran is regime change.
Los Angeles Times

Obama’s policy, and that of the United States, should be the overthrow
of the Islamic revolution of 1979. The massive resistance to the June
12 elections is just another fact supporting that conclusion.

Tehran regime — not just Ahmadinejad but the entire Islamic revolution
superstructure — is enormously unpopular for three major reasons
First, the regime’s economic mismanagement has brought the economy of a
country rich in oil and natural gas to near-gridlock. Periodic but
piecemeal strikes have been put down, but the prospect of a
simultaneous, sustained, nationwide strike remains a potent threat

Iran’s young people — two-thirds of the population is under 30 — know
they could have a much freer life if they could only overturn the
mullahs’ strict rule.
The young are educated and sophisticated, and
they know there are alternatives to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s velayat-e faqih, the system of “guardianship of Islamic jurists” that imposes harsh Sharia law on Iran today.

Iran is only about 50% Persian. Arabs, Baluchis, Azeris, Kurds and
others resent the ethnic, political and religious discrimination they
face constantly and have little or no love for the Islamic revolution.

course, these various sources of discontent are not entirely
reinforcing, and are sometimes in conflict, which indicates how
difficult it is for a purely internal Iranian opposition to coalesce.
Had the U.S. and others over the last 30 years done more to help
Iranian dissidents, overtly and covertly, we might be in a different
place today. The question is whether we are prepared to do now what we
should have been doing for some time.

To date at least, the
Obama administration’s answer remains a resounding no. Obama wants
negotiations with Tehran, not regime change.
Given that the
Revolutionary Guard and the hard-line mullahs — and not the people —
are increasingly likely to be the short-term winners of the current
Battle for Iran, supporters of regime change must now make longer-term

We have missed a huge opportunity because of Obama’s
error (and that of his predecessors), but the continuing threat of
Iranian nuclear weapons and support for international terrorism make
the imperative of regime change no less compelling
. The Iranian people
will continue their opposition no matter how inconvenient it is for
Obama’s hoped-for negotiations. We should support them, and not just by

Read all of Bolton…GO!

25 June: From Iran (not Tehran):

About an hour ago they brought in an young man in his early twenties who was
severely beaten by the Basij. His CPK was 118000, which is a big deal in
medicine. CPK is a measure of muscle lysis so guess how badly he must have been
beaten for such an incredibly high CPK. In fact so much muscle was lysed and
myoglobulin was released that he went into renal failure (an expected aftermath
of rhabdomyolysis or extensive lysis of the muscles). One of the attending
cardiologists said that he would give him his kidney if need be… We all felt the
same… The clashes are now sporadic… But the chants of Allah o Akbar are higher
than ever…

1:33 pm: Iran: Now the world’s leader in jailing journalists

1:09 pm: The Jihad president: Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General, Sheikh Naim Qassem revealed on Thursday that US officials close to the Obama administration have reached out to Hezbollah. Wow.

See also Hizbullah
Accuses West of Fomenting Iran Turmoil

Jihadwatch: Hizballah
on Iran: “There are riots and attacks in the streets that are
orchestrated from the outside in a bid to destabilise the country’s
Islamic regime”

Ayatollah Khatami: Iran Protesters Will Be Punished “Without Mercy”

Iran’s increasingly isolated opposition leader effectively ended his role in street protests, saying he’ll seek permits for future rallies. A senior cleric demanded in a nationally broadcast sermon Friday that leaders of the unrest be punished harshly and that some are “worthy of execution.”

The official Web site of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, his main tool of communicating with his supporters, was hacked Friday, leaving it blank, an aide said.


Hundreds have been detained since the vote, including journalists, academics and university students, and a special court has been set up to put them on trial.
Story continues below

In Friday’s central Muslim sermon at Tehran University, a senior cleric, Ayatollah Ahmed Khatami, called for harsh retribution for dissent.

“Anybody who fights against the Islamic system or the leader of Islamic society, fight him until complete destruction,” he said in the nationally broadcast speech.

The cleric alleged that some involved in the unrest had used firearms.

“Anyone who takes up arms to fight with the people, they are worthy of execution,” he said. “We ask that the judiciary confront the leaders of the protests, leaders of the violations, and those who are supported by the United States and Israel strongly, and without mercy to provide a lesson for all.”

Khatami said those who disturbed the peace and destroyed public property were “at war with God,” and said they should be “dealt with without mercy.”

12:00 pm NY Times: Iran vote “healthiest since the revolution”.

The uncompromising words emerged as the Group of Eight countries, including the United States, fired a fresh broadside Friday saying they “deplored” the post-election violence and demanding that the “the will of the Iranian people is reflected in the electoral process.”

Iran courage 

(photo hat tip Banafsheh)

2:27 AM: Makeshift Tehran Hospital Accepting Injured Protesters (uploaded the 25th)

‘What Will Happen To Those Arrested In Iran? I Can Tell You’ Radio Free Europe

By official count, some
450 people have been arrested in opposition protests against Iran’s
presidential election results. Many sources inside Iran put the count
in the thousands. To those arrested 10 years ago, in Iran’s last great
wave of student demonstrations, what the new detainees face next is
already clear. Ali Fathi (a pseudonym) was one of those students
arrested in 1999. This is his story.

What will happen to the people who have been arrested in the protest rallies in Iran? I can tell you.

I was arrested during the 1999 student demonstrations in Tehran, exactly 10 years ago.

I did was as trivial in terms of real crime as what the protesters in
Iran have done now by expressing rage over the presidential election

Please click here for all previous Atlas coverage of Iran: The Revolution.

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